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Published: Saturday, March 10 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

Romney was born into a family of wealth, and privilege, his father was the head of American Motors Corporation, and Governor of Michigan! People don't necessarily mind Romney's great wealth, but his numerous comments about money demonstrate a real inability to relate to the common man. Romney may be a great businessman, but he is deeply flawed as a political candidate, and this is shown by his failure to seal the deal against an extremely weak Republican presidential field.

American Fork, UT

Romney is too far off centre for me, and not nearly far enough out for the republican party.

salt lake city, utah

Absolutely no one has said his wealth is a liability. The way he earned his money (notice I did say earned), has been questioned as any kind of an asset in running a national economy. Ask Kathleen Parker why Mitt can't relate..he's a dork. He's lived in an elitist bubble his entire life. He has no idea that it's poor taste to joke about someones unemploymnet, make fun of their cheap raincoat, call the south the other team. It's just a fact he has no idea how the ordinary person lives..so like Kathleen said give it up Mitt just be yourself and try and sell that because nobody is buying the common man Mitt.

Salt Lake City, UT

When the tax rate Mitt pays on his income is the same as the tax rate a teacher, nurse or firefighter pays on their salaries, then Mitt's wealth will cease to be an issue.

Until then, it's an issue.

Sandy, UT

Romney can not relate to the average person because he is anti middle class and anti union. He is for trade policies that hurt the middle class at the expense of his connected friends.

The republicans are against any regulations that actually help the middle class. Like regulating credit default swaps, derivatives and MERS.

Springville, UT

It seems to me that this letter really misses the point of the criticism of Romney. It isnÂt his wealth. Americans in both parties like successful people. It is that he cannot in any way relate to the struggles of the average American and he shows it time after time. He is aloof and not a people person. See the article today in the NYT about RomneyÂs tenure as Governor of Massachusetts. It speaks volumes. He has a lot going for him, but the political world is not his cup of tea. He is not well suited for this. Add to this his blatant, clearly uncomfortable pandering and flip-flopping on the issues, and it is clear he is not connecting with the voters. I have no personal animus towards him. I just think he should not try to be something he is not and should not be, President of the United States.

Mcallen, TX

To make every one equal, would be denying us the freedom to succeed. Some people are filled with envy.

I enjoy American freedom, and if I become wealthier then someone else--, Sorry!

Don't like it? Move to Kenya. They're equally poor.

Pleasant Grove, UT

How about when Mitt says, "Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?" Or when his wife, at the height of the Great Recession, takes a vacation to Spain with a bunch of her friends? Or when Mitt and his wife travel in separate planes to the same destination only hours apart? Or when they go to Vail and Aspen and Martha's Vineyard for their family vacations, while a tenth of the country is out of work.

Clearly this man is out of touch and should not be president.

Oh, wait. That wasn't Mitt.


Ann Romney: "I don't even consider myself wealthy."

It isn't Romney's wealth (though it can be a political liability during economic stress) as much as it is they've tried to minimize and portray themselves as something that they're not. I've never heard any public statements from the Romney's acknowledging the great advantages they had growing up--attending private prep schools, paying college tuition and living expenses by selling stock. Yes, Mitt used those advantages afforded him to better himself. Good for him. But don't pretend otherwise.

Ann was trying to make a larger point. But what she should've said is something along the line of, "Mitt and I have had great advantages. We've been lucky enough not to worry about how we were going to pay the bills etc. but mostly I cherish our many good friends and neighbors etc."

(As for the Kennedy's. They fought for policies that would help the middle class and poor. They also started the Peace Corps and Special Olympics).

Most of Romney's campaign donations have come from large wealthy donors, very few small donations.

CHS 85
Sandy, UT

I'm sure Mitt will be fine with the criticism. He can go to either his house in California or Massachusetts and drive around in the Escalade parked in each garage.

Salt Lake City, UT


You're missing the point. No one is arguing that we should all be "equal."

What we are saying is that we should all be treated fairly by our tax code. We don't have that now. Mitt and his peers have no problem lobbying congress for preferential treatment and they stash money in the Cayman Islands for the purpose of avoiding taxes.

Mitt's tax rate is barely 13%.

Mine is 30%, even after my accountant does all he can for me.

The playing field is far from level, and it's tilting more and more in favor of the wealthy. That's got to stop.

