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Published: Sunday, April 22 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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South Weber, UT

I don't believe you any more than when you ran and hid after the 54-10 chastisement last year.. and you were in Tulsa ?
Where will you be on the 15th of September this year ?

Provo, UT

And what place did BYU earn in their conference this year? Oh wait... They don't belong to one... Talk smack when your football team wins 54-10... Until then, you got nothin'. It's like trying to shoot someone without a gun... On second thought, the smack is always good for a little sympathy giggle, so keep it coming if you must!

Eric Weddle is my favorite Ute of all time!

Highland, UT


Let's see.

Football - 10-3 ranked in top 25
Mens Basketball - 12-4 3rd NCAA tourney
Womens Basketball - 12 - 4 2nd NCAA tourney
Baseball - currently 6-3 2nd
Softball - currently 9-4 3rd
Womens Volleyball - 9-4 3rd
Mens Volleyball - 17-5 2nd ranked 3rd nationally
Mens Golf - 3rd
Womens Golf - 6th
Mens Tennis - 4-3 4th
Womens Tennis - 3-5 7th
Womens Soccer - currently 5-2-1 4th
X Country - 1st

Let's see, BYU is basicly in the top half of its conference in almost every sport. Utah is in the bottom half, and generally the bottom 1/4, of its conference in every sport but 1.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Ducky your high school league doesn't count...

PS Nice of you to drop in as usual

Mt Laurel, NJ

Thanks Duckhunter.



Shame on you-to compare you make yourself look like one of those fans like bluto, y grad/y dad, cougarfanintexas and so on. Take baseball and softball look at the top 25 in both then you will see what the Utes are having to deal with. Same as Tennis, Volleyball, Track & Field, going to the PAC-12 is a much bigger jump than playing in the WCC. Don't even talk about football.

And thanks for taking this article about Utah and letting us all know what is going on up here. You cougars have nothing to look forward too and have absolutley nothing to talk about. BYU athletics is having a good year but the competition in the WCC is a lot different than the PAC-12. You are still part of nothing, BYU

Washington, DC

UU alums should donate to the schools athletics programs. State taxpayers should not be subsidizing the UU athletic program, which they have currently been doing at a rate of $5 million a year. Instead, the Utes should be paying the state back for it's investment. The state should institute a "Pac-12 tax" and put a good portion of that money in the state general education fund to pay for teachers.

Las Vegas, NV

Eric is a class act - an example of what Utah sends to the next level.

Ducky's "contracts" are the same as his football "theories" - figments of his imagination.

It is GREAT to be a Ute!!! The evidence is all the blue kittens posting on our stories!!

Las Vegas, NV

It is hilarious to see the kittens talk about 10-3 for 2011 when their two biggest opponents in November were "bye"! LOL.

54-10 is more indicative of that team!

Great to be a Ute!!

Las Vegas, NV

Top 10 signs your program is going "down hill":

Honorable mentions:


10- The best keepsake you have is a closet full of t-shirts with unfulfilled catch phrases
9- Robert Anae is the only coach you have that anyone nationally cares about - woops, he was let go by Bronco
8- Your sole 2008 4 star recruit now plays for Utah (ouch!)
7- Your highest profile recruit in a decade is now redshirting for Charlie Weiss!
6- Your HUGE scheduling news: home and home with .... East Carolina??
5- 10-3 record with a strength of schedule hovering at 100
4- Dwindling players in the NFL - no Pro Bowler since ..... when?? (3 Utes this year!)
3- November schedule, or lack thereof (as many “byes” as games)
2- BADLY losing in state recruiting to bitterest of rivals
1- ESPN thinks your coach's name is Roscoe!!

Great to be a Ute!!



We're impressed with your knowledge of Utah athletics in this first inaugural year into the PAC 12. We can see that you are hanging by every accomplishment that the Utes have made. Relax and know that, with each year of recruiting, our programs will continue to improve and compete in this very competitive new BCS conference for us. (Remember, this is no MWC where by just showing up, you're guaranteed a win half the time.) The PAC 12 has more overall NCAA championships than any other conference in America.

In the meantime, support your team and their quest for relevance. They are the ones who could really use your support. It's not going to be an easy road for them, or for "fans" like you.

"LOL" to you.

Highland, UT


Well we'll believe it when we see it. As for now utah's overall athletic program is extremely bad although that is not a new development. If they could "just show up and win half the time" in the mwc then how come they didn't?

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