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Published: Sunday, April 15 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Danbury, CT

I welcome the opportunity of having more interest in who we really are and what we really believe. Amazingly in this "information age" there is so much misinformation about the church. As members, we should use this moment to tell our non LDS friends what and why we really believe, in a way that is thoughtful, kind and respectful of others' beliefs (or non beliefs). Most of all, we just need to be decent, caring people and "walk the talk".

Let's stop focusing on the wacko fringe on both sides. I'm tired of the D-News constant daily stories on who-said-something-that offends-us. We need to be a little more thick skinned and classy in the way we handle misperceptions. Maybe the News can reprint quotes from Pres. Hinckley and Elder Ballard on how to handle things with our non LDS neighbors. Be active on Belief-oriented blogs in a positive way. Let's just be ourselves and not worry so much about what others think of us.

Las Vegas, NV

It will be fun to watch how this thing unfold ...a wild ride indeed for mormons, and a lot of fun too.

Kamas, UT

We sometimes forget just how divisive religion has always been since the beginning of the Republic. Adams accused Jefferson of being the Anti-Christ, and asserted he would burn every Bible in America if elected. Jefferson accused Adams of being a serial adulterer, and said he would destroy the morality of Americans.

Of course, neither said to each other's face - it was all done through surrogates. Sound familiar?

David King
Layton, UT

This article points to what many of us have been saying, that the support of Mitt Romney among Mormons has as much to do with his religion as his policy positions. We're fascinated by the prospects of a Mormon in the White House, or a "Mormon moment" or whatever you want to call it. I understand it. It's natural for minority groups to seek understanding and greater acceptance through promotion and recognition of their best-known members. But who would look me in the eyes, and tell me with a straight face, that if Mitt Romney were not Mormon, he would still be receiving 90%+ of the vote here in our state? What do the majority of LDS believe about the bank bailout, the stimulus package, individual mandates for health insurance, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, or adherence to the Constitution when it comes to other civil liberties or issues like Presidential war-making? If we support Mitt Romney and agree with his stand on all these issues, then we really should vote for President Obama, because they agree on all of them, and at least the President has been consistent in those positions.

Wally West

@ eastcoastcoug

I agree with that there could be less of "stories on who-said-something-that offends-us." as well as the Pro-Mitt fluff masquerading as news/

However, I don't think it will happen. Why? Sensationalism sells & in 21st century America its all about the bottom line.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Before you hit back with anti-Obama comments...
Are LDS people at all concerned with the comments and criticism that Mitt Romney is making about every single solitary issue? NRA comments are the most recent lies from Romney.
Romney's criticisms are, many times, untrue statements about President Obama's policies in different areas.
We know our President has had difficulties. US Presidency is not an easy job. Obviously, government problems abound.
But, the lying and blatancy of untruths coming out of a person such as Romney, who is touted to be above such behavior because of his religious back round, is becoming more and more apparent each day.
There is no question that the LDS Church will be spotlighted, but it is not going to be in the way Mormons had hoped for.

Cardston, Alberta

Holy cow! After all Pres. Obama has done to destroy America financially, folks still continue to support this failed direction. Rampant socialism drives America at warp speed to be another Greece.

Salt Lake City, UT

"After all Pres. Obama has done to destroy America financially"

Well yeah, we've gained jobs over 24 straight months. As for the deficit? It'd be lower if it weren't for the wars (and doubling of defense spending the past decade), the bush tax cuts, the unfunded entitlement expansion (the prescription drug expansion of medicare passed under bush). and the recession itself. The bailouts were loans that were paid back, The stimulus is only 700 billion of the 4 trillion in deficits, and obamacare, as people note frequently, hasn't had the spending part go into effect. So what was the other 3 trillion in deficit under Obama from? Mostly bush-era policies and the recessions' depressing impact on revenue. What does Romney want? More defense spending and more tax cuts, both increase the deficit. He's not outlined a serious deficit reduction plan so if that's your reason to support him... prepare to be disappointed.

Provo, UT

@David King-

Not sure I completely agree with you. While most assuredly his support wouldn't be as strong were he not Mormon, Utah (and most LDS) are so overwhelmingly republican, they would probably vote for him in just as large of numbers, simply because he is the republican front runner. But who knows for sure.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

As a non-member, I would appreciate it if the LDS Church would simply come out and openly address the key issues that seem to be causing all of the concern and misunderstanding. It has been my experience that bringing to light issues leads to quick resolution and better understanding. It is better for the LDS Church to define who they are rather than let it be done through the media. The recent PR campaign of the Church has let members tell their story but that does not answer alot of the doctrinal questions or explain the issues that people have problems understanding. Is anyone else with me on this suggestion? I would also like to know why the Church leadership does not take this opportunity to address these things out in the open and put this to rest.

