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Published: Tuesday, April 10 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

I for one feel sad that Obama would pull the class warfare card at a time like this. There is already such a strong feeling of entitlement and greed among kids today. To villainize success and wealth is such an uneducated, desperate move to make.

I would even consider the higher taxes on wealthy a decent idea if it even made a dent in Obama's spending. But his so called Buffet rule, even if it could pass, would hardly cover the cost of Obamacare alone - much less everything else. It's all smoke and mirrors.

If you feel ticked off at rich people, vote for me, Obama. The only candidate in history to base my entire political platform on higher taxes.

Herriman, Utah

Yep ... it is about to get much harder ... here comes Ron Paul!!!

Agua Dulce, TX

Other than the statewide races, this is a non-starter. Utah will have zero impact on electing the next president.

Mike in Texas
Cedar City, Utah

It's not Obama that is playing the "class war" card. Republican policy has been decimating the middle class since the Reagan era. Now that Obama is pointing out the problem, the Rove strategy is to turn it around and blame the messenger. Take a hard look at the statistics for Middle Class income vs the wealth of the so called 1% and ask yourself why? Could it be because of the tax cuts and breaks that mostly benefit the wealthy? Could it be because, like Mitt Romney, many in the high wealth class make their money on investment income that is taxed at half the rate for non investment income?

Oh yes, there is economic class warfare in America, but neither the middle class nor Obama started it. Look instead to the obvious excesses of Wall Street and Corporate power. Look to the Supreme Court which has unlocked the flood gates to political spending that favor the rich like the politically powerful Koch brothers and corporate raiders like Mitt Romney. The truth is that we are returning to the days of the Robber Barons. And Republicans are applauding.

Hayden, ID

@ Mike in Texas.. Please explain how Wall Street has harmed you! If you don’t like them, don’t send them your money (invest in stocks)! Isn’t it a bit silly to whine about Wall Street when Obama sent them billions for a bailout? Your enemy isn’t Wall Street banks; it’s the overreaching, over spending, over taxing government! Guess who is pushing to give big government even MORE control of your life, your liberties and your money? If you guessed BO and the Democrats, then you would be correct

deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

@ Mike in Texas

I don't get where you are going with this. Don't the top 5% of taxed people already pay like 80% of the taxes?

I believe the purpose of those tax cuts (made with the input of brilliant economists) was to encourage investments. Not to help the rich get richer. If it's not helping investments, I'm sure congress can examine those again.

And even if you taxed all of the millionaires at 100% it wouldn't put a dent in the trillions spent by our country today. I am a humble and honest seeker of real solutions. The idea of taxing the millionaires more and more is a fine idea, but it barely raises any revenue (billions, when we need trillions).

It makes me sad that Obama would resort to stroking this class anger in fine people like yourself instead of coming up with ideas that could really work for our country. Republicans are not applauding cuts for the rich, I am certainly not rich. I do however, expect my president to put forth ideas that actually work rather than a bunch of rhetoric that gets everyone angry at successful people. It's irresponsible.

Parowan, UT

Romney supporters warn presidential race now gets tougher. Translation: Etch-a-sketch prices are going way up.


I understand investments in businesses make more jobs ? I think buying failing businesses and fixing them into healthy growing business that others are then willing to buy is hardly " robber barons" ? I still wonder how BO got the $ to suddenly afford Harvard and then run for senator etc. What real work has he done inbusiness? Even his college work which I understood was on constitutional law (?) seems not to have been valid to think it not right for Supreme court to decide on constitutionality of Obamacare? Just so many questions about his past and then the appologise to wrong groups stuff? -- At least he seems faithful to his wife though!! Even people who make many hurtful choices have at least a few good qualities:)


Which candidate will require that Congress actually declare war before our troops are sent
to bleed and die?

Meanwhile, the invasion of our own borders continues.

Mike in Texas
Cedar City, Utah

Mountanman. Wall Street excesses have harmed most of us. In the pursuit of profit and playing financial games they helped put the country to the brink of a depression. And, who bailed them out? You did sir, with your tax money. (assuming you pay taxes) Had that not been done the damage to the economy would likely have been much worse. If you can't see the obvious, I feel sorry for you.

Making the government the boggy man is an old tired and worn out ditto head argument. And Obama did not appropriate the bail out money, the congress did, the one that was in session when Bush was still in the White House -- at the insistence of George Bush and his Administration I might add. Wall street got out of control, not because of government overreach, but rather because it did not do proper oversight. Because the agencies that did that job were compromised by right wing notions of government overreach and staffed with political cronies like "Brownie" of Katrina fame.

Hayden, ID

Obama knows he cannot run on his record of performance so he has to convince and dupe weak minded Americans that he is “looking out for them”. All the while his policies have produced record high energy and food prices, very high unemployment, record high food stamps recipients, and the value or our homes dropping by double digits each year. His failed policies have severely harmed poor people. The only way he can win is to convince people that his opponent is “evil”! Sadly I believe Obama will win reelection because so many Americans think they are entitled to a free ride! What does that say about a country who thinks the world owes them a living?

