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Published: Thursday, April 5 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

Same old story.

BYU will struggle through September and October when they play some decent teams.

In November, after beating Idaho, San Jose State, and New Mexico state they will think they have a great team.

Play a Tulsa type team in bowl, and win in a close one.

Extremely boring. Join a conference!

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

Today I told the ticket office I was not renewing my season tickets. Last year I thought the powers that be thought they did not need a conference affiliation believing TV exposure was more important. If I was right, they discounted the importance of paying fans. Now it appears it is realized they dearly need a conference. If there are any more 8:00PM games, I will watch them on TV. I do not blame Holmoe or Bronco...I think the higher ups misjudged the situation and took fans for granted. I have been an avid BYU football fan for over 30 years.

Big J
Bountiful, UT

Ya think?

Go Utes!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Now that you're not renewing your ticket order your no longer have to worry about keeping up the image of being an avid fan. Instead you can just pretend to be interested like your neighbors who grab a red shirt and think they are now in the club.

Orem, UT

Independence isn't a long term solution, but it was worth it short term to escape The Mtn, which, incidently is going out of business, as most suspected it would as soon as BYU left the MWC.

Except for a few years when we lived on the East Coast, I've been a season ticket holder since Cougar Stadium was expanded, just in time to leave the student section. I now attend games with my son who was only a few months old when he and I attended our first bowl game - the Miracle Bowl.

BYU fans who complain about the scheduling difficulties of being an Independent need to wake up and be grateful that BYU no longer has to put up with the ineptness that is Hair Thompson.

Provo, UT

Whatever the future of BYU football brings, things are much better now than they were under the tyranny of the MTN.

Orem, UT

Molehill Oly

"Play a Tulsa type team in bowl, and win in a close one.

Extremely boring. Join a conference!"

Final Sagarin Ratings
#34 BYU
#35 Tulsa (BYU's bowl opponent)

#39 Utah
#56 Georgia Tech (Utah's bowl opponent)

BOTH non-AQ partipants in the Armed Forces Bowl finished higher than either AQ-conference participant in the Sun Bowl.

Get over your short-sighted conference arrogance. It's laughable how quickly Utah fans have switched from whining about not being given a chance to play for a national championship in 2004 and 2008, but now claim that conference affiliation is all that matters.

btw, wasn't Utah destroyed in the Las Vegas Bowl by a WAC team?

Salt Lake City, UT

Barry Trammel, an Oklahoma newswriter, WAS a supporter of adding BYU to the Big 12. But he recently wrote about BYU's apparent attitude towards joining the Big 12 "I think that makes BYU a longshot. I think the Big 12 enjoyed the jubilation we saw in Fort Worth and Morgantown over TCU and West Virginia joining the conference. I don’t think the Big 12 wants someone who is lukewarm about the conference."

Passing on the Big East didn't help. Look how Brad Rock phrases it "...at worst, the Big East".

That's great to think of yourselves as "the Notre Dame of the West", but things aren't looking good for the Irish. The Sporting News recently wrote about Notre Dame not getting special considerations in revising the BCS. If it's harder for them to get BCS money all to themselves, they may finally join a conference.

If they want to be included in a conference, the Cougars should try a combination of humility and excitement.

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

Being an out-of-state BYU fan, having the Cougars be independent and watching the games on ESPN or BYUTV definitely beat having to pay extra each month for the Mountain Channel. Whichever direction the BYU administration decides to go, I hope it doesn't limit TV access to BYU Sports the way it was before. A deal with a BCS Conference needs to include full use of BYUTV and hopefully continuous exposure through ESPN.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Well, it has only taken a little over a year for the Cougars to finally start to admit that going independent was not the best idea. After throwing the rest of the programs to the wind, the AD is finally starting to understand reality. This independent thing should have been thought through alot more before they jumped. Remember, always time to do it over, never time to do it right - BYU moto.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

BYUtv is good but not great. they have a very limited lineup of shows and then they repeat them an inordinate number of times!

byu should think of the paying fans and how many they lose by playing 8pm games in October/November vs. the very few (in comparison) who tune in around the world.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

One year almost completed and I hear complaints already? Big 12 would be smart if they allow BYUtv to broacast live worldwide. Why join the BIG LEAST? Sure November is boring time of the year and we didn't start out some cupcakes games in September. So, just stay put for a little longer with Ind.

