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Published: Wednesday, April 25 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Albuquerque, NM

LDS Liberal, Sometimes I am in shock that you are still replying. Common sense seems to be a lost art for you and your only agenda seems to be to cling to your title, "liberal" NOT open minded.

Mchenry, IL

I don't trust the science that has been shared to suggest man is the cause of major changes to the planet.

m.g. scott

Re: alt134

Still the truth is that in the overall history of the Earth it has been either warmer or colder based upon its own doings and not anything Humans have done. The natural processes are still and will go on. Nothing we do will change that.

Logan, UT

Gratitude for a gift is shown by using the gift for its intended purpose and by proper maintenance. God gave us this planet, thus we should both maintain it and use it wisely. Whether there is global warming or not, wasting carbon-based fuel is not showing gratitude. Failing to develop alternatives is foolish.
Why did the government finance NASA in the first place? The pay-off for space exploration was too chancy and long-range for private investment to finance. The pay-off for developing energy alternatives is also chancy and long-range. Even so, there is some private investment. Hoorah for those brave visionaries!

Mcallen, TX

LDS Liberal,

I find more common sense with Rush, Beck, and Hannity than you. Global warming sounds serious, but it doesn't make it true. The earth is cleaner today than a hundred years ago. Do your homework!

It's amazing how these people proclaiming global warming, are big time fossil fuel burners. I don't see them living in a cave.

Mcallen, TX

Volcanoes, and natural occurring forest fires have been polluting the air for thousands of years.

Al Gore got a "D" for science in high school and failed it in college. Not a good source for forming an opinion. Man has done much to clean up the planet.

Fred Bastiat
Kaysville, UT

The problem comes from a lack of trust of scientists. Frankly Scientists aren't helping much. They often portray humanity as the enemy of the planet. Go and watch Bill Nye's "Eye of Nye" show on Population. He actually praises China's one child policy and makes it sound like having less human beings on the planet is a good thing. That viewpoint is not a small one within academic circles. Many of the supposed solutions to Climate Change would be economic suicide and would cause a large amount of human suffering. Until scientists start thinking more compassionately they won't receive more support from skeptics.

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