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Published: Wednesday, March 21 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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Brigham City, UT

Let the hand-wringing begin.

San Diego, CA

Destined to be one of the ugliest buildings in the intermountain west. Absolutely hideous.

How were our pioneers able to build the temple and (original) tabernacle, the University of Utah original campus buildings, the Hotel Utah, the glorious state capitol building, all in a much poorer society, while in modern, luxuriant America, we are churning out generic, loveless, beige garbage like this MTC building?

An abomination!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

All in hopes of getting people to change their religions, which they'll undoubtedly go back to after 80% of them leave the Mormon church within a year of baptism.

Burlington, CT

This is an interesting situation. When LDS temples, meetinghouses, or other buildings are seeking building permits outside of Utah, Utahns are quick to say that property values are increased, 90 foot steeples, large lighted parking lots, etc. will somehow enhance the image of the neighborhoods outside of Utah. Perhaps even that there is discrimination when people would rather not have such a structure built in their neighborhoods. Funny that now that this is occurring in YOUR backyard, that there is a similar type of protest. LDS protesting against an LDS missionary training center. kind of funny. Build it outside of Utah. Also curious that a 30 yr old building cannot be repaired or renovated. Were appropriate building standards met? Build more MTCs in other parts of the US and Canada and even more in other countries in addition to the existing non-Utah MTCs. This is a worldwide church after all. and Provo residents appear to not want a new and enlarged MTC.

Informed Voter
South Jordan, UT

I doubt the meeting will be anything more than a dog and pony show pretending to consider comments from neighbors. Is this the first such meeting during the last four years and after everything has been decided?

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Awesome! The Church continues to grow and so does the missionary program. The MTC is one beautiful place with immaculate flowerbeds and landscaping. The MTC was one of my favorite parts of my mission. I learned so much there. Glad to see it growing!

Provo, UT

Not a fan of the building.

Informed Voter...I think you have it pegged. My guess is this decision has already been made and will be pushed through. (Though I hope not!)

Bakersfield, CA

My only question: Is this choice the most economical? If so, let the economy dictate prudence and spend the extra 'beautification' monies on charity and mission expenses.

Our pioneer ancestors knew how to sacrifice in a way we never will. My fine china will never be ground into stained-glass, but if this is functional, be glad you can build anything in these dire times.

Centerville, UT

@Chris B

The church isn't looking for numbers. (Although your numbers are WAY off.) That isn't what the missionary program is about. It is about offering people the chance to hear the restored gospel. Christ said "strait is the gate and narrow is the way and FEW there be that find it." What people do with the gospel after they've heard it is up to them.

As far as the complaining about the building, it is a training center. It is meant to be pretty utilitarian. I'm sure it will be great and the work will roll on. By the way, who are the neighbors who are concerned about this? Is this really something to get worked up about?

Steve Jensen
Herriman, UT

These comments by people are intesting.

Gosh-DUH, you said
"Funny that now that this is occurring in YOUR backyard, that there is a similar type of protest. LDS protesting against an LDS missionary training center."
- Who said that LDS people are complaining? It almost always Anti-Mormons that complain. Plus 40% of the people in Utah are not LDS.

"Build it outside of Utah. Also curious that a 30 yr old building cannot be repaired or renovated. Were appropriate building standards met? Build more MTCs in other parts of the US and Canada and even more in other countries in addition to the existing non-Utah MTCs. This is a worldwide church after all."
- There rest of the campus is there, so how would building ONE building else where solve anything? Being in construciton I know the instury. Of course the building codes where met, but codes change - like over the past 30 years. Plus these buildings are used 24-7 (buildings get woren down). The LDS Church always builds there buildings higher/beyond the standard building codes. Also, there are already other MTCs arounds the world.

logan , UT

Capella in Bakersfield:

I created an account for this reason. You speak of our pioneer heritage as if you are a member of the church - Then you question the authority of the church when you ask, "Is this choice the most economical?".

Of course it is!! When have the leaders of the church been wrong about something like this? They haven't.

They certainly would not just have dreamed up the idea overnight. I have something to do with the building of temples and church buildings and I can verify that the BEST planning goes into things like this.


Cedar City, Utah

Let's see now, there's the MTC building and other buildings on the property. They want to tear one down and build one more; net effect = same number of buildings, so that can't be the problem. Must be the height.

But isn't there a temple across the street? That's kind of tall. Oh, and a university somewhere close, with, uh, some really tall buildings? Oh, and a basketball arena? And a huge football stadium? But they're all really small buildings, so this new one is just a shocker, right?


Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Chris B 4:49 p.m. March 21, 2012
"All in hopes of getting people to change their religions"

There is a song about the seeds that are sown. Some on rocky ground where the young plants soon wither and die, and some in fertile soil where they flourish and grow. The LDS religion is based on a total commitment ..... which many are unwilling to make or maintain.

Hillsboro, OR

I love the MTC and support all that it stands for, but I don't understand how they can make a brand new building look like it is already 30 years old. I was shocked when I saw the new building that was built about two years ago (I think it's building 2M?) that blended in so well that it looked just as old and plain as all the other buildings. They are special buildings and look better on the inside, but I don't understand why they can't build it like the Gordon B. Hinckley alumni building on campus. That's one of the most spectacular buildings on any university campus.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT


"generic, loveless, beige garbage"

A real human being designed the building. That is the first thing that should be considered when saying anything about it. In order to show respect we can all refrain from calling it "hideous", "garbage" or "an abomination".

I like the design for the buildings intended purpose. It wouldn't be appropriate in the middle of the City Creek Center and much of the City Creek designs wouldn't be appropriate in the middle of the MTC campus. In my opinion the building blends in very well and will likely serve its intended purpose very effectively.

It is nothing but good news to see this moving forward.

Brigham City, UT

The church is pragmatic----if this gets shot down, they will go to plan B. They went down to plan Q, R and S with the Boston Temple. The Sacramento temple had 4 years of roadblocks. The Newport Beach temple had opposition. Buying Main Street from DEE DEE in Salt Lake took on a war of words with the City Council. The Church said once they would build a temple in Hartford, CT, then pulled the plug on that, said sorry and now in 2012 they are building a temple in Hartford, CT. They have changed the location of the Philly temple from initial plans. Change happens. Time does too.


I hope this doesn't block views of the Temple.

Orem, UT

Of the views on the neighbor website, I'm most concerned about the view from the temple. I love that view of Utah Lake, seems like this building will be one of the few or only visual obstructions of that horizon. The other views seemed tolerable, though I'm sure the building will be much more obvious from those other locations during the winter without the tree foliage.

I'm glad that green space will be added. It will make the long weeks of training a little more bearable and therapeutic to have some space within the campus.

As for the design of the building itself, I'm not a huge fan of the beige. I wish they'd consider going with the darker red brick like they've started doing on the BYU campus with the Broadcasting building and the new Heritage Halls. The orange beige is getting old, and the red brick looks classier.

If additional space is wanted, I think they could relocate the chapel north of the MTC and expand the campus. There is some space by the existing chapel and overflow parking up at the temple for another chapel.

Provo, UT

I think 9 stories is to high. Its on the edge of a residential area. They have the space to build a larger building with less stories

Hayden, ID

If you don’t even live in Provo, why would you care about this building going up?

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