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Published: Tuesday, March 13 2012 12:00 a.m. MDT

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hi, UT

Wild, nearly unbelievable! Brave move by Rose to sub Harrison for the frenetically playing guard.

P.S. Anyone know how many games the Cougs fell behind early this year? Does the team tend to start flat or too hyped?

Independence Is Bliss
San Jose, CA

AMAZING!!! Glad I got to witness history. Let's say it again: Largest comeback in NCAA tourney HISTORY! What a night.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

A great comeback win.

15 minutes of terrible coaching by Rose. 25 minutes of good coaching by Rose.

25 minutes of good defense. 25 minutes of atrocious shooting by a team that didn't belong in the first four.

15 minutes of lights out shooting by the underdog. 25 minutes of solid low post execution that should have been the obvious game plan from the beginning against the smallest team in the tourney.

This was a strange win. Cougar fans should be extremely excited by the comeback victory but extremely thankful that Rose's approach to the game didn't cost them a victory against a team that had no business being in the game from minute one. At least he made the adjustments and got the amazing comeback win.

Provo, UT

Can't this BYU team win a game early in the game? It would have been kinder for the BYU team to have killed their fans outright than put their fans hearts and bladders on that 55 point rollercoaster ride.

Moab, UT

Actually, with the win over Iona, the Cougars advance to the FIRST round of the NCAA tournament, since it was essentially a play-in game.

Honor Code
Denver, Colorado

As much as I dislike BYU, kudos to them!!

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT


metamora, IL

Not to take away from the cougs great victoy, but the other thing is that it appeared Iona just ran out of gas -- couldn't maintain the frenetic pace of the first 15 minutes.


Nicely done BYU. Way to hang in there and keep pressing. Equally impressive was the first 15 minutes by Iona, great speed and quickness, it was hard for the Cougars to adapt. Now my concern...I hope the NCAA dosen't launch an investigation into the victory last night. I'm pretty sure at halftime in an attempt to get another Pac 10 team into the tournament, the Iona team was kidnapped by the Utes who scored their customarily 17 points in a half giving BYU an chance to come back.

Bountiful, UT

Its about time Damarcus Harrison finally got some playing time. I like Zylstra but he was a major liability on defense. The guy he was supposed to guard kept hitting wide open threes in the first half, each time Brock was unable to keep up. Things began to change after Harrison got in the game. That was a smart move by Coach Rose.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

An amazing game. I've never seen a worse half of basketball that what BYU played the first half, until Iona equaled it in the 2nd! This game speaks volumes of the "never say die" mentality of the team. Well done, Cougs. We survive the play another day!!

Cinci Man

No one has mentioned this, but I noticed that the second half had far less shooting by these awful guards. Look at the box score and we can see just how badly they shoot. I was screaming at my PC for them to quit shooting in favor of Hartsock and Davies, and I was surprised that for the first time this season Coach Rose actually heard my screams and took my suggestion. It was a great comeback and the whole team has to be credited with the comeback - the awful shooters for getting the ball to the great 3nd, and credit to the 3 scorers. Good move to lessen Zylstra's floor time. Great decision Coach! Congratulations BYU.

Harwich, MA

Kind reminds me of the "blind squirrel" story.


@So Cal: Unless you don't watch a lot of bball, this isn't close to a 'bad' half. All things considered BYU did score 40 points and were able to make a few runs. To me it wasn't so much a bad half as it was that IONA played out of their minds. 40 points is right on BYUs avg. but 55 for IONA is well above their avg even thought they are the top team in scoring offense. BYU's D couldn't keep up but it was far from a bad 1st half. IONA woulda been up on anyone with the way they played.


The keys were switching to zone defense and using Cusick to bring up the ball. I like Carlino, but he seemed to have a tough time (5 turnovers). Cusick is a solid ballhandler and plays with a lot of poise. I believe Rose should stick with zone D throughout, unless they start getting burned.

What a GREAT game. I really enjoyed it, though I could have screamed in the first half. I agree with other posters that our bigs should be the focus, and 3s should be launched only when we're doubled/tripled on the block. There were times when Davies made some great passes out of the double/triple team situations.

Good luck Thursday! Marquette is good, but I believe we can beat them if we play well. "Heart"sock is the man.

Mcallen, TX

Three reasons for the victory:

* Iona wore out
* great coaching by Rose
* the team has heart
* no WCC refs

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm not surprized that Obama wouldn't stick around to watch BYU play.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

It's Jimmer time!

Provo, UT

Gotta keep mentioning one unsung hero: Craig Cusick. What a difference he made. Think of his line--26 minutes, 8 assists, 2 steals, and only 1 turnover. Unforgettable game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Honor Code- Sorry, no one cares.

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