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Published: Friday, May 4 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Clearfield, UT

The difference, of course, is that Romney can hear about struggles and then go home to affluence and opulence. RR\egular people LIVE their struggles, and can't evade them. Romney is, once again, showing how condescending he is to regular people (as he said, he doesn't really care about the poor, and he LOVES to fire people). We don't need that.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

The fact that Romney refers to all of us as "regular people" is quite telling.
Poor, out of touch guy looks like he will never figure it out.

Diligent Dave
Logan, UT

I'd like him to meet with me. While I plan on voting for Romney in the fall for various reasons, this does not mean I agree with everything he advocates, nor that I disagree with him very strongly in some areas.

Romney is still, very much, a country club candidate. Whether is has, does, or doesn't even belong to a country club, those who know the type know what I'm talking about. His wife's $1000 blouse she wore the other morning on CBS' The Morning Show demonstrates an aspect of being out of touch with regular Americans (though Michelle Obama wears far more expensive stuff, and hardly receives the time of day from the media for it)!

Yes, we understand, Mitt and Anne, you've both done—not only well, but super duper well!

But what Mitt says and his attitude seem to greatly reflect a business landlord I had. He thought businesses renting from him were struggling because they hadn't done things right. My business neighbor, who just moved out of this landlord's complex, use to keep a year or more of capital on hand. No more! He's working elsewhere!

West Valley City, Utah

It is quite evident that a presidential candidate who is actively reaching out to understand regular people is not one who is out of touch. Yes, rich people are humans to. They can be understanding and genuinely want to help. Despite what the mainstream media would tell you, they can even be republicans.Obama has to mount a personal attack because he needs to distract voters away from his very poor record as presiden, Besides, it's not like Obama goes home to poverty. He and Michelle go on frequent posh and opulent vacations. Does that mean that he doesn't care or can't understand the poor?.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Ah, the regular people.
How nice of him!

Spanish Fork, UT

Come on Furry1993, You are drinking Obama kool aid. Those two comments are taken out of context. If you were really honest, you would look at those comments in context and know that he said that the poor have a safety net that the middle class doesn't, and so he must work harder for middle class people. And the firing comment was in reference to people who do not perform. How were either of those comments condescending to regular people. If Romney were a "regular person" he would not have the skills to bring about the economic reforms that will help us regular people have jobs and greater prosperity. I want a chance to work--not have the government hand me a dole and tell me what medical care I can and cannot have. Obama may have BEEN a regular person, but he is not one now. All his policies have done is increase prices on the necessities of life--food, fuel, gasoline, etc. He is sinking us. Romney was way down on my list 6 months ago, but I'm totally behind him now.

Taylorsville, UT

Condescending is a good way to describe Romney and Obama and why neither one of them are what this country needs. They are not leaders and they have proven that with all the continuous flopping around with their ever evolving changes they keep making. Neither one has a plan and neither one knows what wrong with this country and continue to live and bask in each others lies. They do have one thing in common though, they both think government must be doting parents continuously patronizing the citizens of america as imbeciles.

If only I could have suffered the hardships and misfortunes in life this man suffered as a socialist on welfare. There was a time when you had to take a test and pass it to get in to college. Now these young just apply and the rest of their life think they are educated.

Romney doesn't know what hardships are as he had doting government to feed and house them and help raise their children while he could amass his fortunes thorough white collar crime and fakery. Hardships and poverty are something you live, hardship is no public welfare, wages, or 2nd hand stores or church handouts.

Fern RL

Sometimes I think Romney understands a lot more about "the common man" (and woman) than the common person understands about living with a 6 digit (or more) annual family income. Even understanding how to run a business that makes more money than it spends is an attribute that could really come in handy in Washington.

There are probably even a lot of couples who together earn in the 6 digit figures for their household who still see themselves as part of the masses struggling to make ends meet. (I have a hard time understanding them, really.)

Hamilton, IL

Just because someone has wealth, doesn't mean they don't understand the struggles. If I see a begger on the streets, I will help them. I am not a begger nor am I wealthy, but I have compassion for them. I can feel for people who are in different walks of life.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

I wonder if Mitt tells the people why he was a strong supporter of abortion and legalizing gay marriage at one time? I would be interested to hear his rationale as he violated his own religion by taking this stand.

