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Published: Wednesday, March 14 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Danbury, CT

Call me when we get to round 3 and win. Beating Iona and saying it will "live on in lore" shows how pathetically awful our post-season history really is. I'm thrilled for the win, but until we beat somebody, it's not part of anything.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

That it will! Oh, how our bigs delivered in the 2nd half. Hartsock was money in the 2nd half because he was being fed the ball, and Davies (after his crasy 1st half turn-overs) was an absolute beast.

Alpine, UT

eastcoastcoug - Your attempts at trying to make us think you're a Cougar fan are what's "pathetically awful". If you were really a Cougar fan, you'd be ecstatic about this amazing and history making win!

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

Boy from Danbury, give us your phone number so we can make that call.

Orem, Utah

This was BYU basketball's version of the Miracle Bowl. Those who "left early" were sorry they did.

What a great comeback!

Let's hope it gives the Marquette players a little pause and doubt about BYU. Probably not.

After the game when the announcer asked Rose if this was his biggest win, did you notice the reply? Instead of saying "yes," he just praised his players. He didn't want them to think they'd reached their pinnacle yet in this tournament. Smart coach.

Idaho Falls, ID

If you are not satisfied until this team is in the elite 8, your expectations are beyond this universe. For not having a guard line this truly was an amazing victory. And if you can't enjoy game where heart and persistence beats superior athleticism, you better quit watching BYU sports. This year's team may not get past the 1st round but next 2 years hold for deeper penetration into the tournament. Enjoy the win, man, life is too short.

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