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Published: Wednesday, April 18 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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St. George, UT

Oh no! Now how is Delonte gonna pay for his neck implant?

Sandy, UT

The fine should go to Hayward, not the NBA. Hayward showed great restraint, because I think most people would have decked West and shown him some immediate feedback. These guys get away with too much hijinks and foolishness out there, which shows a certain amount of arrogance and removal from reality.

Kevin Bergstrom
Cottonwood Heights, UT

They should also fine the referee who just stood there and watched it and then the 3 of them that reviewed video of it and didn't see a problem. Like Tony Soprano said, "I don't even let people point their finger at me." He was talking about a medical exam but the same thing applies.

Draper, UT

Jay Tee and Kevin are SO right here! Hayward is such a classy, talented professional that he (even at a young age) knows what the real score is. Jazz win! And watching Hayward respond truly makes you proud he's a Jazz player! If one of our guys did that, I'd be embarrassed to cheer for them. Please Gordon, stay here your whole career and may you have a long, healthy and prosperous time with the Jazz!!!

Sandy, UT

That's it, $25K and nothing else? Should of suspend him several games.


That was about the most bizarre, childish thing I've seen a "professional" ball player do. I was greatly impressed with Gordon Hayward being able to control his response. West should have been kicked out of the game, and given a stiffer penalty. What a stupid excuse from West, "he had lint in his hair" -- couldn't he come up with anything better than that?!

Peter Coyotl
West Jordan, UT

The finger in the war was one of the strangest things I have seen in a NBA game. What next from Delonte? A wedgie?

Sandy, UT

@Peter Coyotl

I like to see him do a wedgie to a ref and see if the ref review that part. refs were clueless!

Orem, UT

I would have given him an earful.

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