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Published: Tuesday, May 1 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Y Dad

What accomplishment did I put in there is something it isn't? Am I being called a liar? And I just love the way you guys use the word pathetic when it comes to 18-22 year old kids. Nothing was more pathetic than that team of yours that took the field last year against Utah, don't smack until your team can back it up Mr WAC Champ. You lost to the good teams and beat the bad ones.


Utah will NEVER run from the Y, the Utes own that program right now. The last ten years the cougs have won 3 games, last year was just the start of domination, The Y doesn't want to play Utah because it is an atomatic loss. Utah doesn't need the Y, but I for one still hope the games are played smack from fans that walked out on thier team are always special. I hope you are there on the 22nd you and y daddy can walk out after half time together and discuss what is wrong. Your team will be 0-3 by then.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Utah has a contract(s) with a quality mid-major program.....Utah State, a program that is on the rise, and has huge U of U connections. The U recently bought out Utah State for $500k for 2014. Utah needs one cupcake, a mid-major and a BIG-10 team for non-conference scheduling. The reason Utah hasn't scheduled BYU, is because a home and home series is imminent with the BIG-10. Utah owes NOTHING to struggling BYU. I wanna play USU, not BYU. Their fans are nice. Colorado is our rival now. BYU football is pathetic. I neva wanna watch them play Utah after 2012. Evolution will be of benefit to my desires. I am lucky! Gooooo Utes!

Highland, UT


Some of the most bitter, and hilarious, tripe ever posted on these boards are the comments you just made. Your angst just oozed from the lines.


Salt Lake City, UT

Just because McKay wasn't a significant performer on a BYU team that lost 54-10 at home last year does not mean he can't make it in the NFL. Give the kid a chance.

.....or we could ask the Duckhunter if the kid will make it and he would end the suspense with the correct answer.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

In recent weeks, rumored phone calls between Ohio State and Utah, the "buy out" Utah made to Utah state..........What Utah fan would not wanna see a "home and home" series between Kyle Whittingham and Urban Meyer? Oh my goodness........that would be EPIC! And, it is in the "works" currently. I don't wanna see "old news" BYU ever again. ARMY football is WAY better than BYU historically......by far. BYU is a WAC team.......and is why they are there AGAIN. One cupcake, Utah State and a Big-10 team............then we gotta play well against the PAC! Gooooooo Utes! Utah will turn heads this year AGAIN, and in the future. I wanna say this..........every darn class that I took at the U was taught by a great professor. Utah taught me so much........a great school. And, I'm honored to have attended there.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

BYU can't thump any top 30 team. We Utah fans gotta hope for Whit vs Urban. Oh my gosh......what a battle that would be??????????? I think that Montana State would crush lowly BYU.........I sure hope we don't schedule BYU until 2030.......hopefully I'll be dead!

highland, utah

WOW!! why daddy!!! and i really hope you aren't a myopic BYU daddy!! mmmm 8 likes to your 2 likes.. twice of urs...please don't let your kids become the sheep like you are...so blind..i get it whydadddy, but are u still in the 1980's like duckhunter still blind to a new reality????

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