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Published: Thursday, March 8 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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City, Ut

article--Radkey said that the LDS Church...are tracking those who access this data, and locking out those, like myself...
"If she, or anyone else, is misusing a Church member's identity to search for Holocaust names, then the system is set up to block those kinds of activities," Purdy said"

Ah, now that is poetic justice.

Layton, UT

'nuff said.

Athens, GA

Number one: Why is the press and the Church giving so much attention to this lady who sounds crazy! This is from the news article in the Washington Post where she sounds so nuts!
Number 2-By her own admissions she skulks around the Family History Library watching other patrons and waiting for them to not log out correctly then she accesses their log in to look up things she knows she is not suppose to. Isn't this considered hacking and illegal? Can't they take out a restraining order to keep her out because of her questionable practices?

Magna, UT

Proxy baptisms do not mean anything to absolutely anyone except members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including Jewish people. Why should they care? The attention this is getting from certain groups is nothing more than an attempt to embarrass the church.

Bountiful, UT

For any group to take so much offense at an effort that means them no harm and in reality does no harm, is taking offense needlessly. Such people ought to focus on real enemies or on getting on with their life.

When Jews are targeted I am with them. But this is crying wolf when their is no wolf. Obviously there are those who are set in disagreement. But such people would do well to re-examine their motives and this entire situation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Let Radkey have her say. And ignore her. It is not worth the point-counter-point. Besides, there is no answer the church can ever give that will ever satisfy her.

Makanda, IL

Bro. Purdy is being a little disingenuous about the situation. Yes, the safeguards against submission are exactly what the church was asked to do, but the blocking of access to lookup of certain names is a very different thing. There is no reason to do that except to keep busy-bodies/whistle-blowers (whichever way one wants to view it) from having access to information about what has been done.

Woods Cross, UT

@northboundax: the problem remains however, that IF the whistleblower is the abuser, how does one prevent continued abuse? The Church is damned either way. At least with the new policy, those who abuse in an effort to defame the Church, will have a greater task to meet their goals.

Charlottesville, VA

Poetic justice--exactly right, windsor.

Maybe Radkey is complaining because her goal all along wasn't to stop baptisms for the dead on behalf of Holocaust victims; it was to make the LDS Church look bad.

Beaverton, OR

"If she, or anyone else, is misusing a Church member's identity to search for Holocaust names, then the system is set up to block those kinds of activities,"

That's EXACTLY what she did and was reported in the SLTribune. She used friends' accesses to get in. Basically, isn't that identity theft? Talk about hypocrisy.

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

Another article about this stated that Radkey was accessing the site using other people's names and passwords. And SHE is claiming the LDS Church is targeting HER by blocking her access to names that shouldn't be accessed anyway? Now that IS ironic!

Collin Card
Provo, Utah

Perhaps she feels targeted because the Church is trying to fix and avoid the problem (members submitting names of Holocaust victims, Catholic Saints and famous people who are not family) that she spends her time trying to blow the whistle on. In doing so, they are messing with her goals.

I read in the Trib that she was researching Mitt Romney's family history when she discovered it. Is HE a family member of hers? Hmmmm....

Salt Lake City, UT

This whole thing appears suspicious on Radkey's part. She is gettin into the system using someone elses account so that she can blow the whistle on the LDS Church. If she can get in on someone elses account, can't she also submit names on that account to make the LDS Church look bad? So now that she can't get in she is upset, hmmm, sounds very suspicious of her.

KC Mormon
Edgerton, KS

You said "She used friends' accesses to get in. Basically, isn't that identity theft? Talk about hypocrisy." Its even worse than that. This comes from an article in the Washington Post on her
"In 2006 and 2009, the library disciplined her for sneaking onto computers used by Mormons who had not logged off their terminals and then spending hours using their accounts to dig through the private church records"

Voice of Reason
Layton, UT

Actually, Northbound, the only reason to block looking up Holocaust names is to...keep people from looking up Holocaust names. It's not a conspiracy to shut down Helen Radkey - she'll be naturally shut down when no one can break the rules anymore and look up unrelated Holocaust Jews. The Church isn't trying to hide some sinister Church policy to secretly allow this to go on. Occam's Razor, Northbound.

The real issue has been Helen Radkey abusing the fact that in a Church where any member can freely submit a name for temple work, there will always be someone willing to break the ChurchÂs longstanding rules against submitting names that arenÂt their relatives. Supposedly, Ms. RadkeyÂs motives were to Âprotect the beliefs of JewsÂ. But now that the Church finally has worked out a system to centrally enforce its longstanding rules that 99.999% of its members always followed anyway, now there wonÂt BE anybody breaking the rules at all. Ms. Radkey should be overjoyed  all those baptisms she didnÂt like are being shut down for good! But somehow no, she's still not happy. Hmm...


if someone complains/criticizes about proxy baptisms why do you care?

Harrisville, UT

Radkey will simply find another non-monitored culture, social class or religon to "protect" albeit, she'll still be doing it by stealing another's identity.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would think there'd be a way to keep records open and searchable and just label the files/names they're currently blocking with some designation that says they're off-limits to submission/baptisms.


The mormon church lost big time on this issue. It will be hard to recover.

American Fork, UT

Actually, nobody asked the church to limit access to people being able to view their records. They were asked to stop baptizing certain individuals. It is completely possible to prevent certain names from being baptized while still allowing people to see who has received the LDS ordninances. I encourage the LDS church to stop playing games in their press releases.

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