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Published: Thursday, March 29 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Rugeley, Staffs

Just believe, and keep on believing. Churchill once said, "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end, but it may be the end of the beginning." He also said "Never, NEVER, NEVER, ever give up."

Jimmer, hang in there. Form is temporary, but class is permanent. You have class.

Harwich, MA

He never will be a star in the NBA. He's one of those guys that was brilliant in college and should have gone on a mission instead of the sitting the pine in the NBA.

Morgan Duel
Taylorsville, UT

As I recall D Will went u to Spokane and spent a few days working with a fellow that lived up there and came back and took over very well . Maybe Jimmer should go spend some time up there this summer and see what happens.

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

It sounds like he just got "Jimmered".

Madison, AL

Give Jimmer more time, in a few more years with lots of work and NBA experience he'll figure out how to best apply his sensational skills.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Sacramento just isn't the right place for this guy. I bet they eventually trade him for a veteran player. He really needs to be on a team that needs that three point shot, where he can learn defense, and where the fans like blue collar players. Let's see now, can anybody help me out this one? Any teams come to mind?

Centerfield Sanpete, UT

Sometimes it takes time to be able to play in the NBA. If I recall John Stockton didn`t emerge until he played in his fourth season.


He is a bust! To be taken as high as he was will never pay dividends for Sacramento. He and Shawn Bradley have got to be the largest dissappointment the NBA has had. Will Jimmer make it....probably as a 7-9 player on a team but will never be a factor. It is time for everyone to put the Jimmer mania to bed and realize he is just a undersized, underspeed, average basketball player playing in the NBA. He will never be anything like John Stockton.

Cache, UT


He is more skilled than you think. It is hard to prove yourself when the interim coach has you riding the pine.

BTW, nobody will ever be John Stockton.

Logan, UT

By no means am I comparing Jimmer's skills and potential to those of Kobe Bryant, but Bryant's rookie season wasn't all that impressive either. He averaged 7.6 ppg and 15.5 mpg. As much as I dislike who Kobe is as a person, you have to respect his hard work and competitor's mentality. Fredette only got better every year in college and I think the same will happen in the NBA, because he is very competitive and willing to put forth the effort to get better.

West Jordan, UT

Kings coach Keith Smart comment "demands that Fredette become more than a ball dominating guard" Did he just call Jimmer a Ball Hog? Funny. That's what I think.

Draper, UT

Jimmer has a terrible situation with the Kings. Cousins has to be one of the biggest dinks in the NBA and Smart as an interim coach is just a joke. Jimmer in UT would have been a huge hit. Shame on Kevin O'Conner for not giving the kid a proper chance. One thing I know: Jimmer will continue in this situation with grace. He is the Tim Tebow of the NBA. Needs a little time and a better situation. He will emerge, count on it.

Sandy, UT

So far his carrer mirrors that of Alex Smith, with high expectations, coachable, high draft pick, transitioning franchise, coaching changes and the like. It looks like he will be moved and will eventually find his place. Will he be a Danny Anige or a Pace Manning? Time will tell.

Ann Arbor, MI

THe jimmer is preforming in the NBA as expected.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

...And never will be a king in NBA. Hype and godship are only acquired in Provo on the campus of BYU.

In the real world, no parking lot shots can make you be better than Air Jordan or the other greats, who CONSISTENTLY impress with skill. Kimmer can't even impress anyone with one game yet.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Jimmer is probably the best player ever from this state. Look how far he took it in the tournament last year and the Kings aren't good enough to play him more.

Burley, ID

Jimmer's biggest problem is he is on the wrong team.

Sacramento needs to trade him to a team that can bring him along slowly and use his skill set in the right situation. That certainly isn't going to happen in Sacramento. Hopefully, they will realize their mistake and trade him away this summer.


Simple answer to the Question in the headline: Yes, it is over, and not soon enough.

Corona, CA

Mateen Cleaves ring a bell? Good College Player but no transitional game to NBA. I knew He wouldn't do anything in the NBA starting from Season 1. Are you BYU homers and Jimmer worshippers ever gonna get it. Instead of praising Jimmer Fridette like he's the next Jordan why don't you just post, Wait and see". Then you won't have to eat your words and make excuses later on. This alos applies to Utah Jazz, BYU football.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Hang in there Jimmer! Keep your chin up. You'll find your groove in the NBA.

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