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Published: Monday, March 26 2012 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Sportstown, UT

I don't understand why Corbin went with Watson tonight. Was it because he is a better defender (guarding Williams) than Tinsley? Watson had 5 turnovers and was -12 +/- in 18 minutes, not too great. Tinsley runs the team better and is a better scorer. Hopefully this is a one time thing, Tinsley deserves to play over Watson at the moment.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Tinsley entered the Atlanta game and could barely funtion. After seeing him fumble the ball a few times Corbin benched him. There is talk that he and Big Al hosted a bar party the night before. Apparently there is a problem, I hope not but we'll see.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

between yesterday's comments and the first two this morning it is apparent that there are a lot of wannabe coaches. many blamed corbin for the 4OT loss. do we blame him now for a blow out? here is a clue, get a job and a life. i suspect corbin has a little more experience than you ward ballers.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

I have been a big Earl Watson fan all season but after his recent comments regarding "...its unfortunate this playing time issue happened after the trade deadline" I have to say he has dropped in my opinion.

Tinsley has proven to be a better shooter, is a better passer, and with few exceptions run the team better.

Earls comments are totally unprofessional in this situation. Overall Tinsley is better. Sure he has an off game (Atlanta) but overall I think most people are stunned that we have left a guy with his ability sitting on the bench for this long.

Watson was a mess in Jersey and if he had not have been pulled along with the other young guys the Nets would have turned us into road-kill plain and simple. Corbin had to put the starters back in and it was a steady diet of Millsap and Jefferson and Jersey was done.

For those of you in favor of playing rookies/young guys, we would ahve lost that game if Corbin would have stayed with that lineup and not brought back the starters. Watson was doing absolutely nothing resuting in poor possessions/shots.

Saint Louis, MO

The Nets did pull within three at 72-69 and the Jazz were on the ropes after being ahead by 17. To their credit, they did not buckle and found their resolve. "Sap" continues to be a fan favorite.

Orem, Utah

Stockton's 50? Darn, I'm getting old!

This win validates that the Jazz have turned a corner. Winning big on the road after a tiring 4-overtime game says something. Even if it was the Nets.

Not sure they'll have the energy in the next game. Maybe playing as many as Corbin did might help. At least, Tinsley got some rest. That might be why Corbin played Watson so much in the Nets game.

The Jazz are now a legit playoff team. No reason to not make it. The question is now how high can they rise?

Salt Lake City, UT

Well it was the Nets! But a playoff team? I hardly doubt it.

Sturgis, MS

Alec Burks came in quicker than anyone expected — along with Derrick Favors and, surprise, Earl Watson — just over four minutes into the game and finished with a sparkplug 15 points.

Pine time makes everybody play better. As for the starters saving the game, why wouldn't they? I still think Evans should play some.

Watson is the backup point guard. An injury should not bench him. Let his play earn or lose the job.

B Russ
Ephraim, UT

Hey Ute alumni. My post has nothing to do with what you are griping about and no I do not want to be a coach. I have a job and I have a good life. Good Day.

Go Jazz!

Sportstown, UT

@ Ute Alumni

I'm just stating what I see, and I see Tinsley playing better than Watson. I don't blame Corbin for the 4OT loss nor do I think I would do a better job coaching. I was just curious as to why Tinsley didn't get to play.

Delta, UT

Tinsley is like 400 years old, and he had just played in a 4 OT game the night before. i heard he came into the nets game with a walker. Watson was fresh! he didn't play the night before. its not rocket science, its great that we have this problem! We are going to want 2 solid backup PGs come playoff time. i love what Both Tinsley and Watson bring to this team! they are both very smart vets that bring energy. also has anyone noticed how much better this team is without Josh Howard and Bell? Our young guys are legit. I ll take Burks, Hayward and Carroll over both of them, I got so sick of watching bell stand on the 3 point line, and do NOTHING! he made no one around him better, and all he did was try to act tough against Kobe. Hayward and CJ came in and shut Kobe (and also Durant) down while keeping their mouths shut, and without a big show. HOW BOUT THEM YOUNG GUNS?!?!

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