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Published: Tuesday, May 8 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT


Perhaps you missed the point of my argument. "To think someone is wrong just because they disagree is a hostile position." I imagine that this line is what caused the confusion.

I didn't argue that no one can claim moral righteousness or virtue and that it isn't moral or just to hold another accountable to your own moral system. I believe there is a true moral system which is self-evident that we are all accountable to.

What I argued was that the mere existence of disagreement doesn't prove one's own statement of morality correct. "Well I don't agree with you" -this statement doesn't prove me right. It doesn't justify my acting against you, my opinion, or anything really. It's a statement, not an argument. I believe what is moral can be adequately explained, even proven true. But a statement of disagreement doesn't prove you or I correct.

I argue for something similar to virtue ethics, not Kantian or other more traditional systems- so while my argument may seem to oppose those systems as relativism does, it is only because morality functions very differently in virtue ethics.

Salt Lake City, UT

From the article
[It may not be classified as a listed addiction by the American Psychological Association..]

I think this is the point everyone is missing. Mainstream psychology does not classify viewing pornography as a problem. It may be used as a paraphilia(a fetish), but so can anything else.

All the claims of "science" proving pornography as being harmful to any normal, healthy adult or adolescent are simply unfounded. The Deseret News and these message boards continue to perpetuate the claims of fringe "experts" in trying to prove pornography harmful.

The fact of the matter is that most young adult and teen males have viewed pornography these days, and yet, violent crime is at some of the lowest rates since WWII.

So claim pornography is bad from religous arguments all you want, but don't bring science in to it, because it won't support your views.

Salem, Utah

It's important to remember this is a family issue. It's not parents against teens, moms against dads, girls against boys or any other intrafamily conflict. This should be Us against It. Honest, open discussion with kids from early ages continuing forever is critical. Hiding from porn doesn't help because it thrives in the dark. Shedding light on relationship issues, what's healthy and what isn't and what the difference is between real relationships and porn-based self abuse or other abuse keeps porn out better than maintaining places it likes to hide.

None of Your Business, TN


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Salt Lake City, UT

I know that some of you might not agree with Mormoncowboy, but whenever I see the name I know there's always going to be an intelligent point being made.

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