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Published: Wednesday, April 25 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tokyo, Japan

@Resolute Voice and to others that agree with him

there is no guarantee...that we would get a top 10 pick if we'd lose...and there is no guarantee that we would get a good player from the draft...here are some players that weren't drafted in the lottery but are good players who made an impact on their respective teams: Manu Ginobili, Monta Ellis, Tony Parker, Stephen Jackson, Rashard Lewis, Andrei Kirilenko, Michael Redd, Gerald Wallace,Paul Millsap, Carlos Boozer, etc...the list goes on and on...proving you guys otherwise...there are a lot of draft busts and a lot of draft gems...its the scouts and brass' work to determine which are gems...and which are busts....so your point of tanking games is moot..it doesnt guarantee a championship...or a future...how many years have other teams been at a bottom before cracking the playoffs?

Tokyo, Japan

@Old Timer

im asking the same question myself...i would really want to see some tape of Ante Tomic...i want to see if he has the same desire to get the rebound like Kanter...i did saw one clip on him on youtube...he has nimble feet for a 7 footer...but it wasnt enough for me to gauge his potential and talent....i hope he can play for us

Orem, UT

Now that we barely got in the playoffs, what do we get from that. First, a likely first-round sweep and we will be out. Next, a loss of a lottery pick. I am sure that Minnesota sent flowers to the Jazz ownership to extend their congratulations for making the playoffs (and giving back their pick for the Jefferson trade). After that, the uncertainty that if Golden State continues to tank, we will lose the Golden State lottery pick. The likelihood of that happening is very high after losing to of all teams, New Orleans. So by giving up two lottery picks, the Jazz will have no picks in the first round. Some may say we have other ways to make a play for the lottery, but at what price? A major trade that could be very costly to the Jazz will be likely if we want a lottery pick. Is that worth it? I have serious doubts that it will be.

Sterling, VA

If ya got a free pony, would you focus only on the manure you'd have to pick up?

Whining about giving up lottery picks now? Really? How about taking a couple happy pills and recognizing that (1) The Jazz just delivered one of the more exciting seasons in years; (2) The Jazz already have most of the pieces--including the rarest of all, playoff-level team chemistry--to make deep playoff runs in the next few years?

Sure, we need to snag young legs and high potential in a point guard as we express gratitude and bid Watson farewell.

Tinsley--half the team--needs to pick up three-point shooting during the off-season.

Kantor needs to get as strong holding, protecting the ball as he is in pumping iron.

But let's try to find a sliver of hot in the blazing sun directly ahead.

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