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Published: Saturday, April 21 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Proud Ute

So..... in summary, we have a troll who admits he wasn't even at the game pontificate on the quality of the QB play at a game he did not see and then proceed to make "logical" deductions based on a opinion that Schultz "threw the best passes of the day" and pronounce him "the best looking of the bunch".
Nothing like skipping over spring camp and the story on your way to the grand misconslusion.

But.... just for fun, does that mean if Schultz is the QB that delivers the beatdown this year you're going to stick around for the aftermath? After all you called it here first! LOL

Holladay, UT

Duckhunter said,

"But I've seen enough of wynn and hays to know neither of them is particularly good."

He is also thought Jake Heaps was the next Heisman trophy winner so he obviously knows what he is talking about.

Highland, UT

Lotsa big talk from utah "fans" about this coming season.


Salt Lake City, UT


What is your take on this year's rivalry game at RES? I'd like to know how you think it may turn out and why.

Salt Lake City, UT

You can't use Utah's spring game as a predictor of the game with BYU in the fall. As you know, Utah's effort is a non-factor in the outcome. Traditionally, BYU either "gives away" the game, or biased referees hand victory to the Utes.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Funny how Ducky trolls on Utah articles and makes it all about him.

He doesn't have ANY opinion on the next Utah-BYU game. Like last year, he'll be hiding in "Tulsa" again for a couple of weeks in September. And we won't have to see his drivel much longer, assuming he mans up and quits posting--as he promised last June--when the Pac-12 Network is up and rolling.

Bye, Ducky.



Howard the Duck!

Highland, UT

I love how worked up I make utah "fans". LOL!


I won't be making a prediction on the game, I seldom do make them, there is just no way to know. But I will point out the utah "fans" are the ones making the big predictions. We'll find out in a few months if they are correct. If they aren't it should be fun for me.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I love how BYU "fans" like Ducky troll Utah articles.

hey Ducky,

54-10 buddy.

Highland, UT


No you don't "love it". You hate it. That is why I "love it".


Holladay, UT

@ The Quack Master

54-10 that is how good Wynn is.

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