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Published: Sunday, April 8 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

Sorry, holding my nose to vote for either Romney or Obama is more than my stomach can bear. Obama is leading America to the cliff's edge at 100 mph, while Romney would take us there at 95 mph. Let's get the inevitable over with. I'm voting for Ron Paul with a clear conscience.

David King
Layton, UT

I've heard some pretty twisted logic regarding this issue, and it goes something like this: Barack Obama is ruining our nation and our economy, so we Republicans need to unite behind Mitt Romney (the Republican with the most similarities to President Obama) in order to defeat him. We need a change of policies, not just a change of party. If you respect the Constitution, and oppose the Patriot Act and the NDAA, you cannot vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, because they agree. If you don't think government has the right to mandate the purchase of a service, merely for being a citizen, you cannot vote for either man, because once again, they agree. If you think debt is a problem, and you realize we have to cut from both our bloated national defense, and reform entitlements to make them solvent, you cannot vote for either of the two, because neither one will do both. Despite your assertion that there is no logic in voting for any of the other three Republicans, you missed one reason it makes sense; namely, conscience. I'm with Earl. I'll write-in Ron Paul and keep my principles.

South Jordan, UT

Sorry gop minons. I'll be voting for Obama, although in Utah my vote doesnt count for much, because its democrat. Romney is a joke, as is the entire GOP

Salt Lake City, UT

I may vote for Rocky Anderson, since it's not like my voting for Obama makes a difference in Utah (perhaps this is why we need a national popular vote, so Democratic votes in Utah and Republican votes in Vermont actually mean something).

Clearfield, UT

I would rather vote for my border collie than vote for Romney.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

I hope that everyone votes their conscience. Some posters have shown total contempt for the privilege to vote. They mock those who paid the ultimate price to guarantee our rights, including the right to vote.

Mr. Romney has proven that he can fix "financial" things. He has had great experience turning companies around. He has shown the willingness to shutdown failing companies rather than letting them bleed away the capital that could better be used to support other businesses.

Liberals know that with Mr. Romney guiding the "Ship of State", that many government agencies will be closed and that many government workers will have to find other employment. They know that the "gravy train" will be stopped and that plundering the public treasury for "vote buying" pork-barrel projects will stop.

When Mr. Obama has increase the deficit by $5 TRILLION dollars in just three years, any thinking citizen would know that Mr. Obama's policies are a certain path to destruction.

Mr. Romney has the experience and the leadership qualities to stop Washington from destroying this great nation.

Let those who want the destruction to continue vote for their "border collie" or any other dog.

Saint George, UT

"...Liberals know that with Mr. Romney guiding the "Ship of State", that many government agencies will be closed and that many government workers will have to find other employment...".

Without a clear unified super-majority, in the Senate, Romney will have the same success as President Obama had in dealing with the Republicans in the Senate.

"...They know that the "gravy train" will be stopped and that plundering the public treasury for "vote buying" pork-barrel projects will stop...".

The Republican majority in the house is already having meetings to "legally" reinstate earmarks, in January 2013. "...A study of the defense bill identifies 115 proposals as earmarks, including 20 by GOP freshmen who campaigned against the pet projects...". It looks like the Republicans are already putting the earmark horse before the altruistic political cart.

So much for political altruism.

The Republicans and the Democrats are two sides of the same coin, the Republicans just do a better job at messaging.

one old man
Ogden, UT

I have news for you: A vote for Romney is also a vote for Obama in my book.

But when we have people like Mike Richards and so many others around us who simply swallow the GOP's false talking points without making any effort to learn the truth, what chance do we have?

Obama will receive my vote again.

In the meantime, here's one place to try to learn some of the truth. Google "Policy Differences Between Two Presidents" to learn where much of Obama's "overspending" really came from. Can you say, "President Cheney and his dumb little buddy?"

Hank Pym

BO vs Mittens? 2 Ivy Leaguers. I'll vote for former NM Gov Gary Johnson who should get the Libertarian nomination.

Maybe, just to annoy Mike R, I'll write in Leroy Jethro Gibbs??

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

We must have for our President a man who believes in and practices the highest moral values. We must have a President who leads by example.

Our land is suffering a great deal of societal ills because far too many are living immoral lives. The rampant spread of indiscriminate sexuality has led to large numbers of illegitimate children, broken homes, and sexually transmitted diseases. The resulting costs to law enforcement and social programs has been astronomical.

We cannot go back to the days of Bill Clinton if we are to solve this problem. When we had a President who acted with no more restraint than a randy Russian princess, millions of citizens used this example to excuse their own debauchery. We cannot have this again.

We must have a President who has always been faithful to his wife, and demands that every member of his administration behave with the same restraint. Nothing else is acceptable.


I'm with Earl and David King in supporting Mr Paul. Why hold your nose? Vote for who and what you want not what you don't want.

Miami Area, Fl

"We cannot go back to the days of Bill Clinton if we are to solve this problem."

Looking back , those sure look like the good ole days to me.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would vote for Furry1993's border collie over Governor Romney, in fact over any Republican candidate, any day of the week, no matter any self righteous rants from people claiming I should vote like them or some imagined destruction will continue.

I'll vote for exactly who I chose to and for whatever reason I want to, thank you.

Frankly I, for one, have a memory that stretches back further then the last news cycle and, in fact, even further then the last election.

I know what the Republicans did when they had full control of the government. I remember. I know what the Republicans have been doing since President Reagan ran up the debt on this country. I pay attention.

In fact I see what they are doing right now. And I sure don't like it.

Yep, a border collie would definitely be preferable to any presidential candidate the Republican party puts on the ticket.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Liberal versus liberal.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

What we need is a guy who will cut taxes for the rich and start a few more wars. Romney's the guy!

American Fork, UT

Well, he's A candidate, anyway.

Clearfield, UT

To John Charity Spring | 3:41 p.m. 4/8/2012

We must have for our President a man who believes in and practices the highest moral values. We must have a President who leads by example.


The last one of those we had was Jimmy Carter, and he was the second-worst president this country has ever had (not as bad as GWBush, but that's a hard standard to meet). President Clinton, while a less-than moral person, was an excellent president; the United States and its people prospered and did well under his governance. If I had to choose between someone like President Clinton and someone like President Carter, I'd choose the Clinton alternative without question.

There's no good candidate in this election. I don't like President Obama, but he at least cares more about the common people than the top 1%. The Republican alternatives to President Obama would be very detrimental for the country and its people. This is NOT a good election year.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

What do we believe more about Romney? His intent to cut taxes on millionaires even more, OR his daily campaigning jeans that show us what a true common man he is?

JCS has an interesting solution to, uh, everything, I guess. No one but morally clean folks in the White House. Trouble is, only females can be medically certified that way, and even THEN, oh well, you get the picture. Maybe JCS would settle for a statute of limitations.

South Jordan, UT

JCS, We cannot go back to the days of Bill Clinton, Do you mean just 12 years ago when we had a balanced budget and record surpluss? When we had peace and prosperity? Why would we want to go back to those days? MY POINT exactly. You Gop Minons are out of touch and out of your minds. Wake Up.

Wally West

@ Mark B

"JCS has an interesting solution to, uh, everything, I guess."

Doesn't he though? Its like he's willingly incarcerated himself in a Disney Cartoon from the 50's.

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