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Published: Friday, March 30 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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El Chango Supremo
Rexburg, ID

If they found Susan's blood, why were those boys allowed to stay with Josh Powell?

Salt Lake City, UT

@El Changeo
My thought would be that not enough blood was found to prove her death or serious injury. I mean, if you looked in my house (and probably your house) you would find evidence of my blood as well, just because most people have cut themselves or got a nose bleed or something like that.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT


That was my thought exactly. Do they know if it was more than a simple cut or nose bleed, etc?

Las Vegas, NV

I guess the police is still waiting for the perfect evidence...if Josh survive the fire, there is still not enough evidence to charge him...pretty smart guy, to walk away untouched by WVC PD

How on earth did this dude out smart everybody? With all the suspicious acts and circumstantial evidences no one can lay a hand on him. I hope the law makers are paying attention and revise the law to protect the children

Hua Ken Po
St. George, UT

The more facts arise, the more I think that the government agencies really blew it. From the police department in Utah, to social services,to the police department in Washington. It seems that if they had pooled their information better that we may have had a better resolution.

Cougar Blue
N. Las Vegas, NV

I think it's way past time to drop the subject and stop the feeding frenzy. It's over, it's done, let's get on with our lives.

Clearfield, UT

A review of the West Valley or Salt Lake County prosecutors' offices may be called for with this public release of information that appears to provide sufficient evidence to have charged Josh Powell with murder even if there wasn't a body. Even a prosecutor in Washington State has given such an opinion. This tragedy looks to continue to spread its evil more and more even as the wife of Josh Powell remains a mystery and Josh Powell's living presence no longer remains with us to create more questions and doubts.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT


He didn't out-smart God. I don't know if you have read or even believe in the Book of Mormon but one of my favorite principles in it is that no one can hide such things from God. While people may think they've out-smarted or hidden their crimes or escaped having to face the facts- it is a lie.

Love Utah
Draper, UT

More than anything I wish Susan's body could be found so we can lay to rest what happened and also bring peace to the Coxes and Jennifer Graves.

Mchenry, IL

Hard to prove murder without proof the victim died. If they had charged and tried him and failed to get a conviction and later found her body with all sorts of evidence, it would be too late. Can't try again. Double jeapardy.

Provo, UT

Of course they found Susans blood in the their house, she lived there.

Bronx, NY

@voice of reason

Perhaps we should leave it up to GOD to pass final judgment on his guilt or innocence to avoid committing our own sin.

Taylorsville, UT

Most comments have hit the nail on the head, incompetent police, procedure, and evidence. Second reason, law enforcement and city mayors don't want to put people on trial. Circumstantial and hearsay, and opinions is all the evidence they have. They don't believe in trials and judgment by peers, they all want walk in negotiated convictions where there has been no trials or incompetence exposed.

Release of this information was for one reason, so the mayor and chief can continue their political career without this bungled albatross hanging around their neck as they know peoples political memories are short and predictable.

Whether Josh was guilty or not is irrelevant anymore, the burden of data and secrecy in their stumbling over their own feet is having some negative actions on their political careers so they had to unload it to the public and news media. Never has this ever been done before, slandering a dead man and his family to cover up their incompetence.

Mchenry, IL

Charging is dangerous. Speedy trial is guaranteed. If a person is charged there is a time clock ticking away. You wouldn't want to be separated from your kids for a decade while they wait to go to trial. And any lawyer would make them rush to court and get it over with. How many years has it been since that wintery night? They still don't have the critical piece.

Maybe the hand written note can help decide the life insurance matter? Quarter of a million dollars on each toddler child is ridiculous. Should have been a red flag.

Salina, KS

So what he is DEAD. The government agencies blew it. Why could they have not found this evidence long time ago. WHAT A BUNCH OF CLOWNS!

Salt Lake City, Utah

George Bronx, NY
"Perhaps we should leave it up to GOD to pass final judgment on his guilt or innocence to avoid committing our own sin."

You can bet your eternal soul that God will pass final judgment on Mr. Powell. Unless you know something the rest of us don't both Susan's sons were killed when Josh blew the house up. Kinda hard to argue innocence on that one.

Mchenry, IL

It's not evidence. It's information that may or may not make it to evidence in a trial.

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