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Published: Wednesday, May 2 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

If Obama came to Utah to campaign for Matheson it would only help Mia Love!

This is it for Matheson.

Utah is anxious to show that we are in no way racist. We would gladly have voted for a black president if he was a conservative, constitution loving, small government, cut spending type of person. That is what Mia Love stands for. Being a black woman who can beat Matheson is just another plus.

I'm excited to cast my vote for Mia Love!


Travelrus says:

"Mia needs to tell us where she stands on policy before I can make up my mind. So far I haven't heard anything other than she's conservative."

From the Mia Love website, under Issues:

"Balancing the budget is only part of the solution. We must cut federal spending to begin to restore America’s economic strength and citizen liberties.

The federal government must be confined to the enumerated powers granted by the Constitution.

American society must return to valuing and rewarding hard work, independence and personal responsibility. Government dependency on entitlement programs and welfare is a failure.

Government does not create jobs, the private sector does. Government simply needs to get out of the way.

Equip our armed forces, and engage only when there is a defined national security objective and with the consent of Congress, not the United Nations.

Protect our borders and remove the magnets.

We must keep the promises made to our seniors to provide for their retirement while we move aggressively to more solvent alternatives.

The more socialized our health care becomes, the fewer choices people have."

Hopefully this will help you understand her policy.

You can search yourself.

Hank Pym

@ Cats 7:30 a.m. May 3, 2012

"As far as Jim Matheson being a Mormon and a Democrat....he is a marginal Mormon and a mediocre Democrat who tries to play at being a conservative to keep his seat."

I'm so glad that we have you a pious true believer such as yourself to clear up any misconceptions. Nah!! I 2nd what Counter Intelligence (9:41 a.m. May 3, 2012) said.

Richland, WA

I understand Love is also a marathon runner and a mother of three, who put Saratoga Springs on a sound fiscal basis as mayor.
She persuaded 70% of the delegates at the conventiin to vote for her, showing great judgment that she can defeat Matheson. I think she has a good shot at retiring Matheson.

I hope Romney flies her out for some photo ops soon. Her image with his will disrupt tons of lying anti-Mormon gossip in the ignorant news media.

Provo, 00

Mia, you are a Godsend. Best wishes for your campaign!

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