J Thompson


We are treated fairly by our tax code. You have chosen to omit the fact that Mitt Romney paid the same tax rate that you pay and the same tax rate that I pay WHEN he earned the "nestegg" that he now uses for investments. He paid taxes on his wages and now he is paying taxes on the profits from his investments. If you invested your money, you would pay the same tax on profits from those investments. You would have paid taxes when you earned the money to invest and then you would pay taxes again when those investments made a profit.

There is no double standard. It's time to stop misleading people into thinking that Mitt pays a "favored" tax rate.


President Obama's "class warfare" is working. People ignore the fact that President Obama lives the life of Royalty, at our expense; that he vacations all over the world, at our expense; that his "office" is on the golf course; that he tells us that the "rich" need to pay more. How about if he just paid us back for those "luxuries"?

Mitt pays his own way. Why doesn't Barack Obama?

one old man
Ogden, UT

Mr. Thompson, your comments about Obama's "vacations" and "golfing" are far off the mark. Were you saying the same things when GWB(whose vacations were longer and more frequent) was golfing and trimming brush for photographers at his "ranch" in Texas?

Salt Lake City, UT

Ok, here it is from a Democrat (me):

Exhibit #1: Michael Bloomberg has at least five times the wealth as Mitt and it never comes up.

Exhibit #2: Totally ignore their words and just watch them on the stump. Ok, now ask yourself who is the natural politician: Rick or Mitt?

Exhibit #3: In 2008 Mitt wore only suit and tie or sport coat and tie. This time his consultant has him in jeans and white shirt with sleeves rolled up ALWAYS. Am I the only one that remembers John Kerry - Pheasant Hunter aka LL Bean fashion plate. Sick.

Rexburg, ID

Romney is just the right man at the right time. He is a truly awesome candidate running an awesome campaign.

Social conservatives are creating a problem for Romney and for themselves by supporting irrelevant issues. As has been said, this election is about economics, federal spending & debt, and foreign policy, where Romney has amazing experience and very solid policies.

If "relating to the common man" were such an important qualification for presidents, many of the great presidents of the past would not have been elected (FDR, Kennedy, Reagan, Jefferson, etc.). It's just an irrelevant concept made up by people as an excuse not to support someone. Get over it. We need a DOER with real executive experience and a proven track record, not a feel-good therapist. We've already seen what that gets us with Carter and Obama. Yuck.

Salt Lake City, UT

JThompson: "We are treated fairly by our tax code. You have chosen to omit the fact that Mitt Romney paid the same tax rate that you pay and the same tax rate that I pay WHEN he earned the "nestegg" that he now uses for investments."

Wow - that's quite a rationalization.

Romney was born wealthy, and his investments and Bain Capital's lobbying of congress for ever-greater tax breaks have made him even wealthier. His "salary" income has never amounted to more than lunch money.

Income is income, and all income should be treated the same.

Stop trying to defend a tax system that has been stacked so blatantly in favor of the hyper-wealthy.

Utah Soldier
Bountiful, UT

Blue -

You need a new accountant. I paid less than 10% income tax on over 150K income. There are no capital gains included.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Some people have the experience to DO THINGS. Mitt Romney is one of those people. He KNEW how to be on the ballot in every State; Santorum and Gingrich did not. From that simple fact alone, which of the three understands that there are rules that must be obeyed before you can sit behind the desk in the Oval Office?

It takes 1,144 delegates to get the Republican nomination. Romney has over 440. Santorum has less than 50% of Romney. Gringrich has less than 25% of Romney.

If we concentrated on the facts, the facts that the media so conveniently covers up in their effort to make the public think that this is a close race, we could start comparing Romney vs Obama. That is what the Democrats are trying to keep us from doing. They know that the President, who has never held a job, much less one who has never created a private sector job, will not have a chance when people THINK about the economy and the $5 TRILLION additional deficit Mr. Obama "gave" us.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Blue: "When the tax rate Mitt pays on his income is the same as the tax rate a teacher, nurse or firefighter pays on their salaries, then Mitt's wealth will cease to be an issue."

Why are you placing the blame for Mitt's tax rate on him? He had nothing to do with it. You sound like a guy who's digging for something to whine about.

"Until then, it's an issue."

Take the issue up with the Congress. There's where the Mitt's tax rate was created. And it happened years before Mitt came on the scene as a presidential candidate.

Mcallen, TX

If you look at how people have lived through history, we all would be considered wealthy. More so than the King and Queen of England. This is Romney envy.

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