Hank Pym

per t702

Should the least little thing go wrong, the persecution card will be played like it NEVER has been before.

Hank Pym

per The Deuce

"I would also like to know why the Church leadership does not take this opportunity to address these things out in the open and put this to rest."

If they did not w/ the whole Glenn Beck/Social Justice controversy why would they now?

Brother Chuck Schroeder
A Tropical Paradise USA, FL

Like it or not Utah, Romney's religion is a big a factor in this election cycle as it was in 2008, even though it was a constant topic of discussion among pundits and voters. There's a sucker born every minute is a phrase often credited to P. T. Barnum an American showman, (1 year, 525 600 minutes or suckers.) The Koch Brother's think we are the ultimate disposable society that can't think on our own, just lead by your "puppet-master" Congress, these Koch Brother's that invented Libertarianism along with RINO/GOP bureaucrats and politicians in Washington DC reminds me of "Elite Showdogs" that is an invitation-only e-mail list of long-time breeders, K Street and Wall Street exhibitors and judges that are judicial activist's. These politicians in Washington DC wear a GPS collar attachment to be found faster, so these K Street and Wall Street exhibitors can walk them around using a chain in circles until their dizzy enough to cave into them and give them what they want.

Obama will eat Romney alive in their 3 debates.

Deseret News needs to stop the steady diet of Romney.

Wally West

re: Rikitikitavi 9:40 a.m. April 15, 2012

"Rampant socialism drives America at warp speed to be another Greece."

Interesting comment coming from someone in a country w/ socialized medicine.


It may be a strong possibility but I think MR Romney has still not even got half of the delegates he will need to make his nomination certain.

Why not stick to reporting the news and not making any assumptions. People want a two man race and they want it now? Sorry, it's not over til it's over; this has been an unusual race with odd happenings occurring and strange vote counting by the various GOP leaderships especially in Nevada and Maine, and some mighty strange reporting by the media.

Winners declared with only 3% of the vote in was one thing that has annoyed me during this strange and disturbing contest. Anyone remember the events in Iowa; Santorum giving a premature "vitory speech", Romney tentatively conceding defeat. Then Romney was declared the winner after all the votes were said to be in, and then Santorum was the winner again.

Anyone remember Clark County, Nevada; they stopped announcing results with half of the votes uncounted, then two or three days later the GOP announced a winner by declaration? What about Maine when several precincts were not included in the tally? Still puzzled what happened in that one.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

David King

Religion certainly brings Mitt Romney more support among some members of the Church and less among some non-members.

I lived in a very Catholic community when JFK was in the White House. I think his support was deeper because of his religion. Bush II was heavily supported by evangelicals. Barak Obama got more black support than another Democratic nominee would have. We all tend to like someone who we think better reflects us.

There is nothing new under the sun . . .

No Fit in SG

I think much of what you bring up is just what (unfortunately) passes for standard in modern political discourse.

Let's be realistic. In the coming months, everything Mitt has said or done will be bad according to the Obama camp. From the Romney side, nothing Obama has ever said or done will have been even remotely correct.

And you are right about the presidency. It must be a phenomenally hard job. Anyone who does it deserves a significant amount of slack. But that is not the nature of our politics . . .

Salt Lake City, UT

He got 90% of the Utah primary vote in 2008 when he didn't even win the nomination. In the general it might not make much of a difference (consider that Obama only did slightly better in the black vote than Kerry in the general) other than enhanced turnout (like Obama had with blacks) but in the primary... there's a strong LDS skew towards him, (he got 85% of the LDS vote in Nevada).

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

I'm shocked, shocked, that my fellow Utahns would vote on the basis of religion...

West Valley City, Utah

The biggest perpetuators of Mormon myths that I have seen are those who have lived in Utah all their lives, So called "Jack Mormons" as well as non-Mormons. No problem. However, I hear the most ridiculous things. And so many things taken out of context so as to result in complete disinformation. So many adamantly cling to traditions of what they think Mormons believe. Too many get their Mormon 101 lessons from South Park and The Mormon Musical. Honest differences in interpretation and doctrine is fine but deliberate deception about any other group is unchristian. and unbiblical. Fortunately, I have seen more and more Christian churches whose pastors, while still clarifying differences, practice a more pure Christianity and have risen above this type of behavior. Joel Osteen is one good example.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

It's going to be a lot of smoke and mirrors, sound and fury, fire and ice. And when all is said and done, Obama will be reelected.

But, if Mormons and the Mormon Church respond to this unwanted attention with dignity and truth, religious bigotry and intolerance will be marginalized. And that becomes the lasting and most valuable political legacy of candidate Mitt Romney.

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