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Published: Friday, April 13 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

Thanks for the story. The church says for someone to come back into activity; they need three things. The first one was a friend. I sometimes go to church wondering what they can do for me, but it's definitely a two way street. Thanks for sharing.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

I loved this update! My father has always been active in the church, but my testimony of home teaching was also fostered when I went home teaching with an older gentleman (not my dad) who taught me the importance of consistently serving & ministering to others. As you so lovingly provided thanks to Bro. Marty Klein, I owe a lot to my home teaching companion-Bro.Bernarr Humpherys. Vai, you bring joy to so many because of your big heart. Who else whould have gone to such great extremes to "reconnect" with an influential person in your life as a youth. Good stuff!

One Angry Salebarn Worker
Madison, SD

Love your stuff Via!

Maricopa, AZ

I know Vai has got to be swamped with requests to speak and visit somewhere every week.
I'm amazed at how much he must get done on a given week or month.
Makes me feel lazy....and I'm not!

Parkesburg, PA

Hopefully the Mets lost the game.

Seriously, great story wonderfully told.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Vai -

Thank you for sharing another one of your great experiences. I read your blog often, but this one touched a very tender part of my soul. I too feel such profound gratitude for all those that have inspired and changed the course of my life through their examples and sacrifices. Those moments have changed so many things for the better. I'm truly grateful for your good example and for the way you strive to use your minutes of each day. Keep holding up the light the way that you do!

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Thanks for the story. Vai you are at your best when you leave the rivalry out of your stories. Please keep the great stories coming!

My first home teaching companion just passed away. I was a 14 year old young man assigned to go with one of the brothers in the ward. It is amazing what I remember from those visits. Without realizing it, the older companions are teaching so many lessons to the teenagers. The teenagers are like sponges. They might not say a lot but they soak it all in.

Thanks again!

South Jordan, UT

Thanks Vai, I anxiously await your blog and am never disappointed. Brought to mind my assignment as a young man with my home teaching companion in the old Boise 4th ward 59 years ago. Wayne Peterson, who owned a local auto dealership. I was a young man whose father wasn't active and your story reminded me of all the men in the ward who helped me stay involved in the church.

Houston, TX

I always enjoy your column, and I, too, have had many positive home teaching experiences. I would like to suggest, though, that you or your editor should know better than "to take he and Mary out to dinner." I'm sure you wouldn't say "take he out to dinner"; you'd more likely say "take him out to dinner," right?

Salt Lake City, UT


You are the best. I love to hear you tell a story. You are a great example to all of us.

Keep it coming!

Las Vegas, NV

Terrific stuff Vai...thanks for sharing


Orem Parent: "... Vai you are at your best when you leave the rivalry out of your stories. "

You only want good news, feel-good, warm & fuzzy stories. Frankly, what makes Vai enormous popular is that he does from time to time tell us EXACTLY how he feels on some issues - even unpopular ones. Why must you insist on painting Vai into a corner and limit him to only the subjects that suit you?

Aztexas: We get it. Vai made an error and his editor missed it. You're invited to a gourmet meal but all you see is the lint in the linen napkins.

The rest of the posters saw this for what it is - a glimpse into an extraordinary experience Vai allowed us to witness.

CaroLee Bell Arscott

Aloha- Beautiful story....Thank you for sharing....This touched my heart. I grew up without the Priesthood in my home and there were many faithful that influenced my life too. Before I turned 50,I wanted to thank 50 people that made a differnce in my life.... I had MANY more than that number that I thanked....I have a testimony that our Heavenly Father knows each of us individually and places people in our paths to help us obtain that which He knows we can. AND your story shared was one of what a blessing it is to show our gratitude too....Mahalo for all you do.

BYU blue through and through

Vai, thank you for sharing such an incredible experience. What a great reminder that sometimes it's the little acts of kindness - like reaching out to an old friend - that have the biggest impact. I really enjoy reading your blog for your perspectives on sports as well as more personal things like this. I'm getting ready for a nephew's baptism as I write this and your article helped me feel a little closer to the Spirit than I was a few short minutes ago. Thanks again.

hamilton, ontario, 00

What a heartwarming story. I used to have, MSNBC as my homepage, but just recently changed it to the Deseret News. Now I start my day with uplifting stories, news etc. We never know what kind of an impact that we make upon others. This story illustrates, for us, the importance of being kind and open with each other. The church, helps us to do so, step by step. Thank you, Deseret News, for your thoughtful articles,and content.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

Awesome as usual, Thank you for sharing.

John E
Provo, UT

I love this article!! I admire Vai for his seeking out those who have contributed to his life--we need to do more of that. Even cards and notes, or phone calls can do a lot. But--he must have been really listening to the spirit to be where he was, at the time his friend needed him. This story is a wonderful example of the Lord being mindful of the needs of all of his children, and the importance of both of those men to listen to the spirit at the right times in both of their lives. Thanks you for sharing this Vai!

Southern, IN

I loved this story! Thank you for sharing. It's really true that we may not have any idea of the impact we may have on another person's life. What a rewarding experience for both of you!

Heart and Mind

Hello Heater,

What might have happened if someone years ago had warned that patriarch that affected Brother Klein, to be more careful and sensitive when he talked about Jewish topics? It might have saved the Klein family from a decade of inactivity. So if the Spirit gives us a prompting to offer suggestions, kindly couched, should we remain silent?

Is there much difference between what you saw in Orem Parent’s or Aztexas’ comments and your own posting? Their comments were positive and their suggestions respectful. I would hope that Vai, if he is as humble and wonderful as I suppose he is, would be glad for kindly-given suggestions to slightly improve his wonderful writings in the future.

For example, the next time he starts to write about a “rivalry,” Orem Parent’s comment might be brought back to his mind and he will inspect his writing tone and double-check if his tenor is what he really wanted to use to most effectively make his point. And he might be prompted to better grammar check and edit a more important writing in the future, which might save him some unknown, future embarrassment.

Bend, OR

Not so bold as Vai, when I finally reconnected with my Church College of New Zealand Religion class teacher, Lloyd Anderson (he was also my Bishop at the time), I was invited to his 50th wedding anniversary & all I could do was put a little "thank you" in the guest book. There were simply no words adequate to express my gratitude for the anchor he gave my soul! We are so fortunate to have the programs in the Church that bind us together - and to the Lord.

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