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Conservatives say the media has a Mormon problem instead

Published: Monday, April 23 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

I think the Prop 8 issue still impacts some liberals' view of Mormons (since 50% of the money backing the proposition came from members of the LDS church).

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

If Democrats have issues with Mormonism, they ought to take them to Harry Reid before they take them to Mitt Romney.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Do Democrats have a Mormon problem? - article


Uh, no I don't.
I do have a few problems with my fellow Mormons.

Mostly those who put Party Politics ahead of their Mormonism.

non believer

Obama's religious status is still part of the conversation with conservatives! So why does Romney and Mormonism deserve any special hands off treatment? I have already seen and heard several comments that Obama hates Christian's! When he is a Christian and so is Romney! If you are running for President of the United States, all is fair game!

West Jordan, Utah

Yes some Democrats have a Mormon problem and some of it is understandable.

Look people; all Mormons aren't bad, all Republicans aren't bad, all Democrats aren't bad, and all Muslims aren't bad ect...

No religion, corporation, government, or group of any kind taps the market of perfection. They are all imperfect human organizations of one kind or another. Skip the Wiki definition and the vernacular, and just see people as a constant roller coaster of influx.

Richland, WA

Barack Hussein Obama is too vulnerable himself on issues of "weirdness", religion and polygamy, for him to tolerate making it an issue in the campaign. Look at the whole "dog" thing! People who never had a large dog are clueless about how much dogs love to catch the air stream in a moving vehicle. But Obama wrote in his biography that his stepfather in Indonesia fed him dog meat and promised to get him some tiger meat--so he would have been eating an endangered species!

Obama's Muslim father and Muslim stepfather, and attending elementary school for several years in Indonesia, certainly raises questions about the religious tenor of his upbringing. Even apart from Jeremiah Wright, Obama does not want to make discussion of his own relgious heritage a topic of conversation.

Obama especially does not want to have people comparing the polygamy of his own father, BHO Sr, against the polygamy a century ago of Romney's great grandfather.

Obama cannot afford to look like a bigot by not condemning attacks on Mormons.

Syracuse, UT

@LDS Liberal,

How about Democrats who put Party Politics WITH Anti-Mormon antics?

American Fork, UT

Mormons have a thin skin problem.

Clark Griswold
Cedar City, UT

Many of my tribe are fundamentalist Christian, and to them, "Mormon" might as well be "Satanist." I know that's not the truth about Mormons, but it's a real perception, that's really out there, and mostly found within the core base of the Republican Party. The main thing working in Romney's favor here is that many of those people, like many Mormons, would vote for a bag of rocks if it had an (R) after its name. And many of them are still convinced Obama is a Muslim, who are even more terrifying than Mormons.

Far East USA, SC

"18 percent of Republicans saying they would not be willing to vote for a Mormon as opposed to 27 percent of Democrats."

I keep seeing this stat over and over.

So, does it say that Dems are more anti-Mormon than the GOP?

I doubt it.

The LDS in general, are extremely religious people. Religion is central to many (most?) faithful LDS. I believe more so then those of other faiths.

I believe that Dems in general are less likely to vote for those that they believe to be deeply religious regardless of the religion.

But, I could be wrong.

2nd point.

I sincerely doubt that the Obama campaign, ie those working for the campaign will touch the Mormon thing. Others will, just like some on the right did during the GOP primary.

But, do not confuse ever left leaning journalist or pundit as part of the campaign.

There are those on the left and those on the right that say crazy things. That does not make them representative of either group, and it does not elevate them to candidate or party spokesperson.

Salt Lake City, UT

More evidence of the looney left fight against Mormonism ......choose you this day whom you will serve.....god or satan? Nice job Mormon Libs......voting forobama is like voting for 1960 USSR,


Great points. I've noticed the liberal media's focus on the fringe or periphery of LDS beliefs, to make them seem extra strange or uncomfortable. They're certainly not going to write anything that would be unifying or reassuring in general election season! Breitbart has up a similar article to this.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wo is me..another Mormon story and how they are so persecuted. I swear..Mormon's oddly seem to WANT to be persecuted. They love wallowing in it...it is so strange. My prediction is that Obama will not TOUCH Romney's religeon. It wouldn't be good for them. And Democrats have a much more "live and let live" view than Republicans do.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think a lot of it is that democrats score better when asked about willingness to be voting for catholics jews women blacks hispanics gays muslims and atheists. Republicans score better with mormons and old people. Notice how each party is more willing to vote for demographics that tend to lean their way. 4 years ago Democrats were more wiling to vote for mormons though, I have to think Prop 8 is responsible for flipping it.

Holladay, UT

Romney's Mormonism should be irrelevant.

Besides, he has plenty of flaws otherwise to be usurped by the counter party. Far, far, far too many flaws.

Its already too easy.

O-town, UT

I think many people missed the point that LDS liberal was trying to make. The ideology that in order to be a good Mormon you have to be Republican is some folklore that is still passed around today, not by any official leadership, but by the overzealous members who try and steady the arc when the Lord's annointed leaders falter. I am liberal and LDS, but I would not try and sanctify my views and say people are less for thinking otherwise.

Democrats do not bring up religion. They prefer the clear separation between Church and State. When candidates feel like they have to advertise their holiness, it tends to scare most people off, but many of the GOP tries to inject this to look more holy (like the Pharisees): Perry having a religion rally, Huckabee being well Huckabee, W. saying he was picked by God, etc.

There will be a few oddballs like O'Donnell and Maher who seemingly have an axe to grind with the LDS religion that try and inject it into the debate, but it will not be picked up and advanced or discussed at all. Let it go D-News!


What I know is what Mitt and Ann Romney have done. They are the very antithesis of the media's aloof creation. Aside from their great generosity in alsmgiving, they have given of themselves, always. They care! They relate to you and me. They are as real as real gets, and those who have been touched by a personal experience can attest to who they truly are. Many individuals and families have experienced their empathy and caring love through anonymous acts of kindness. Further, their private lives are more like yours and mine than you might imagine. They do for themselves and their family what you and I do for ours; they do not live the life that many might expect.

For the Right Reason - Committed!

Mitt and Ann Romney's commitment to this country is heartfelt and self-evident in a sacrifice most of us would be unwilling to make, given their station in life. Amid their comfort, they and their family have chosen the greater good and set aside personal interest and greater ease to serve. They live above the fray.

Iowa City, IA

"Others were quick to point out that Romney's great-grandfather was the last in his family to practice polygamy, while President Barack Obama's father was a polygamist."

Facts. They can be so bothersome during the election.

Florissant, MO

I do not care where Obama or Romney came from, I believe that they are both very thoughtful and caring people. However, I do not feel that Obama can run a country and deal with world issues and the economy. I think that he will make a great public speaker and can make more money at that, and Romney can fix the mess that Obama magnified when he inherited some of Bush's final dumb things that he did.

Bear Lake, ID

Almost anything media writers pen is to bring attention to themselves and promote bogus issues that sell newspapers, attract viewers or gain additional "visits" or "likes".

Americans have got to be brain dead to not vote for Mitt Romney! Another 4 years of this current president will destroy the nation and bankrupt the country.

For the sake of patriotism, vote Romney 2012!! (And hopefully add Rubio to the ticket!)

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