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Published: Thursday, April 12 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tooele, UT

Re: "Administration pushes anti-waste effort"

If the Obama regime really wanted to eliminate waste, it would abandon its so-called "Buffett Rule" debacle, leaving that $4-5 billion a year in the private sector, where it can create jobs and spur economic growth, rather than diverting it to greedy, wasteful, unaccountable, unsustainable federal bureaucrats, to waste on parties and trips to Hawaii.

Hayden, ID

•Note to President Obama; call your GSA office! They want to explain their recent lavish taxpayer funded junket to Las Vegas.

Colorado Springs, CO

The Buffet Rule isn't in effect, that money is out there in the private sector, where it "can create jobs and spur economic growth" (procuradorfiscal). Where are the jobs and economic growth?

Hayden, ID

Xscribe. To listen to Democrats tell it, we are enjoying unprecedented growth in our economy thanks to Obama’s magic! Which is it? Oh yes, I remember, the “rich” aren’t paying their fair “share’. Yes, those “evil” guys who already pay nearly 80% of all federal income taxes paid into the treasury while about 50% of Americans pay no federal taxes at all! Yup, its not that the government is out of control in its spending is it!? Its all those “rich” guy’s fault. And lets not leave out evil GWB.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Where are the jobs and economic growth?"

So, your theory is, siphoning off another $4-5B a year out of the private sector to feed the government beast and finance GSA parties will somehow spur recovery and economic growth?

Hmmmmm. Interesting theory.

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