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Published: Wednesday, April 18 2012 8:00 a.m. MDT

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It shows numbers in their best light. I doubt it shows the number of in actives or those who are members but haven't shown up to church for months or years.

Let's see the real financial numbers! What are you pulling in and how much are you dishing out to help people? That's what matters!

Larry Lawton
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

@ L Valfre:
As I understand our gospel, I am accountable to God for my tithe, church leaders are accountable to God for how the tithing is spent. Thus, "What are you pulling in and how much are you dishing out" is NOT what matters. I can lose enough sleep over my own shortcomings!

Champaign, IL

I love the large format, but not the extra large price for a volume that doesn't change much from year to year. When the price went up I change to purchasing the Almanac every other year.

@L Valfre
You know there is no way to determine the answers to your first item.
As for the second, I like Lawton's answer better than your question. I, too, trust our leaders, it is too bad that you don't.

Westland, MI

The DN annual Church Almanac could be vastly improved by going to an all color format.

Westland, MI

Also, why not start putting it completely online for free?
A little more humanitarian information & pages (700)?
Less paper to use.
Saves trees, manhours of labor, and dollars.


Growth and momentum?

Then why did Elder Jensen recently say there has not been such an apostasy since Kirtland? Why are the brethren aghast over the number of people abandoning the church?

Bill in Nebraska
Maryville, MO

Tornogal: When and where did Elder Jensen mention this since he has spoken in General Conference for over two years?

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