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Published: Thursday, May 3 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I think it will be good to have someone like Mitt Romney in the spotlight for the LDS faith. Whether good or bad. The more people discuss and do their own research, the better informed they become and can shape their own opinions. Which the opposite will happen if those who attack the church are allowed to be the unofficial spokesperson for the group.

Woods Cross, UT

Relax folks. The anti-Mormon Fundamentalists and Evangelicals are in the Republican party. The more secular and liberal Democrats could care less. The general election will not turn on religion.

Lehi, UT

Ideally religion (Mormonism) will not be an issue in the general election, however, IF and WHEN the Democrats and Obama feel threatened and the polls go Romney's way, then the likelihood of Mormonism as an issue will go from "0 to 60" in a day. Let's hope not, otherwise I would expect the likes of Harry Reid to step up to the podium and say "Enough is enough! Leave my Church alone!"

Heber City, UT

I doubt Harry Reid will say much. He is a politican first and LDS second.in my opinion.

West Jordan, Utah

What people say about your faith will lead some to it and drive others away. How it all shakes out should be fine if you believe in your faith. I am not saying to induce a positive where there might not be one. I am saying that being looked at differently one way or another, relative to your faith, is all part of having faith. Right?

If challenges are viewed in the latter days or however else you view challenges in the current, then realize that it can always be worse. My advice, be the best you can be regardless of how you are thought of. If things get bad so to speak, crying over spilled milk one to many times might weaken your strength. Let the election play out, and live your lives LDS folks.

Spanish Fork, UT

I'm not even a huge fan of Romney's politics, but I *am* a fan at how Romney has handled the press inquiries with regard to his faith for the most part. Again, though I might disagree with Romney on national budget priorities or foreign policy, I *do* think he's a reasonably typical example of who and what a Mormon is. He and Ann have raised five boys and he's dedicated a lot of his time in past years to lay-member callings. I think it's a fabulous thing to have people asking intelligent questions about 'what that's all about' and, consequently, have appreciated that aspect of his candidacy.

Meadow Lark Mark

Kouger. From what you said if Harry Reid said something like that I guess I would be surprised.

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL


First I'll Quote: "LDS officials have emphasized repeatedly that the church doesn't communicate with the Romney campaign. In a lengthy statement on their main website, Mormon leaders say the church does not "endorse, promote or oppose political parties, candidates or platforms."

That's why the DNews trys to break the World's Record for the most stories about Mitt Romney?.

Let them say, if this is true then "Hello Hope and Change"


Goodbye "Hype and Blame."

Like it or not, (Mormonism) will be an issue in the general election.

Romney does communicate with the LDS Church though.

Is this another "flip flop"?.

Salt Lake City, UT

Romney's the one who has charged the Obama administration with wanting to make secularism (he incorrectly used the word secularism, he meant atheism) the national religion. Republicans have frequently done this weird thing where they criticize Obama for spending 20 years attending Reverand Wrights' church, attack him for barely ever going to church, and some still think he's a Muslim. So... while I agree that Democrats launching religious attacks on Romney is wrong... let's not pretend Republicans don't do it.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am so tired of these kinds of headlines. I am a Mormon, and I don't spend one second worrying about whether or not I am going to be "attacked" by the media, or by politicians. The way these headlines read, you would think that Mormons are the most self-involved and self-concious people in the world - always worrying about whether or not we are going to be offended or persecuted. Ezra Taft Benson defined pride as enmity between you and your fellow man. Thus, this article is all about pride. Stop worrying selfishly about your own feelings and go out and find joy in life. Go help your fellow man. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves. It's pointless, and it makes you prideful. Stop "bracing" for the worst. Fear is the opposite of hope.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Senator Reid is man of integrity.
If push came to shove, he'll stand by his convictions.
He already has numerous times on the Senate floor.

Mitt Romney has made for himself enough Flip-Flopping material to last a lifetime.
They won't need to go after his religion.
Unless, somehow his Religion is the root cause of his lack of integrity (Flip-Flopping)
Mitt has made his bed, he can sleep in it.

The evangeligical antagonists (like those ourside of Temple Square) will be the one's to keep and eye out for, They have the theological axe to grind....not the Democrats.

Salt Lake City, UT

So, where were the deseret news article refuting the ridiculous birthers or the people who accused Obama of being both a radical christian and a muslim? Oh, I get it. You only defend people in your club. Heck, remember all the opinion letters from 08 where people were mad because 80-90% of blacks voted for Obama. Will we get those when 90% of mormons vote for Romney?

Phoenix, AZ

It is too bad Romney has to be the Mormon face to the world. He represents so much of what is questioned about the church, the distorted histories and cover ups, the changing of the stories to suite the situation, the non disclosers, hiding information and secrets to further propaganda goals, wishy-washy character of saying anything to gain an objective. There are so many solid honest Mormons who would be an honorable representation of, and for, the church. Too bad that they are not represented.


I am not a mormon, but grew up in Utah. Don't mormons believe that when a LDS president takes office, the second coming of Christ will happen?

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

I really don't like this neutral stand when the administration is going after the Catholic Church first, and we will be one of the next targets. Christianity is beng hounded and people are being killed, all over the world and our administration says nothing. If we don't stand together, or speak up then you all know the story when they come for us.
The dem platform has evil things in it. This business about birth control that we all must pay for, and abortions that are so horrid are all coming if Romney doesn't win this election.
There is a video put out by a Catholic organization that says, at one point, our vote will be recorded here on earth and in the eternities. I believe that! I'm not sure our God is neutral about the things going on in this country and how the Constitution is being trampled on, and we believe that document is divinely inspired. I don't think HE will hold us harmless as we stand and watch.

Salt Lake City, UT

This gives the LDS Church a tremendous opportunity to answer the question - is it OK to be a Democrat, Liberal, Socialist, or whatever and be a member of their Church in full fellowship? The answer from many members will be an emphatic NO! Nevertheless, there exists the opportunity to clear up a lot of doubts.

OC Fan
Orange County, CA


I didn't grow up in Utah, but I am LDS. We believe that no one knows the time of the Second Coming. We don't believe that if/when an LDS president is elected the Second Coming will happen, but most of us believe Hell will freeze over at that time.

Danbury, CT



Danbury, CT

We just need to live our beliefs and be comfortable with who we are. It will be a great opportunity for many of us to become more articulate about what we believe.

I encourage rank and file members to show as much class and neutrality as church leadership about how we talk about candidates with our family and friends. Many seem to think you cannot be a good LDS member and a Democrat whereas there are positive correlations with the values of the church in BOTH parties. I think it is great that both Romney AND Reid are Mormon, even if I dislike some of their policies.

Provo, UT

Re: CougarBlue and LDSLiberal:

Both Senator Reid and Governor Romney are good men. Both have ties to, and the appreciation of, top leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Romney served with distinction as a Stake President and worked with the Mormon Brethren while organizing the Olympics. Sen. Reid was helpful in introducing President Monson to President Obama. Not long ago one of the Apostles invited Senator Reid to share his personal witness at a meeting back East and he shared his testimony and conversion to Mormonism. It's easy to look at someone you don't agree with politically and then think somehow they are less of a Latter-day Saint, but I disagree. They are fine people, just with some different views.

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