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Published: Tuesday, April 24 2012 1:25 a.m. MDT

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no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

According to yesterday's news articles(others than DN), Ron Paul has been declared the winner of the primaries in several states that have earlier thought to be won by Mitt Romney. The delayed final counts are finally in. Apparently, Dr. Paul is closing in on the delegate count. Possibly the DN will be covering this new information, as well.

Bountiful, UT

@no fit in SG, the current delegate spread (before any adjustments) between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney is 599 delegates. That is a lot of delegates (300) that would have to switch the other way to validate your point.

It is not going to happen, and no, the DNews likely will not cover that aspect because it is not newsworthy yet, if ever. There will be some delegate adjustments as other states conduct their Conventions, but not on that large of a scale.

Somewhere in Time, UT

The only primaries Ron Paul has won are on Twitter!

Dayton, NV

Mr. Romney, the probable GOP presidential nominee, might hit a home run with Brian Sandoval, a former federal judge who was elected Nevada's first-ever Hispanic governor two years ago. Gov. Sandoval has also been a former attorney general, served in the Assembly and been chairman of the Gaming Commission. The Silver State is a bellwether state.

Farmington, UT

@ dartstock1

Hopefully Nevada will get a bettter choice in the future than the lady they ran against Harry Reid. You might be impressed with the folks in the Silver State, but as of yet, I'm not.

@ no fit

We all know you want Obama. Why not just state that and then let go?

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