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Published: Tuesday, May 8 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Colorado Springs, CO

He could not have done any worse than Hayward or Howard!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Raja Bell is done with Utah. That being said, Raja should have played against the Spurs. I know the Jazz believe Burke is the future but it was painful watching him play. Corbin is supposed to put the best players o the floor to give the Jazz a chance to win. Instead he put Burke in to get playoff experience.
While I'm at it, where was Hayward and Milsap during the playoffs. Al and Devin were already in the Bahamas during games 2-4.

Lindon, UT

Bell isn't the defensive specialist he once was. He is too slow now, and resorts to playing "defense" by fouling. Adios!

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

Remember the Jazz did not re-sign Korver so they could go after Bell. It sure would have been nice to have a strong three point shooter in the SA series.

Raja was a complete bust the last time he was here and it should not be a shock to any one he is worse this time around. The best thing the Jazz ever did was trade him to Detroit for Money Memmo the last time he was feuding with the head coach.

Good bye Mr. Bell, please don't come back!

Seriously, I wonder if we could get Money Memmo back in a trade for Raja?

I'm just sayn...

Syracuse, UT

You usually create the situation you're in. I sense Bell thought he could roll over on Ty but he wasn't going to take it. I also think Bell has some entitlement issues. The Jazz don't owe him anything, especially since he didn't even give the Jazz a chance to resign him when he went to the Suns. Lastly, Bell 2.0 was not an upgrade from his former self.

West Jordan, UT

I like Raja, but he hasn't been able to get out there and perform like we needed him to. One could argue that's because Corbin hasn't given him the chance, but he's obviously failed to prove himself in practice as well. He'll be lucky to find a team that wants him, so if he REALLY wants those last few years in the league, he should focus on finding his game in the offseason. Corbin's a good coach, and I'm continually impressed by him. If Bell truly wants to prove his worth, and is willing to be a little more humble, I think Corbin will find time for him. Corbin admitted earlier in the season he liked the dynamic between Bell and Hayward, but Raja's also got to contribute on offense. Finding his shot would be the best way to guarantee a spot on the team next year, and more time on the court. Raja's future is in his own hands right now...

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Sorry to see Raja go out like this, but I don't think you improve communication with the Coach by constantly complaining to the media. I think teamwork helped the Jazz exceed expectations. All I hear from Raja are complaints is about his role and how his needs are not being met. I hate to say it, but I think the team played better without him and that's why he sat on the bench.

Farmington, UT

I can understand Bell's competitive fire--any player who doesn't play should have a feeling of disappointment, and have the confidence that they could have helped their teammates.

It's a tough argument to make, however, that playing Bell would have made the Utah Jazz more competitive late in the season and in the postseason.

Bell's legs are gone, he doesn't get the same lift on his jumpshots, and he does end up chasing his man these days on defense because he can no longer keep position against his man; anticipation no longer there.

That being said, Bell is a class act, and would be a great mentor on another team, so I hope we're able to trade him to a better situation.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Remember, players now are strictly doing it as a job, and if their pay desires or egoes are not being sufficiently rewarded, they go elsewhere without any remorse.

Fans need to have the same attitude.
Especially for players who have been good, and not so good.

Quit wasting money on this guy. What, a million dollars a year?

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

Bell is a classless act. The coach may not be always right but he's always the coach (unless you are in Sac, Portland, Miami, Orlando, New York). Get rid of him. Yes, Okur is a free agent and I'd rather have him mentoring young players then Bell.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Raja has a question and I have the answer.

I hope he gets traded because he is irrelevant to this teams success and he continually acts like he is "the" guy by constantly making an issue of starting or not starting and playing time.

I thought he would be good in those respects but that has not been the case so he needs to get gone!

Older veteran role players can play an important role but he does not seem to think he is at that stage but watching his defense I would say he is definitely deserving of a lesser role.

Santa Ana, CA

The state as always just refuses to discuss the real issue. Not guarding 3s. Not playing Good Defense, try and outscore the other teams without getting needed stops. Raja is a Clubhouse Lawyer. He has an ego. He also did it to himself. During the games it was like 4 on 5 especially the First Half of the year as his teammates had no confidence to get him the ball. The Defenses knew it also and could cheat. Far As Corbin is concerned his decisions all Series on the lineup change to start and then not putting Favors in until Game 4, showed his inexperience. They were fatal. Just as fatal as saying "How Guarding 3s was not a priority". If anyone truly thinks this team will just get better "within" without dealing AJ in particular, getting another 7 Footer in the rotation, a Wing and better Coaching, sorry to disappoint...Good season and I will take it. Next year I will be a lot more critical....

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Bell made 3.2mil this year and is due 3.5mil next year. Thanks but no thanks, see ya. I'm not happy about losing draft picks in this upcoming draft in place of a 4 games sweep in the playoffs which I predicted also. Rebuild with the least veterans needed O'Conner, just like Okla city has done. Besides Bell, goodbye to Miles, Watson, Howard, Jefferson and possibly Harris!

Orem, UT

Regardless of how Raja Bell feels about the Jazz organization, he was going to have to go if we are in any way going to build for the future. Along those lines, the contracts of Jefferson, Millsap, and Harris will have to be reconsidered if we are to move on as well. We need younger, more athletic guards. We also need a strong, athletic small forward. With the current group of young players, we have something to build on. Since we lost two lottery picks for this years draft, perhaps we need to do some trades to obtain a good pick or younger, more promising players.

Tokyo, Japan

Raja Bell for Golden State's Shooting Coach (the one who coached Lin)...coz honestly...a lot of the guys took a dip from their shooting percentage

West Jordan, Utah

I understand much of what Raja Bell is saying even though I don't necessarily like the way he is saying it. The media is the wrong venue in my opinion for this chatter as well.

It seems Raja is trying to force his way out with one year left on his contract. I don't know if there will be any takers for Bell.

The Jazz are a young and talented team but they are a fluxuating work in progress. The roles, lineups, design and philosophy is a little teeter totterish. Raja might be looking for a team where his skills can be simplified and he can do what he does each night.

Bear Lake, ID

I'd be happy to sit on the Jazz bench for $3.5 mil per year!! Trade Raja for Jimmer! Sacramento didn't use him much either!! The Jazz would have had a phenomenal and profitable year in ticket sales and Jimmer products and probably would have won the same amount of games.

Was passing up Jimmer smart for the Jazz? No, what a missed opportunity. I'm not saying Jimmer would have them winning any more games, but it would have raised the roof!

Pocatello, ID

And he says coach Corbin was unprofessional. What a punk. Good riddance.

Orem, UT

Forget the war with Corbin and Bell. Plain and simple, Corbin is not the man for the Utah Jazz coaching position. He have great players. Corbin just cannot figure out how to coach and who to have on the court when. If we want to have a future and to have good players on the Jazz roster than we need to get a coach that can outcoach, outmanage, and outsmart the other coaches. If the Jazz brass can get rid of Sloan after being a Hall of Fame coach then they can fire Corbin and hire a good coach without any hesitation. Hornacek for starters would be my choice. Hey Jazz brass, do you have the guts to do what you know has to be done? I DOUBT IT!

Orem, UT

No trades are needed. A new coach is needed.

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