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Published: Tuesday, May 1 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

On the contrary, I think Sen. Hatch should see the handwriting on the wall and gracefully bow out. This is the first time he's been pushed into a primary. He has done good things in the past, but he's also strayed from conservatism and voted to expand the size, reach, and cost of government. It's time for him to step down. Dan Liljenquist is a smart, capable, energetic, experienced replacement, with the right principles.

Yes, Romney has said he needs Hatch in the Senate, but he said it a while back, when it appeared that liberal Republican Olympia Snowe would become Senate Finance chair. That's no longer true. If Hatch is not there, Idaho senator Mike Crapo will be chair, and he's more conservative than Hatch (and Crapo didn't vote for TARP either). Utah will be better off with Liljenquist in the Senate.


If Dan Liljenquist cares about the GOP he will run against Hatch and offer US the people alternatives that we need rather than the same song and dance Hatch offers. Most likely Romney will not beat Obama, so he won't be needing Senator Hatch.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The duties of a delegate require the delegate to research the candidates. That research includes checking the voting record of the candidate and checking whether the candidate kept his campaign promises.

Any delegate who checked Senator Hatch's voting record would have found several red flags - serious red flags - where Senator Hatch voted against our liberties. No delegate could have voted for Mr. Hatch knowing of those votes.

Comparing campaign promises to performance would have also kept them from voting for Mr. Hatch. Mr. Hatch has promised us that he would make a difference in Washington. Well, has he?

Hatch has mislead us into thinking that without him Hill Air Force Base would close. Does he think that he will influence the BRAC Commission? BRAC was established so that Senators would NOT be able to put pressure on the Military when bases were evaluated.

Those delegates who voted for Mr. Hatch did not do their duty to 'vet' him. Hatch has put his personal desires far above the needs of Utah.

Eagle Mountain, UT

The statewide polls showing 60% support were well within the margin of error, just as the delegate polls were. So there really wasn't any dismissal of the "will of the people".

Of note to me though, was that Hatch did an exceptional job of stacking the caucus with his supporters. Something like 80% of delegates were first timers, and a majority initially leaned towards Hatch. But something funny happened on the way to convention. The more these delegates heard Hatch and Liljenquist speak, the more time they spent asking questions and looking at records, the more they switched to leaning towards Dan.

I encourage every Utah Republican to do the same. I'm hopeful Senator Hatch will agree to do a debate here in Utah with Dan so all of us can see them head to head and make up our own minds. I'm confident that if we do this, Dan Liljenquist will be our next Senator.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hatch and Liljenquist need to hold a SERIES of debates, not just one. The Utah voters deserve no less. If Sen. Hatch is unwilling to do this, that's a good reason to vote against him.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Hatch is as much a part of the problem in D.C. as anyone. Why should we expect anything different in Washington if we keep sending the same ones back?

Why NOT try someone new. Give someone else a chance to serve.

Midway, UT

"Do the delegates not have a responsibility to follow the will of the people?"

No, that's why they're called delegates. The average caucus voter has "delegated" to another person the responsibility of researching and voting upon the best candidate. If they have already done that before the caucus meeting, then the attendees can ask them whom they support and vote according to their answer. That's their prerogative. However, you also have to allow for the fact that Utah does not behave as a uniform, homogenous whole. There are pockets of Hatch support and there are pockets of support for a primary challenger. Who are you to decide the will of the people in Escalante, Moab, Heber, Moroni, Randolph, Brigham, or Provo? In the words of Tip O'Neil, "All politics is local".

South Jordan, UT

Mitt Robme says he needs Hatch in the senate. Obama doesnt need Hatch, So,, Vote for Obama

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

@Fitness Freak

"Why NOT try someone new. Give someone else a chance to serve."

Like Scott Howell?

