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Published: Tuesday, April 10 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Overton, NV

I grew up watching UNLV basketball. When I got to BYU, Roger Reid was the coach. And BYU basketball was boring. I couldn't stand it. Fan of BYU football; but, at the time, I would cheer for the Utes before BYU. Cleveland started to change that, although I wasn't sold for a while. It was after Rose took over that I finally became a fan of BYU basketball. It wasn't just about winning (although I must admit that played a part). It was because I could actually watch a BYU game and not be bored to tears. Thank you Coaches Cleveland and Rose for making BYU basketball fun to watch.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

As a fan living far from Provo, I greatly appreciate BYU-TV. I get to see almost every game live. I can also watch ESPN live, streaming on the web. (I refuse to pay for cable TV.)

Go Cougars! Can't wait for next season.

Bountiful, UT

I love the fact that Coach Rose doesn't sit back and wait, that instead he's out shaking the trees to make the team better and avoid having the same problems again next year. I also like that he's starting to look more at JUCO players and based on our success with them in the past decade, I think we should routinely use them to fill in the holes in our roster each year.

The other thing I love about him that maybe others don't, is that he's not afraid to cut ties with players on scholarship who just aren't developing or progressing in order to free up the scholarship for someone who will contribute to the success of the program. I don't understand why Nick Martineau was even given a scholarship in the first place. I think scholarships are too valuable to waste or treat like they're a welfare program.

Just because a player walked on and was with the program for a year doesn't entitle them to a scholarship. A player who only plays 53 minutes of a 35 game season doesn't deserve a scholarship.

Way to go Coach!

Bountiful, UT

"Predictably, Dick comes to the rescue with a typical BYU feel good fluff piece after the less than positive news of Rose releasing Martineau from his scholarship."

Talk about lobbing us softballs to hit. I support Coach Roses rescinding of Nick's scholarship and think that scholarships are too limited and valuable to treat like M&M's and hand out to whomever. Just because a guy walks-on and stays for a year doesn't mean he's EARNED that scholarship. Martineau played 53 minutes out of a 35 game season. He's lucky to wear the jersey and get to hang out with the team. Save the scholarship for players who can contribute. They shouldn't be treated like Food Stamps.

What's hilarious about your post is your commenting on the mote in Rose's eye while ignoring the giant beam sticking out of Krystko's eye. He cut 5 players and just announced that he's pulling the scholarship from Hearlihy without even letting him get into school first and show if he can play or not.

I think that is the epitome of a hypocrite (and a typical ute fan). Lol!

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