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Published: Thursday, March 29 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Utah Jazz fan Chris
Clearfield, UT

People who jumped on the sac town bandwagon before the season started should just stay there. GO ALEC BURKS, keep proving people wrong!!!

Glenwood, UT

Haha, your all crazy! The kid makes millions in the NBA. Give him a chance! Hes a rookie anyway! People are nuts! If their team doesnt go undefeated, they say (cut them all! fire the coach! sell the team! bull doze the stadium!...............Whoo! High Draft Picks!) hahaha, bunch of losers talking on here.

Salt Lake City, UT

He'll develop into a decent backup or a low-tier starter. This draft class wasn't all that good anyway so I don't think calling him a bust would be accurate.

O-town, UT

Nothing a little pickle juice won't fix.

South Jordan, UT

Jimmer will not be a major factor in the NBA at any point. He was given free reign in Provo and shot the ball over 25 times per game. He is a good athlete but he must find the right situation and I'm not sure what that situation may be in that the Kings are a run and gun team. He didn't shoot over 40% in college so what made people think he would shoot a better percentage in the pros. I expect him to do well in Europe at some point. BYU has had one decent NBA player over the years.

Provo, UT

For the record, I'm a big Jimmer fan. I've watched and rewatched his senior season games because they are very entertaining and it is fun to see the way Jimmer could pick apart defenses. But I have to admit that Jimmer was playing in a bit of a dream world in college. By that, I mean he played unlimited minutes, he had the full support of the coaching staff to do whatever he wanted (and it was usually spectacular), and the other members of the team were willing to let him do his thing without too much butting heads.

I've seen this same thing a lot in high school ball. A high school player is given the complete green light and appears to be a phenom in high school. But when he gets to college and he gets limited minutes (hard to get in a rhythm), doesn't have the coach in his hip pocket, and has to contend with other egos, the dream world falls apart and he is just another player.

I think Jimmer will get his chance after he pays his dues for a few years, but for now, the dream world is gone.

South Jordan, UT

The Jazz brass are smart in not drafting Jimmer. Burks or Jimmer? Who would you rather? I was at the arena when we drafted Burks. So many people were upset that Jimmer went to Sacramento. Making emotional draft picks gets teams nowhere.

Chubbuck, Idaho

IndeMak-Do some research before spouting off about inaccurate information. Jimmer shot and averaged over 45 percent from the field during his 4 years at BYU. You have no idea what your talking about. He's a great shooter, just hasn't figured out the NBA game and he may never, but he shot well in College.

Holladay, UT

Jimmer is averaging about the same percentage wise as he did in college 38%fg and 37%3pt. He was a volume shooter in college and needed 20 shots a night to get his points, plus he scored a lot of his points from the free throw line. In the NBA he isn't athletic enough to get to the line like he did in college, he can't guard his position, he doesn't have a great ball handle and isn't a great passer. He is a two guard stuck in a point guards body. Maybe he can find a niche as a spot up shooter when surrounded by all-stars who take pressure away from him. and please, please, please stop comparing him to John Stockton, the all time leader in assists and steals, 10 time all-star, hall of famer. Kevin O'Connor made one of the smartest decisions in his career by not drafting Jimmer.

Stay the Course
Salt Lake City, utah

Blame is not with Jimmer and his abilities but the current coach and Sacramento the quicker he gets out of there the better.


He's a rookie for heck sake. My gosh listen to the Ute trolls. It's a sad state of our country when people root for an individual to fail. May God bless this nation.....because it's becoming one of hate and envy.

Murray, Utah

Come on Ute fans. We didn't give up on Alex Smith.

Orem, Utah

Funny to see the Jimmer haters posting here. I doubt any of them watched all his games in college. If they had, their rose-colored glasses skewed their view, or they'd be a Jimmer fan, too.

I'm as big a Jimmer fan as anyone. However, I never expected him to pick up in the NBA where he left off in college. For one, no summer league and no training camp. For two, he has to learn the NBA game and how to fit in.

Jimmer has a work ethic that will prevail and one day he'll be like Steve Nash, who everyone thought would amount to nothing when he came into the league, but is now one of the top Pgs. Jimmer will figure it out.

I expect in his "junior" year in the NBA he'll be turning heads again.

Jimmer progressed at BYU, and it wasn't until his 4th year that Jimmermania took hold. It'll take a similar progression in the NBA before his innate talent is recognized.

Remember, what made him great in college wasn't just his points, it was also his trey range. NO one in the NBA has that.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, it is over thankfully. He was an over-rated ball hog. I'm sure his teammates were glad he was gone so they could get a chance to shoot. When one person take 40-50% of the shots but still have a 45% AVERAGE SHOOTING percentage...you're not good, you're just a ball-hog.

West Jordan, Utah

I root for Jimmer although Jimmermania makes me ill.

It's not the end for Jimmer, but I did before the lack of minutes, and still do think Jimmer is a 10-15 minute a night backup player.

Jimmer fans may not like Coach Smart, but I do subscribe that Fredette needs to change his game for the NBA. There is too much talent at the NBA level for a Jimmer to dominate the ball without knowing how to get everybody else involved.

Columbia, MO

He just needs a different coach.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's funny to read all these comments rejoicing over Jimmer's transition into the NBA. Jealous much boys?

Agua Dulce, TX

James Fredette is only Tim Tebow if you consider that both are overrated bench warmers.

Let's put it this way - if he can't break the lineup in Sacramento, he wouldn't break the lineup anywhere.

He's Shawn Bradley.

Farmington, UT

Jimmer's PT will increase as his game transitions to the NBA game.
Jimmermania can die at any minute. It will not be missed.
Good luck, Jimmer--keep being patient. Your game is coming along.

Iowa City, IA

Too early to tell.

In the meantime, hopefully he continues to believes in himself and work hard. His time will come. Plus he has all those million$ he's making.

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