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Published: Thursday, April 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Excellent Choice

American Fork, UT

Proud of you Grandpa! Enjoy retirement!

Go get em McMullin

Sugar City, ID

I went to high school with Keith. Though I'm sure he doesn't remember me, it's good to know that someone in our class has ammounted to something! Congratulations!

South Jordan, Utah

Good. Hope Keith can turn the Media group's performance and credibility around. The last couple of years were difficult for the D-News and KSl News.


I hope he can fix KSL news radio so I don't have to listen to the same story every 15 minutes and be told it's breaking news.

Medical Lake, Washington

The McMullins are friends of mine --- Excellent choice!

He was my mission president and demonstrated quite a nack then for politely, and professionally dealing with the business side of running a mission.

Tucson, AZ

I wonder what his salary is? Interesting leader of the religious side of the LDS church are often dual hatted in the for-profit arm of the church.


Doctor, I'm sure it's more than 1 dollar and probably less than you think it is.
All that aside he wasn't hired simply because of his status and a former general authority. He was hired for his management skills. He is a very capable man and had an extremely good business sense.

Woods Cross, UT

Doctor, This guy knows finance and business. He graduated from the U of U with a degree in banking and finance. He also worked as an analyst for Ford Motor Company. Before serving as a G.A., he worked as a manager of the LDS Church’s Welfare Services Department. As a member of the Presiding Bishopric, McMullin was involved in a variety of roles with the financial and welfare roles of the Church. His appointment is based on merit. I don't think that there are really that many General Authorities who "retire" to such a prominent role.

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

I understand KSL TV news has lost its number one status I believe on all the time slots.

How is KSL radio doing? I would be interested in knowing if it has increased or decreased it's listeners in the past two years? Or has it remained the same?

Selling the 17 radio stations must have increased the cash flow.

Fort Collins, Colorado

I love this man and am very happy for his success. Brother McMullin spoke at our Stake Conference in Fort Collins, CO and WOW!! What a great, inspirational speaker!


people would be surprised to find out how much the church pays their employees, the days of them being under compensated are long gone.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am hoping Deseret News and KSL will now be more fair to both sides in Utah politics.

I have been sorely disappointed in the negative spin against conservative politics in Utah by the Deseret News, but more especially KSL.

I would like to see reporting, not columns. You can get both at the Salt Lake Tribune, but that fair reporting seems to have been missing from the Deseret News and KSL.

I look forward to positive changes here.

Tucson, AZ

I'm guessing the majority of the top 100 or more LDS leaders are dual hatted. Nothing wrong with it, but you here of how these folks aren't compensated. I'm sure they are competent because in my experience it's rare a man who is not finacially succesful is a Bishop etc. I've heard it's because of the demands on their time.

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