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Published: Wednesday, March 28 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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USS Enterprise, UT

To "atl134" yes, what you say is true, but that does not mean that it is correct. For example there used to be a theory that the earth was flat. The explaination worked, until somebody continued to question it, and it was proven false. The same with the Earth being the center of the universe, it was thought to be correct until the questions that were being asked proved it wrong.

A theory is not the same as a law. You and your ilk would have us view scientific theory the same as scientific law. I am sorry it doesn't fit into your world view, but they are not the same, and theories should be questioned.

Durham, NC

Lets not get all wound around the axle on the details. No one can out know another to better faith. We know the planet is older than 6,000 years. We know there is much about the history of this planet we don't have scientific nor religious good answers for.

But we do know what we need to do. We know this planet was organized for our benefit, and for the generations that fallow us. Abusing it is the ultimate form of selfishness, and frankly disrespect, leaving it in a lessor state for those who come after us. That alone should be enough for us to honor our stewardship and assure that those that follow have the same blessing we enjoy.

So I could really care less about global warming. We know it is happening. We have little control over it. But there is much we can control, and these "discussions" are simply smoke screen for what we know we should be doing.

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