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Published: Wednesday, April 25 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Resolute Voice
Deseret, UT

The Jazz are in the postseason but at what cost? The Jazz needed a high lottery pick to give them additional options for the future. Now they will be stuck with a marginal player that will contribute very little. While the win is impressive it may have done more damage to the long term viability of this team. In two more years the developed players will move on to bigger markets leaving the Jazz in the same position they were in last season. Yes it was a great win, but do not be surprised if it was actually a loss down the road. A lottery pick would have meant more than meaningless home playoff games and being embarrassed by the Spurs in the first round.

Layton, UT

This young Jazz team reminds me of the Last Detroit Champs. They are a true team and have a great coach. When the Jazz are under pressure it seems like they shine the brightest. Playoffs will be fun to watch for sure.

Tokyo, Japan

I just had to ask...would it be different? if we had CJ Miles and Raja Bell playing?...they will take minutes from Hayward Caroll and Burks

Temecula, CA

Nice team win. I especially enjoyed watching Favors do his thing on the defensive end. Now, for an added bonus, let's hope Golden State can beat San Antonio in Oakland Thursday - San Antonio will probably be resting Duncan, Parker and Ginobili in that one. If that doesn't happen, the fate of Golden State's draft pick will likely be decided with a coin flip.

Hugh G. Hater
Swat Lake City, UT

Burks' quick five points late in the game killed Phoenix's momentum and allowed Big Al to get back to work.

It is a young team and playoff experience should not be traded for picks who have never played in the NBA.

Vernal, UT

To play for a higher draft pick is always wrong. I watched Golden State and Tampa Bay get high draft picks for years and never do anything. You take what you have and do your best. There are lots of mid range draft picks who are super stars and many high picks who never amounted to much. Sloan was great at taking a good player and making them better, that's how to get a good team, not to lose games and hope to draft a ready made star.

Mountain Bird
West Jordan, UT

I think playoff experience for these young players will outweigh the draft pick we lost in terms of benefit to the franchise. For all the good or great players the Jazz has drafted over the years, there has been an equal or greater number of busts.

Lindon, UT

@ Resolute Voice

You're kidding right? There is absolutely no way having this team lose would be better! Now our boys get needed playoff experience and will grow and mature even more! Oh and btw, we can still get Golden State's pick; this draft doesn't look as good as original hyped up to be either.

Saint Louis, MO

I agree with "resolute voice".

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Congratulations Jazz...you've just earned the right to be swept by San Antonio! And in the process, you cost yourself a shot at getting a decent player in the draft. The good news is that, thanks to the fact that he gets extra ticket revenue without paying additional salary to the players, Greg Miller gets to turn a profit this season.

Lehi, UT

Sorry Resolute, I believe you are wrong. The Jazz already have enough young talent, what they lack is relevant experience. This experience comes in the playoffs. The experience they get playing in the playoffs (and for this last push to get in) will be much more beneficial to this team.

But, I guess we won't really know who is right until a while down the road...

GO JAZZ! Let's do some upsetting.


@ Brave Sir Robin:
Typical Ute fan...always bashing something positive. As I've said on previous BYU posts, I've never seen so many Ute fans that celebrate mediocrity. Your post once again proves this point. Lose on purpose for a better draft pick. You have got to be kidding! Go back to cheering for Ute basketball, where every win is not only a miracle....it's a milestone.

orem, utah

Resolute voice, your comment does not makes sense, the jazz out of the playoff would have not guarantee a good pick. The best that could happen, it happened, going to the playoff! this team is full of great talent, even if they are blow out of the water in the playoff, it is going to be a great experience for most of those guys, including the coach, and that is guaranteed. This team is probably only one man away plus experience in being a great team, and that man is hard to get from a lottery pick, I think it may comes from a trade, or even from within. Also, I applaud management and coach Corbin in going for the win, it is what winners do in life, they don't fold "hopping" for lady luck smiling on a loser, only cowards and losers do that. Lady luck smile to those who have the courage to win! How do you explain to a kid? "son, sometimes in life you must quit in order to "hope" that you may have a break in life"

Idaho Falls, ID

I don't understand how drafting another immature player would be better for this team than giving them playoff experience. You can always buy new players, but you cannot buy playoff experience. There are 7 very good players on this team who have never been to the playoffs. If we are serious about our team actually making a championship run someday, we need them to understand how different the playoffs are as opposed to the regular season.

Please name me a team in the history of the NBA that turned into a contender after tanking just to get a draft pick. The closest I can come up with is the Spurs, who drafted Duncan after a season without David Robinson. However they didn't lose any games on purpose, they were just not good without their superstar.

Man in Charge
Washington, DC

Resolute voice

If you want the jazz to tank you are cheering for the wrong team. You need to go cheer for Golden State or the Bobcats. Let them tell you how successful they have been at tanking. Oh but wait a minute, the Jazz will most likely have the Warriors pick anyhow so there is no reason for them to tank is there?

Farmington, UT

Getting to the postseason ruined our chance at getting a decent player in the draft? LOL. How has the "high draft pick" strategy worked for the Warriors? Bobcats? Cavaliers? Kings? Clippers? It takes WAAAY more than one high draft pick to put a postseason-quality team together.

Congratulations to the Utah Jazz on this amazing accomplishment. Playing the Spurs will be an honor--take it to them, and learn from the best. Let's go Jazz!


Pretty sure this article is about the Jazz, not Utah-BYU. With that said, this Jazz (and Ute) fan will be cheering for the Jazz to be successful in the playoffs. Cheering for your team in the playoffs is way more fun then cheering for your team to pick the right ping-pong ball. Let's go Jazz!


Pretty sure I understand that. Just making a comment about something that comes up automatically on these sports boards. If you read the comment you'll understand it was directed at all things negative. That being said, I again got a Ute fan to comment and make them think it's all about them........it isn't. Good luck in the playoffs Jazz, it will be fun to see how these youngsters grow and develop under pressure, even if it's at the peril of a draft pick.

Delta, UT

I ll take the playoff experience over the draft pick any day! Especially with this young team that is full of talent, but short on experience. Dont forget about what it will do for the confidence of guys like Hayward, Favors, and Burks, and even Harris and Jefferson as leaders. oh and bytheway we will get a great pick from Golden State, so all is not lost. It's about winning. the Jazz don't tank, and I would be ashamed if they did, you might be tempted to say that trading D will was tanking, but that was the smartest trade that has happened over the last few years. Look what we got out of it. Devin Harris is starting to make us forget about Williams, and Favors is an absolute beast. How bout we be happy for the Jazz?, its the time of the year where Utah and BYU fans can be friends, so please just calm down people. Be Happy and Bring on the Spurs!

Old Timer
the boonies, mexico

Nothing is lost by winning for sure. More than likely we will get the 8 or 9th pick in this draft and we will have some openings when Miles, Bell, Watson and maybe one more are let go elsewhere. Now can anyone from the D-News or connections to Jazz management tell me about 2 picks from a few years ago and where they are in the Jazz plans if at all? They are Ante Tomic - 7'1" 225# 25 yr old center from Croatia and Tadija Dragievic a 26 year old 6'9" #235 forward from Serbia. What are they doing now and are they in any plans? Someone please respond if you know anything about them. Thank you.

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