Hayden, ID

@ Furry. What we need in this country is more welfare, more food stamps, and free healthcare! We don’t need more jobs, more personal responsibility and more self reliance do we? And anyone who has worked hard, been responsible and made better choices in life should be punished by wealth redistribution, right? Anyone who is successful in their life just doesn’t understand the struggles of “ordinary” people do they? After all, we all know the reason people are poor in America is because the “rich” took away all their opportunities! Right on brother! Power to the people!

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Another day of political confusion...
Repubs tell voters there is absolutely no way President Obama can relate to what is going on in American society, thus he is the cause of the problems in our government, etc.
However, if Mr. Romney says he speaks to "regular people" (in situations he will not disclose), we citizens are supposed to be little sponges and soak up Mitt's tall tales.


@furry. I suppose the only thing that would make you happy about Romney spending time with possible constituents and actually listening, instead of turning every movement into a photo-op, would be for him to sell everything, give all the money away, and take his family to the projects to live. That may work for those who have dedicated their lives to following the Master on a full time basis, but is extremely impractical for someone who is running for President. Somehow, I don't see our current President taking himself out of the limelight long enough to sit down and listen to those who have no voice, out of camera's reach, in a low-key, low-pressure venue. Gov. Romney genuinely cares about people, his millions notwithstanding, and wants what's best for America and her people. He is doing, as best he can, the work the Master has set out for all of us, as are millions of others who work in anonymity for the good of our fellowmen.

Logan, UT

Isn't that what both sides call us regular people? I like the fact that he doesn't parade people around to have to prove his point. The United States of America is like a big business. We need someone who can understand how to keep big businesses profitable. It is not by going more and more into debt. I think it is sad that we are saying people who have lots more money than I will probably ever see are evil or did something wrong. This is what has made people do anything they can to live in America. They had a chance to be successful. Let's not pit one American against another. That is so wrong. Let's celebrate what we have in common. We live in the best Country in the World. I love the USA.

St. George, UT

for willard's sake, i hope they served him the kind of cookies rich guys eat, and not the cheap stuff from 7-11 us regular people buy


Regular folk? Hmmmm

So that explains Romney's brilliant suggestion the other day that young folk just borrow money from their parents.

I'm not sure these meetings with "regular" folks are doing him any good.

Romney's job at Bain was to create money for wealthy investors. If it was accomplished by laying off employees, leveraging up a business or moving a factory, so be it. They could still make money from the fees they charged even if the business folded.

But the main problem is Republican's economic policies of deregulation and tax cuts as the answer to everything.

murray, UT

Hey I'm a regular person, I would love to sit down with Romney and tell him what I think. He wouldn't even have to keep it a secret. Lets see where would I start. How about everyone should pay their fair share of taxes. A tax break on intrest and capital gains is not going to work out so much for me. I'm not so fond of the fact that the American Legislative Exchange Council is endorsing him, thats more like a curse. I think affordable health care is a civil right (single payer plan). I don't want a Presedent that would bust up businesses and sell them off to the highest bidder. Oh my so so many things I would like to tell him if only he would listen to a regular person like me.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

Exactly who are these "regular" people that Romney is meeting with in secret? Are they just people off the street or hand picked Republican supporters? For this article to have meaning we need to know who these people are and how they are chosen. I do not mean Identify the people personally by name but more information is needed as to their back ground and how they were chosen.

Mcallen, TX

Donating his inheritance away, than building up his own success is just awful. Shame on Mitt for being successful. It's no longer American to be prosperous, because others didn't make it.

Vale, OR

Can you say condescending?
I can't believe anyone is actually going along with Mitt.
Oh, well, I won't disc you for your choice and don't you disc me for mine.
Reminds me of fiddler on the roof...."If I Were A Rich Man"....
"When your rich, they also think your wise!"
Sorry, it just takes more than a few shekels to impress me.
So glad he is impressed with the American Spirit.... Brace yourself, there is more coming!

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