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Published: Sunday, May 6 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

Good luck overseas Jiggy. You can keep basketball alive in you for more years to come. My advice, save up the earnings over there as much as possible and sustain a some security as you look for other opportunities down the road.

highland, utah

Good job Jiggy!!1 You got a degree from a school far away from the NY playgrounds!! Now use it and lets get some more kids to follow you!!

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

What a great ending to Jiggy's career at Utah.

Congratulations on your degree and good luck in the future no matter where it takes you. I'm glad to have had you as a Ute.

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

I wish this young man well. Congratulations to him for completing his degree. Education is so critical in a knowledge-, information-, and wisdom-based economy.

Success overseas. The suggestion to "save up the earnings" is a wise one!

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

Awesome story! I am so glad Jiggy stayed in school! What a great example of integrity and hard work, yes he made some mistakes but he owned up to them and kept what was really important in view and earned his degree. I am a Jiggy fan for sure.

Draper, UT

Way to go Jiggy. Proud of you and your decision to stay and finish your degree. This will payoff for you in the long run. Good luck over seas with B-Ball, may you find success there too.

South Jordan, UT

What a great story. I have a feeling that we are going to hear more good things about this young man in the future. Go Jiggy......

Orem, UT

Congrats to Jiggy. But maybe even bigger congrats to the coach and the program. You have made a very postive impression on a lot of people for backing Jiggy, but sticking to the rules too. I can imagine the positive influence you have had on his mother and family as well. You have a lot to be proud of. And it sets a standard for your program. I remember back in the late 60's when coach Ladell Andersen, then at Utah State, suspended 5 players, 3 of them starters,for two games for breaking curfew by just a few minutes. He rarely had any players come close to breaking rules after that. Oh and by the way Utah State won those two games without the starters. Keep up the good work and good luck recruiting, I would like to see the U at or near the top again soon.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Getting his degree is the smartest thing he ever did. Like he said, they can take away basketball, but they can't take away your education.

What a great story!

Cedar Hills, UT

Congrats Jiggy!

Says much of the program and coach K for backing this kid. Keep those positive vibes coming and....

Go Utes!

Cedar Hills, UT

Congrats to Jiggy, his mom, and Coach Krystkowiak. I'm a Cougar fan all the way, but most importantly, a person who loves seeing stories like this, regardless of what jersey the kid wears. Well done and good luck to you in your future career. Everything just got brighter with that degree in hand!

Sunnyvale, CA

It's what we do when the winds of life blow ill winds that measure the man. Jiggy could have given up, got depressed and walked away with a bitter taste in his mouth and thus become just another bad memory for fans trying to forget a horrible year. Instead he manned up, stayed in school, found ways to be positive in the face of the adversity and finished his degree. In the end I believe Jiggy has become the brightest beacon of success our beleaguered Ute basketball program has had this year.

Congratulations to Jiggy and his mom; let's not forget her in all of this either (especially at this time of year). Mom's like Jiggy's who show love and encouragement are worth their weight in gold!

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

What did the jig do to get kicked off the basketball team? His degree tarnishes mine from Utah.


Proud of Jig for taking responsibility and facing the consequences of his actions, and still having the perspective to make the most of his situation. The lessons he learned and his degree will be invaluable to him in the future, and also very helpful to the team in keeping future scholarships.

And his degree tarnishes no one's. The details of his dismissal are between himself, his family and the team.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Great article u read about coaches that kick kids off the team all the time but this is a story worth repeating This really tells u that the u of u basketball cares more about kids and education than anything else well done.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX


I was a full ride scholly athlete at UH. The day i arrived in Honolulu, I went directly to Stan Sheriff's office, the U of Hawaii's AD at that time. The first thing he said to me......"You are an ambassador of UH, act like it......or else!!!!" The JIG embarrassed Utah because he made headlines by getting kicked off the team.............I think he should have been kicked out of school. And yes, he "tarnishes" all Utes!

Iowa City, IA

"he "tarnishes" all Utes!"
---Utah-Hawaii Alum,

You'll have to speak for yourself. His degree does not tanish mine at all.

Congrats to Mr. Watkins for seeing this through. Good luck to him as he looks for opportunities to play "overseas." He should use that opportunity to study abroad as well. Maybe add a masters.


UH Alum, as someone who actually knows more about the situation than most, I know that what Jiggy was dismissed for nobody else would have known about if Coach hadn't dismissed him. So if his degree tarnishes yours, I guess mine does, too, along with at least 4,000 others every year.

Santa Monica, CA

This story makes me happier than anything I've read regarding Utah basketball in a long, long time. Keep at it, Jiggy! Good luck to you and get your masters! You didn't finish your career as a student athlete, but I am certainly proud to have you as a fellow Ute alum.

Irvine, CA

"he "tarnishes" all Utes!"
---Utah-Hawaii Alum,

I am proud to have Watkins as a fellow Utah Alum.
It's not how you made mistake(s) that counts.
It's what you do after learning from your mistake(s) that counts most.

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