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Published: Saturday, April 7 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

Congrats Cougs!

Overton, NV

"Following Shaun Davies' successful penalty kick, things erupted a bit on the sidelines with a Utah coach knocking the microphone out of the PA announcer's hand. Police were called to escort the coach off the field and after much discussion with all parties involved, he was allowed to return."

Stay classy, Utes. Stay classy.

Iowa City, IA

What's up with the u coach losing his cool towards the PA announcer? Black eye for Utah.

Orem, UT

"things erupted a bit on the sidelines with a Utah coach knocking the microphone out of the PA announcer's hand"

Probably upset that the PA announcer kept announcing that BYU was ahead in the game.

It's been a tough year for Utah coaches losing to the Cougars in almost every sport. If not for that 7-turnover gift last September, BYU would be pitching a shutout of the Utah men.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Classy" move Coach!

Richmond, VA

@SportsFan...Ummm, I wouldn't call it a 7-turnover gift. The cougs simply got their butts kicked into submission and then just plain quit towards the end. I'm a huge Cougar fan who was very upset and disappointed in that loss. The Utes came out smoking and we flat out self destruct which was shameful and embarrassing. Even so, it was one game now in history and I hope it won't happen again in the future.

Go Cougs!


The PAC 10.2--conference of champions!

Holladay, UT

@ the big samoan,

Thank you for being a reasonable fan who saw the game as it happened.

@ Sports Fan,

It is ridiculous to call the game "a 7 turnover gift". Were none of those turnovers forced? And when they were forced was Utah not supposed to pounce on the ball? That is how football is played. Turnovers are a huge part of the game and every team works on forcing turnovers in practice. As the big samoan said, byu got their butts kicked and then gave up.


As one of the biggest fans of BYU, Utah FLAT OUT handed it to us on our own turf. I was at the game and they completely dominated us. Get over it whiny Cougar fans. We did make some miscues, but THEY BEAT US...they forced many of those turnovers, and they were the better team that night. Had we played them later in the season we may have beaten them, but I'm still not sure. They have a superb D. I am happy with the way the team responded the rest of the year. I just hope the tide changes at RES this fall.

Go Cougars!


Fifty four to ten!

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

Not surprisingly, especially for the kids on the hill, most of U missed the salient point of SportsFan's comment. Let's review:

Men's Basketball - BYU 61 Utah 42
Men's Swimming - BYU 162 Utah 138
Men's Tennis - BYU 5 Utah 2
Men's Baseball - BYU 9 Utah 8
Men's Baseball - BYU 9 Utah 6
Men's Rugby - BYU 38 Utah 22
Men's Football - Utah 10 BYU 54

Utah deserves credit for their lone win in football, but overall, the Cougars DOMIMATED the Utes, winning 6 of the 7 head-to-head contests.

Utah doesn't even bother fielding Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field, Cross-Country, and Volleyball teams, or it would have been ELEVEN to one!

The ONLY sport U have going for U is football, and even there, BYU had a better overall season and finished ranked in the Top 25, while the not-so-mighty Utes finished with a losing conference record, a worse record overall, and not a single vote in either poll.

Unfortunately for U, one game does not an entire men's athletic program make.

Salt Lake city, UT

so did anyone actually go watch the game or just jump on to make a big deal out of a utah coach having a small fit?

i couldn't attend the game yesterday, but i thought byu would get the win. utah has good speed and good athleticism, but they don't have the size and experience that byu has and from what i heard about the game it sounds like that's what ended up winning it for byu in the second half. depending on where these two teams fall in the college tournament picture, we may see a utah/byu national championship game. cal, who normally takes it every year, decided to drop out of the college premier division so they aren't eligible for the national championship game this year. i'd love to see a rematch between these two schools for the national championship.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

Utah did beat BYU in football this year, it's true. However, I think we can all agree that BYU didn't play their best, which is why it went how it did. Had BYU given their best, who knows what would have happened.

Lyman, WY

Yeah I live in Wyoming and I could not attend the game, but I would like to know what happened with the coach, and the P.A. announcer. I will be at Rio Tinto for the rematch for the National Title though.

Highland, UT

Forget about the BYU/utah football game. It is done and it is in the books. All that matters is that BYU is now dominating utah in just about every other sport. This is an ongoing and satisfying process that we can all enjoy just about weekly as each new dominating victory occurs.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Lol! Was that Coach Rick Majerus losing his cool. Stay classy.

Wendall Hoop
Murray, UT

who cares, rugby is a club sport. 54-10 people!!! haha


COUGARNATE, I wasn't at the game either, but I had friends who were, and apparently a student announcer on the sideline was trying to ask him questions on the mic as he was coaching, so he pushed his hand out of his face, and when the police came, their response was, "You called us for this?" and left immediately. But DEW Cougars, NevadaCoug, 3grandslams and SportsFan are welcome to believe their own version of it if they think it makes Utah look worse. It won't hurt my feelings at all.

Tempe, AZ

More of you should take the loss and move on instead of making excuses.

"Had BYU given their best, who knows what would have happened." They gave up.

Which games did BYU give their best? USU? Tulsa? SJSU? NMSU?

Bountiful, UT

Duckhunter. So let me paraphrase your comment; Lets forget about the thrashing we took that made us look like a bunch of high schoolers, but instead focus on all the sports that nobody watches, follows, or cares about, because that doesn't make us look as bad. You do realize the NCAA doesn't even acknowledge rugby right? It's called a club sport. And as far as the "knocked microphone", what is a PA announcer even doing near the coach?! What do you think Bronco would do if a reporter or announcer tried to talk to/confront him during gameplay? Probably the same or worse, after which said reporter would be removed and permanently banned from the stadium in all likelyhood. Also, has anyone that's not related to one of the athletes actually ever been to a swim meet or tennis match? "You may have beaten us in football, but our synchronized swimming team totally dominated you! So there!" I would ask you to think before you type, but I understand the likelyhood of that. If the comment is true that "I think, therefore I am", would that call your actual existence into question?

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