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Published: Sunday, April 29 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Meadow Lark Mark

I do like the Jazz. Call me a fair weather Jazz fan. Spurs win series 4 - 1

Salt Lake City, UT

"....the Jazz COULD [sic] care less if nobody thinks they'll advance past the Spurs — or even make a series out of it."

Jody, this particular mistaken phrase would not be so bothersome if not for the fact that you are a supposedly "professional" who ought to know better and who has now helped perpetuate this false phraseology.

Think about the logic (or ill-logic, depending on your true meaning) of what you've written for just a second.

By saying the Jazz COULD care less, you are saying that they DO care if nobody thinks they'll advance or make a series out of it. In other words, that it bothers them.

I presume this bit of nonsense got started when someone didn't notice the corrected ending of the spoken contraction "couldn't", mistaking it for "could". But when it's written it is worse since there is no mistaking the incorrect meaning. At least, if one thinks about it just a teensy bit.

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