Kearns, UT

How has Wall Street harmed Americans? You’re seriously asking that question? Let me ask you a question in return. How much has your home value dropped the last 5 years? You don’t think Wall Street had anything to do with that mess? Taking your mortgage, without first asking your permission as you suggest, and selling it throughout the mystical land of made up money that is Wall Street.
Why did Enron cook the books? Why did mortgage companies start using Interest-Only loans, and Zero-Down 80/20 loans to not get first time buyers into small homes they could afford, but to move owners of smaller homes into larger homes they ultimately would not be able to afford? Why do US companies ship jobs overseas? Because Wall Street demands it of them. Because ALL that matters these days is your balance sheet.
Hiding behind the veil of Capitalism, the greed of Wall Street has created an entire universe of “play” money. And unfortunately, you won’t find a retirement plan, or 401K that doesn’t participate these days.

Provo, UT

Since I can't post the link, look for info on MSNBC's plan to 'investigate' the LDS Church and Racism--a clear indicator that an unbiased news organization has an agenda...do you recall an effort by the same 'news' organization to investigate Rev. Wright's racist statements? This is going to get ugly...

Twin Sister

What is wrong with Romney's having wealth? I am your typical middle-income citizen, and I think it is to Romney's credit that he has been able to accumulate wealth through legitimately buying and selling troubled businesses or through any other legitimate means. What his financial success tells me is that he understands how to grow wealth--including his own personal wealth--and turn around failing financial entities. That proven record of financial success GETS my vote. If other individuals refuse to vote for him based on his financial successes, the only conclusion I can come to is that they have a case of sour grapes and envy. To quote President Dieter Uchtdorf, "Stop it!"

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Funny how BO’s spokesman says they won’t let Romney and his special interests buy the presidency with negative ads. No, THEY will buy the presidency with negative ads with their already finely tuned ability to lie and 12 times as much money.

BO’s campaign says a candidate’s religion is out of bounds. Is that to prevent blow-back from his association with Jeremiah Wright? Of course, while his official campaign may not say anything about Romney’s religion, you know they will not condemn supporters like MSNBC and Maher when they attack Romney’s faith.

Repubs harmed the middle class? Repubs forced banks to eliminate lending standards so the middle class would buy more house than they could afford, then lose it? The repubs had the Whitehouse in 1997 when derivative regulation was rejected, adding to the collapse? Who prevented oversight there?

Bush tax cuts? A family of 4 making $40,000 saw their taxes reduced by 750 basis points, while a family making $400,000 saw their taxes reduced by only 460 bp. BO's tax cut reduces funding to SS; BO buys votes with seniors' money.

Kaysville, UT

What is ironic is that the President himself is a millionaire before being President and with President Clinton as an example will make millions with book deals, etc. after being President. George Romney, earned his money from good business deals. The President made his advances from getting taxpayers money and the benefit of educational loans for the disadvantaged. He took advantage of that process and has through the various community action projects to get noticed. During the last campaign, he took down Hilliary Clinton, one of the most able women in politics this past 100 years in the United States of America. Bill was her mentor and she learned lots of tricks but Obama took her to task and won. Governor Romney and his astute advisers know what and who they are dealing with for the rest of the campaign. The President has staged his whole campaign people in Chicago so they can do the best damage and also damage control in the place that Lincoln took control of his rivals. It won't be Lincoln but Obama has been waiting to unleash his dogs on Governor Romney for a long time. Every word the President uses is calculated carefully

Durham, NC

Mountain Man.... I would love to not send them anymoney... but they pooched up the economy, over extended themselves so much, and basically put themselves into a position of insolvency that we the people, in order to protect our economic system had to send them Billions upon Billions of dollars to keep the economy flowing.

How in the world could you have missed the last 5 years. In 2006, the housing market began to be sick because of trash loans being created, that became "financial investment instruments" that not even the smartest of the smart could figure out the paper trail behind. In 2008, the housing market tanked because money was shut off, because the banks balance sheets were upside down. This resulted in literally millions loosing their jobs. The stock market dropped to 50% of its value in the last year of Bush's term... not his fault... it was a long time coming.

How anyone can't see how they are paying still today to support a business style that nearly crushed the world economy is beyond me.

Something to think about
Ogden, UT

It will be ugly... Romney will get a full dose of what he's given his fellow Republicans... negative and slanted advertising. I hope he's as generous in his language with the Democratic Super PACs as he was with his own Super PACs. I hope the Romney supporters are the same... what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Pres. Romney WILL win easily if he can overcome two things:

A lamestream media controlled entirely by liberal Democrats, and MASSIVE voter fraud perpetrated by organized labor and groups like ACORN and La Raza; and investigated by NO ONE!

Does anyone wonder WHY Eric Holder DOESN'T WANT states to ask for I.D. to vote?

Morgan, UT

If Obama is not re-elected, do not worry about him, he has already been offered a gig in Vegas to do a magic show with smoke and mirrors.

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