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Published: Monday, April 23 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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highland, utah

Wow how sad have the Cougars fallen!!Stealing 0 star missionary from Hawaii!!How did the Josh Sharp thing work out?? I could fall of the couch and average more points and rebounds next to him!!

will work for food
Kearns, Utah

Sounds to me like Chow is still chewing on those sour grapes he got when he was passed over as BYU's head coach years ago.

Highland, UT

I just really enjoy the fact that so many athletes are willing to give up full ride scholarships at other universities to walk on at BYU. It just goes to show how deeply the feelings run for BYU in these athletes. It is wonderful to know there are many, many kids who dream of being a BYU athlete, and are willing to pay their own way there, and give up a free education elsewhere, to do it.

There might not be another school in the entire country that has that enjoys that level of feeling from kids that want to be a part of it. Certainly no other school in the state has that level of commitment from so many kids.

Bountiful, UT

Chow needs to get over himself.

Morgan, UT

Wow...old wounds which appear have never healed...

highland, utah

You are spot on Duckhunter!!! BYU recruiting base is made up of kids dreaming of playing for BYU. Why would they want to play in a BCS conference when they can play for the WAC championship every year??

Farmington, UT

Many years ago some people said it was a "liability" to have returned missionaries on the BYU squad. A very experienced high school football referee told me about 1970 that BYU would never win a conference championship, let alone a national title, becuase they didn't have enough black players and because the RM's were too gentle and proper to play a game like football. (The Heisman Trophy wasn't even on the radar back rthen.) I told him he was wrong and that the maturity of married players on the team would balance out the "talented youngsters" that were into partying, girls, booze, skipping class, etc that manty schools have to absorb to get the "gifted athlete" into their program. These many years later you can see which of us was right and which point of view has changed 180 degrees after BYU rose to the top. Now they say we have an "unfair advantage." well, they can recruit RM's just like BYU does, can't they? Sour grapes, Chow!

Arlington, VA


"Why would they want to play in a BCS conference..."

Why indeed?

Difficult as it may seem to finite minds, playing in a "BcS" conference is not the end all, be all, of college football success.

Comparing a johnny-come-lately program that's never won a single national award, to a program that's won a National Championship, a Heisman Trophy, 15 National Player Awards, and been a perennial Top 25 team for four decades is something only a delusional Utah fan would try to do.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah

Go Utes!

"I have always had a suspicion that BYU took advantage of kids on missions."


You're just jealous that kids on missions sometimes change their minds and decide to attend BYU, rather than Utah.

The haters love to spread their propaganda that BYU is actively recruiting/pressuring missionaries, but as with Wadsworth, it's always the missionary or the missionary's family that contacts BYU first. Even in Riley's case, BYU didn't contact Riley until AFTER he'd given permission, through his family, that he wanted BYU to contact him.

Ogden, UT

Chow's memory seems to be taking leave of him.

Mine hasn't; I remember what he used to say as Assistant Head Coach.

Oh, well, you have to make a living somehow, even if it's to eat your words.

Ol' Norm seems quick to forget --- both BYU and the UofU.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

Red Herring

"Why would they want to play in a BCS conference when they can play for the WAC championship every year??"

You're just bitter that the Utes only managed TWO WAC championships in their 37 years in the WAC.

Enjoy your 8th-place finishes in the "conference of chumpions".

BYU fans will just have to be content with being a perennial Top 25 team.

Top 25 Finishes during the Bronco/Kyle era
Utah 3

Top 15 Finishes during the Bronco/Kyle era
Utah 1

Syracuse, UT

Jake Murphy chose to go to Utah.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Obvious question: Why isn't it called the "Ben Olsen Rule"? Seriously, Ben's transfer to UCLA was a MUCH bigger deal than Nelson choosing to leave USU, and yet the NCAA responded with...nothing. "Tough luck, Cougars, but our hands are tied."

Cougar in Texas
Houston, TX

Duckhunted: how sad have the Cougars fallen!! Stealing 0 star missionary from Hawaii!!How did the Josh Sharp thing work out??

Me: Actually, BYU doesn't even know about him (per his father in the Trib article - I recommend you read it). The kid just wants to go to BYU even if he walks on. Doesn't cost BYU anything.

And running basketball smack against BYU? I shouldn't need to explain how a Ute fan doing such a thing is quite comical. And transferring from Utah BBall these days is not news. Seems everyone is doing it.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Jake Murphy chose to go to Utah."

Only because he came home from his mission early and BYU didn't have a scholarship available for him.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


"How did the Josh Sharp thing work out?? I could fall of the couch and average more points and rebounds next to him!!"

I can believe the falling off the couch part, but as far as averaging more points and rebounds, not a chance!

As a seldom-used Freshman, Josh averaged 1.2 points, 1.4 rebounds, and .4 assists per game in 7 minutes played. For a 40-min game, that works out to about 8 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 assists per game.

Even at 1.2 ppg, Josh would have been 10th in scoring if he'd played for the Utes this season, but unlike most of Utah's players, Josh didn't abandon the team as soon as the season was over.

Woods Cross, UT

Chow has very, very little class. His retirement will be permanent in 24 months. He is nothing without a head coach to hold his hand.


Athletes are not the only people who decide to switch to BYU following their missions. Being a missionary, for whatever reason, gives some the desire to go to BYU. I know plenty of missionaries (not athletes) that started at one school only to transfer to BYU post mission and they weren’t recruited. Just comes with the territory.

Heber City, UT

Go Utes. The only advantage BYU has on kids who go on missions is the kids gets into a spiritual environment on a mission and decides he has a better chance at a similar environment at BYU. There is no proof whatsoever, that BYU contacts missionaries and encourages them to abandon their other school and come to BYU. That is a desired dream on your part. You want it so badly to be true that you have come to believe it.

Norm Chow sure didn't worry about that at BYU. His anger towards BYU for not making him head coach is now showing. They apparently saw something in Norm Chow that was comforting to them and decided not to make him head coach.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Yep, Chow is impressive. Let's see--this is a kid most schools did not want, and he's just coming off a mission, so he likely won't be ready to make significant contributions this year regardless. And Chow wants to make sure BYU won't get him? Ooooh, that evil BYU, that will benefit from the highly-sought talents of this kid!

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