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Published: Thursday, March 8 2012 7:00 p.m. MST

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sandy, UT

Billy, Billy, Billy, keep drinking the Kool-Aid. Foster is gone, and so is your inside game. No way do they reach double digit wins next year. It may even be 2-3 years away. The question is does Loveridge even come back after his mission, or go anywhere else that might win and get into the NIT. Plus, two bid conferences don't really get the best basketball recruits.

South Jordan, UT

Washburn, Storey, Martin and Loveridge will win some games next year. As a Utah fan, we know we hit the lowest point possible. It only goes up from here.

Need a strong forward, and some shooters. The defense was very good at times. Ball control was horrible at best. Too many turnovers and poor shooting hurt the team. There are a couple of kids that are not good enough to play division 1 let alone PAC 12.

PAC 12 will be stronger this upcoming year.

The only thing that matters in hoops is post season play. Knowing that, Utah did not do well but neither are the other teams in Utah.


"The cold hard truth is some of the current members of the Utah basketball team aren't good enough to play in the Pac-12."

But, they are in the Pac-12. That is the only recruiting edge Utah has now. Kids today can't remember back to Utah's 40 years of basketball glory. Utah can only pick up kids that want to play in a big conference but aren't good enough to be there.

The coaches need to see Moneyball. Then find a way a way to get the best team from a pool outside the Pac-12 recruiting region. Hint, start with the state of Utah.

Bluffdale, UT

First recruit, Jeff Judkins. I don't know why Utah can't seal this op right under their nose. Jeff as an assistant coach and recruiter in the Men's Pac-12 should be an easy deal. He's a successful coach that can light enthusiasm into anyone, but is in the WCC now. please.

Salt Lake City, UT

goodDr. you have no idea what you're talking about.

Foster has already said he's coming back. Loveridge has never mentioned a mission and I don't think its on his mind.

With Foster, Washburn, Olsen, and Bachynski in the middle. Loveridge will be a good small forward. We'll be the longest team in the Pac12

The question is who will fill the other spots. Good luck to the coaches to figure it out and good luck to the guys who are released. Its going to be some tough decisions but I trust the coaching staff knows what they want and what the team needs.

I see next year's team in double digit wins. Can't wait to see the new schedule!

Cottonwood Heights, UT


I have news for you, Loveridge is not planning to go on a mission at this point.

More news, Foster is most definitely coming back. Done deal.

And even more good news for you, the Utes will absolutely get double digit wins next year ... take it to the bank. The question will be can they get to .500.

It'll take some time to rebuild the program, but as long as we can keep this staff together for a while, things will get better and better. Utah finally has a coach.

Denver, CO

Still have faith in the Coach. They'll do much better, but maybe not .500 yet.

Just wondering - why so many people, as a whole [not necessarily this article], have to be so negative . . .

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, what with it being Selection Sunday and all.


Loveridge is not LDS. So it stands to reason he will not serve a Mormon mission. Come on people

fan in orem
Orem, Utah

Answers at utah: Nobody and No.

U 90
Corona, CA

goodDr. = too pessimistic. Loveridge probably wont go on a mission because he's not LDS. Foster has indicated he's coming back.

KamUte = too optimistic. The only D1 talent on the current roster is Washburn and maybe Hines. Storey, Martin and everyone else on the roster are not legit D1 talent

Highland, UT

@mesoute and u90

So you guys don't even know anything about your own recruits? Loveridge most certainly is LDS although I believe that I read he isn't planning on going on a mission.

But you never know. Suffering through a year of beatdowns could change anyones mind, and he is going to spend next year geting the crud kicked out of him with the rest of the team.


From this team, I can see Cedric Martin, Dijon Farr, Javon Dawson with a good chance of coming back as role players. Kareem had way too many turnovers and mental breakdowns down the stretch, he may be better served looking elsewhere, which hurts to say because I liked the kid a lot. I also think Anthony Odunsi really showed flashes of potential the chances he got in limited minutes in the last 5 games or so, doing a good job finding ways to score and getting rebounds, so he could be a maybe.


goodDr. said:

".....Plus, two bid conferences don't really get the best basketball recruits."

I agree.

12=the number of ESPNU recruits going to the PAC12 in 2012.
0= the number of ESPNU recruits going to the WCC in 2012.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Coach K has a great staff and a lot higher level of talent coming in next year. I expect next years team will be much improved. They are obviously in the middle of a big rebuilding project but they have laid a good foundation and the players have bought into what the coaches have started.

The Utes and the PAC 12 are on the rebound and will both be getting better next year and for years to come. The conference has a great deal of money and a national TV network that will televise all of the games next year. That will bring talented athletes more than anything. I know coug fans don't like to admit it but the PAC 12 is not the WCC. They won't stay down for long - we will find out tomorrow but I wouldn't be surprised if the WCC only gets two teams in the tourney and te PAC will probably get three - even on a down year.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Utah fans love to live in the past and future, because they have no present.


Snack Pac

What are you doing tomorrow?

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

Snack PAC

You're right - I was totally talking about the future. Just like what this article was about.

Maybe you can tell me why byu fans only like to "talk" on Utah articles. Is it because you have nothing to say about your own team?

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