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Published: Thursday, May 3 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Trabuco Canyon, CA

Congratulations Utah/Miller, you Almost have a professional basketball team.

Salt Lake City, UT

The jazz want to lose in the 1st round like the Spurs did last year?

bountiful, ut

Yet will never quite obtain...... It is a good dream, but a DREAM nonetheless. :)

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

This is among your best articles, Brad . . . .

Provo, UT

The Spurs are a class act. Their teamwork, fundamentals, and good citizenship make a stark contrast to the prima donna behavior, showmanship, and off-the-court antics of so many players in the NBA. They've kept that team ethos for a couple decades, through coaching changes and of course many changes in their lineup. I'm very glad we have them around, even if we do keep losing to them.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

For the most part I have liked Ty Corbin. I think he is a good guy.

From a coaching standpoint though lately I can not fathom what is going on in the mans head.

I think Kevin O'Conner should have walked down to the bench in game 2 and fired Corbin on the spot.

Talk about dereliction of duty. Al Jefferson is laying an egg for the second game in a row. Favors has been in and the lead is still single digits. Then he takes Favors out and does not put him in again until the Jazz are down 20 plus!!

Favors did not play but 26 minutes in the first game and now plays like 21 mins in the second game?

I understand plus minus is not the end-all-be-all stat but it is fairly clear that Favors is one of the few players actually giving you something and only a fool would not want to play their best players.

Favors is hustling and playing hard and obviously would not have won the game but clearly gives us our best chance of at least competing with them.

Corbin is failing on this issue.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

@ Jazz Source

I second that opinion. I'm sure there has been some bad coaching over the years, but not using Derrick Favors more in the playoffs, against the Spurs, is some of the worst coaching I've ever remember seeing. I think he should have been playing more all year long, but thats just my opinion of course.

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