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Published: Wednesday, March 21 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Mount Olympus
Salt Lake, UT

The Pac-12 had injuries this year and lost quite a few players early to the NBA. Isaiah Thomas (the best rookie guard on the Sacramento Kings) left early for his senior season. USC was a train wreck because of injuries.

Yes, it was a bad year for the Pac-12 in basketball. It will get better.

Even in a horrible year, Pac-12 still has a team make it as far in tournament as the WCC. Has a WCC team ever been in the tournament while the Pac-12 isn't there? Colorado made round of 32, so did Gonzaga, but neither advanced. Ever been a time where say a WCC team was in the Sweet 16 and a Pac-12 team was not?

Salt Lake, UT

Another article by this guy on how the Pac-12 is horrible and how it doesn't compare to the WCC.

Players currently on NBA Rosters:
Pac-12: 54
WCC: 5

Idaho Falls, ID

Funny, I read the article twice. I did not see one mention of the WCC, let alone comparing it to Pac-12. Must be a defect in my computer, because I 'm sure that previous posters aren't insecure about their affiliation with the Pac-12. . . .

Springville, UT

At least the schools have their money. Competition is now secondary.

Centerville, UT

re: Idablu
I think you missed the reason that Harmon wrote this article in the first place. Insecurity with the WCC. Remember Harmon = BYU homer.

Salt Lake City, UT

The PAC-12 has been a declining stagnant conference for years. The image in the media of superiority has remained even though play on the field has not merited it. But, Mr. Scott the new conference commissioner has rapidly changed that culture with both expansion and a better
TV contract, which should overtime allow for a return to a competitive level in both football and basketball.

West Jordan, UT

Do you feel better now Dick?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

As bad as everyone wanted to make the Pac 12 out to be this year, it's probably more accurate to say the conference had a rough start to the season that cost them in the end.


1) The Pac 12 has gone 14-3 against out of conference competition in post season tournaments. (Oregon St lost to WSU in the final four of the CIB and Oregon lost to Washington in the round of 8 of the NIT.

2) The NIT final four includes 2 Pac 12 teams ... Stanford and Washington ... which could end up playing for the championship.

3) WSU is playing for the CIB championship. Yes I know it's the CIB, but still, the 4th worst record in the Pac 12 has proved they weren't too shabby.

4) Within those victories the majority were in impressive fashion over teams mainly from the WCC, MWC, WAC, Big 10, and the SEC.

5) 7 of the 12 teams finished with 21 or more wins (5 had 24). Another 2 had 18 and 19 respectively with only 3 finishing with losing records.

Pac 12 teams had to lay in the bed they made in the preseason this year. If we could see RPI ratings through the post season, it would tell a whole new story.

Idaho Falls, ID

The PAC-10/12 has been on the downslope in basketball for several years now, long before Utah and BYU bolted the MWC and went their separate ways. This is not news. However, I think it is cyclical and I would expect the conference to field legitimate national contenders in basketball with a tincture of time. I think the talent is there but the coaching isn't what it used to be (John Wooden, Lute Olsen). I think if you take Gonzaga's coach and give him the recruiting pool of the PAC 12, you'd have a Sweet-16 contender representing the PAC 12 every year. There are some really good coaches who would like to live out West that would really help the conference if given the opportunity.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News has written a great deal about the decline of PAC-12 Basketball. He feels that the Universities are putting football way ahead of Basketball in terms of facilities, coaches, etc. I strongly suspect, as Dick suggests, that this will be a golden opportunity for Utah. I believe Utah is a State that loves its football like everyone else but with few pro sports in town it still has interest in college basketball. I think we have the type of coach who can really turn things around. Despite the dismal year, nobody accused his team of quitting.


The pac 10.2, the conference of champions!!!

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Typical of our whiney friends from the hill - shoot the messenger and pretend that all is well in their crimson-colored world.

Unfortunately their fantasy, doesn't match reality. The PAC finished well behind the MWC and barely ahead of the WCC, overall, but the top of the MWC and WCC were both better than the PAC.

NCAA Tourney Bids (the gold standard for top of the conference strength)
MWC - 4
WCC - 3

Salt Lake City, Utah

Nice try motorbike, but the PAC 12 has only won ONE game in the only post season tournament that matters.

Your regular season conference champion wasn't even good enough to get an invite to the Big Dance.

CO Ute

How does having 3 FB teams ranked in the top 10 nationally = a downturn? BB was weak this year with a number of good teams but no great teams. 2 NCAA bids was all the conference deserved and the teams in the NIT/CBA did well against that level of competition. AZ will be very, very good next year with strong teams at UW and Oregon. Multiple NCAA bids in 2013.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT


I think everyone agrees that Washington should have been in the tournament. Your mighty cougs proved that they didn't belong this year.

I think Dick needs to stick to writing about the cougs. I guess even he isn't happy about being in the WCC.

Iowa City, IA

It was a down year, with "only" six twenty win teams.

Look for this to be the exception, not the rule.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Sorry, but BYU proved that they absolutely deserved to be in the NCAA tournament by beating #40 RPI Iona in their NCAA 1st round game.

Washington proved that they didn't belong by getting bounced by #131 RPI Oregon State in their first game in the PAC 12 tourney.

Final RPI
#45 BYU
#70 Washington (tied with Weber State)

Salt Lake City, Utah


"Look for this to be the exception, not the rule."

Maybe for the conference, but not for the Utes, where losing seasons are the rule, not the exception.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Krystkowiak is showing his true character by praising how hard his players played throughout the season, and then kicking most of them to the curb as soon as the season ended.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT


byu got beat by 20 points in the first round. They got past Iona in a Play In game - there is a big difference.

You can throw out whatever stats you want but the cougs proved they shouldn't have been there by getting pounded by 20 in the first round.

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