Spanish Fork, Ut

Interesting letter but can't say I agree with any part of it. It seems we just can't make everyone happy. First, people are angry at the caucus system because they can't vote straight up for the Republican nominee. Now we have this guy wishing the delegates would just rubber stamp Hatch and avoid a primary. Sheesh! Maybe we should just avoid voting all together and use polling? Who ever is ahead in the polls at a certain date gets the nod. Romney endorsed Hatch because that is what candidates do - they endorse the sitting incumbent! Plus I'm sure they know each other personally. NO ONE (at least publicly) is going to endorse a challenger, especially a challenger with marginal chances of winning. I'm amazed this concept isn't obvious on its face and actually has to be explained to people. In other words, the endorsement means nothing If Liljenquist wins, Romney would be delighted - perhaps more delighted than having to work with a Senator that has been in power since Gerald Ford. Hatch should have bowed out gracefully one, two, three terms ago.

American Fork, UT

Is party unity the best excuse not to turf hatch?

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, party first, country second, people last.
That explains the Republican's legislative war on women and minorities...

one old man
Ogden, UT

Two words: Scott Howell.

Apricot Tree
Brigham City, UT

I agree with this letter 'United GOP.' If Orrin Hatch would have been elected, he could have put all of his time and effort into getting Mitt Romney elected. What is more important - electing Dan Liljenquist, or getting Mitt Romney in office? It appears to me that some Dan Liljenquist supporters have given up on Mitt Romney.

There is a VERY good chance that Mitt Romney will be elected. A federal gov. controlled and very liberal America needs to stop. It is much more important that Mitt Romney gets reelected, and that we trust that Mitt Romney knows what he is doing when he endorses Orrin Hatch - than to elect Dan Liljenquist. Let Dan serve in six years - he'll be great. For now, he is not the one who will inspire change in the senate.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Ah yes -
The United GOParty of America.

Kind of shows your priorities.....telling, isn't it.

Sandy, UT

If you ever needed evidence that most Utahns think we live in a theocracy, this letter is it. Neither candidate have ever shown any love for any of us except for the first Tues of November then it's back to the shenanigans.


This point is moot. Republicans have messed up so badly in the primaries that Obama will win by a landslide. The GOP is fatally fractured & dysfunctional. Until they actually realize that, they will continue to erode.

Apricot Tree
Brigham City, UT

Anyone who is interested in having some solid and conservative structure in standards, morals, and in state sovereignty will be voting for Mitt Romney. I support Orrin Hatch for many reasons beyond Mitt Romney's endorsement. However, that is a big piece of the puzzle for me.

Simply wanting a new person in the Senate, claiming that Dan Liljenquist has a better chance of changing the Senate, or trying to blame the budget on Orrin Hatch is not enough.

Lehi, UT

Dan Liljenquist did more to harm the quality of public education in Utah in one fell swoop than Howard Stephenson has done in a lifetime. Mr. Liljenquist wrote the bill that took away the defined benefit system from public educators. He took away the one nut that schools had left to use to recruit strong young talent: a good retirement package. The best young talent is avoiding the teaching profession in droves.

Question, Utahns- If we want to improve education in Utah, don't we need the ability to recruit high quality job candidates? Dan Liljenquist took that option away. Is this who we want representing the state of Utah?

Eagle Mountain, UT

To vote for Hatch simply because Mitt said so would have Washington, Madison, and Jefferson rolling over in their graves. Do your own homework, make up your own mind. Look at the records of the candidates. That is what American democracy is all about.

@Winglish: Without the pension reform Dan passed there would be no pension for teachers at all. The pension fund lost $6.5 billion. Doing nothing meant bankrupting the entire fund. So something had to be done. Simply adding more money to the fund to make up for the losses meant taking 10% of the entire state budget for 25 years. That amounts to the salaries of 10,000 teachers. Public education in the state of Utah should be thanking their lucky stars we had a politician with the brains and the courage to tackle an issue as large and politically difficult as pension reform. Because without it, there'd be no pension at all.

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