South Jordan, UT

Look....Why doesn't BYU just pay their way into a BCS Conference? If Money is all these Conferences care about, then let Money do all the talking for BYU. We all know that Politics and Bigotry is what is keeping BYU out. BYU is one of only a few that can Financially back their own destiny. Get it done, and lets move on from this Independence fiasco. Work out a deal so BYU can still utilize their broadcasting building, and get this done!

Johnny Moser
Thayne, WY

When Independence was announced I was looking forward to Army, Navy, and Notre Dame in November. Now those guys are mostly running for the exits on Independence and I don't see a November schedule as an Independent that is any better than being in a Ute-less WAC/MWC. November has only really had the UTE game and has been ho-hum otherwise.
The conundrum is things as an independent are better than anything BYU has ever had, conferences are always trying to make the box smaller for its affiliated members (have-nots complaining about the haves and trying to make everyone happy isn't easy - so pretty much everyone is miserable). Unless BYU gets into the Big12 the prospects aren't good. I will miss the good games in November but I have to remember we never had them anyway, except for one. Might be that was what made the rivalry in the first place.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Nice try, but your quote from Barry Trammel is several months old and anyone who's paid any attention at all to conference realignment knows how attitudes and opinions on which teams are "in" and which teams are "out" changes almost daily.

It's laughable, but understandable, how paranoid our little brothers remain about BYU's conference affiliation.

#1 SLC Sports Fan
Salt Lake City, UT

If BYU is going to be serious about their athletic programs and playing on the stage many of their fans have sought for years, then it is time as well that perhaps they become more of the advanced "research" degree supporting school they have been more than capable of? It seems senior leaders have debated this for a long time, and now perhaps athletics are bringing it to a head. But if BYU were to become a larger research as opposed to teaching institution wouldn't that further diminish the relevance of Utah State University both academically as well as athltetically? It seems that's been going on for the past half century now, yet some have held out hope that they could bring the Aggies back to life should they hold the Cougars back.

Cedar Rapids, IA


In this age of instant gratification, it's interesting to see how grown people, who likely try to teach their children patience, display the traits they wish their children to avoid.

There have been some insightful comments on the topic, some not so much. Rock was having a slow day trying to meet his column deadline. I didn't read anything new. But I might have missed it.

In the midst of Big Ten country, I am extremely grateful to have BYU football to watch almost every week to counter the Big Ten frenzy I see (and actually like sometimes). But my heart belongs to the Cougars.

Patience. Nothing is as constant as change.

Eagle Mountain, UT

My hope was that BYU would be independent for 2-4 years and take advantage of the BCS opportunity like the other mid-major teams did. Utah, BSU, TCU, Hawaii and others have been able to play a couple of good teams, a few solid teams and a bunch of weak teams, go undefeated and reach a BCS game. BYU won a National Championship with the same type of schedule. None of the above teams would have had much of a chance of getting to a BCS game if they had been playing in the SEC, Big 12, Big 10 or even a middle of the pac BCS conference.
Not sure BYU has the elite QB talent needed to go undefeated this year but I think they will be very competitive in all their games and should have another a very good season.

I have to say that after looking at BYU's November schedule this season, I am hoping they can get into the BIG 12 for 2013.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr Rock never said anything about money. His "slurs" of BYU slogans are cute but he seemed to forget that a major reason for not joining the Big East was the huge cut in pay BYU would have to take when they lost third tier and re-broadcast rights for BYUtv. BYUtv is a growing entity. It is not perfect yet, but it still needs to be included in school's future, not abandoned.


I believe that the BYU leadership almost always does things right, but they made a mistake when they went independent in football.

When Utah left for the Pac 12, BYU acted too fast. They should have waited to see what would happen as the deck was shuffled, rather than declaring independence. Now, not even two seasons removed from that decision, it is obvious that football independence isn't what many of you hoped it would be.

BYU has not negotiated well in the last few months with the Big-12 and Big East. ESPN pointed out that the Cougars are demanding TV rights that "no other college football program has." As a LDS, I understand BYU's unique status and "mission." But most non-Mormons don't, and BYU's demands come across as arrogant to many who are watching.

BYU can't/won't consider changing their "won't play on Sunday" stance, but they should rethink their TV rights stance.

BYU would be better served in a BCS conference. Holmoe should work hard to get into the Big 12. It's where the Cougars belong.

Good luck, Cougars - except when you play my Utes!

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