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Published: Tuesday, March 6 2012 12:00 p.m. MST

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MC Ute
Midvale, UT

Stay positive coach and team and especially the fans. Progress was made this year and things can only get better.

Go UTES!!!


I really enjoyed this piece on the process associated with building from the ground up. Krystko has done a great job instilling a culture that we have not seen in quite some time and as Hill said, "anyone who knows basketball can see this team has improved."

Better days are ahead. I can't wait!

West Jordan, Utah

Well said MC Ute. At this point what other options are there? Utah will be back.

Utah has NEVER had a down point like this in it's basketball history. Three years in a row have been rock bottom. Make that 5 of the last 7 years of struggle overall.

However, remember the end of the Roger Reid era in Provo, and the Tony Ingle coached season where BYU won one game. Utah was going to the final four at the time.

So you see Ute fans who are obsessed with BYU comparisons, Utah's best years have consistently beat out BYU's best years. And Utah's worst years have not been as bad as BYU's worst years. The latter is a little cloudy because Utah's bad run has extended for a number of years now. So I can't make the consistency argument there. Still, be supportive Ute fans. The patience part is hard in sports and sometimes not a good thing. However, now is the time for being patient as well.

Heber City, UT

BYU had one bad year and you dare to compare it to Utah miserable seasons, how funny. How many will transfer out this year?



Run along now and watch "Amazing" lest you soon forget how far your team advanced and how much it achieved at the pinnacle of the program while lead by a arguably your best player in history. I'll tell you how it ends; A Sweet 16 loss. What a simply "Amazing" season preceded by runs of 1st round tournament losses. Amazing.

West Jordan, Utah


You said what I said at the end of my last paragraph. My comment was from a Ute perspective, and yours a cougar one.

Yes Utah has struggled much lately. I am just saying things will turn to my my fellow fans while pointing out history comparisons. It is true that BYU's worst year was by far worse than Utah's worst year. Again, Utah has still been down for a number of years.

Now the success comparison. Utah has been to the championship game twice, the final four three times, the elite 8 four times, and the sweet sixteen so many times I can't count. Utah missed the NCAA tournament onlt twice in the Majerus era. And they lost only once in the first round out of thirteen times.

BYU on the other hand has won only 3 tournament games in 30 years.

Highland, UT


Uh, I suppose if you are basing "worst evers" on wins and losses then BYU's 1 win season was worse. But "far worse"? Hardly. utah has played more games, so more opportunities to win. utah has played a far easier schedule as well. BYU did not play, and lose to, any D2 teams nor was the conference BYU played in as awful as the current pac12.

Of course BYU didn't suffer any 40+ point losses either while utah has multiples of them to worse competition. BYU can't even come close to matching utah's current 7 year, and counting, run of futility. And then BYU actually had players on that team that amounted to something and became decent players whereas no one on utah's active roster this year is any good at all and will ever amount to anything.

So "far worse"? Hardly. We can make a pretty good argument that this utah team is the worst college basketball team in the history of the state.

Leo Femedlers
El Paso, TX

Larry was in my third grade elementary class in Gt Falls MT. He was a foot taller than everyone in the class. Then he moved and I moved to different (smaller) towns and my jr high bball team played against his. They killed us every time we met and it was primarily due to Larry. I was glad to see he made it to the NBA. (Made the losses in jr high a bit easier.) '-) I wish him the best with the Utes...except when they play BYU.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

I like what coach K is doing with this program. There is no quick fix to the problems but it has to be built up from scratch.

He has proven this year that he can keep players motivated to play and to continue to work hard. They could have given up on this season a long time ago.

I'm excited to see what he and his staff can do with more talented players coming next year. I know it will take a few years to get it turned around but hopefully next year they will be a lot more competitive.

South Jordan, Utah

Coach has about a $million$ reasons to "maintain his resolve". Heck, if I made as much as he does I would milk it for all it's worth as well.

Resolve is one thing, winning is a totally different story.

Salt Lake City, UT

Slumping Facts

BYU's slump was much steeper, but much shorter.
Utah's slump has been shallower, but much longer.

BYU's slump lasted four years (112 games), beginning after finishing 22-10 in 1995 and ending after finishing 22-11 in 2000.
During BYU's slump, the Cougars had four losing seasons and were 37-75 (33%) overall.

1999-00 - 22-11
1998-99 - 12-16
1997-98 - 9-21
1996-97 - 1-25
1995-96 - 15-13
1994-95 - 22-10

Utah's slump has lasted seven years (219 games), so far, beginning after finishing 29-6 in 2005 and continuing for who knows how much longer.
During their slump, the Utes have had five losing seasons and have been 101-118 (46%).

2011-12 - 6-24
2010-11 - 13-18
2009-10 - 14-17
2008-09 - 24-10
2007-08 - 18-15
2006-07 - 11-19
2005-06 - 14-15
2004-05 - 29-6

Frankly, I'd much have had BYU's slump than this on-going nightmare of musical coaches and players.

South Jordan, Utah

Good point Ufan. What you failed to mention, however, is that Utah's slump is not yet over, although that could change next year (or not).

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

i thought this article was about the U. Why all the comments and comparisons with BYU?

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


BYU only three losing seasons during their slump:

1998-99 - 12-16
1997-98 - 9-21
1996-97 - 1-25
1995-96 - 15-13

1996 wasn't all that great, but at least it wasn't a losing season.

cedar Hills/ utah, UT

In comparing BYU's 1996-97' 1 win season to this years 6-24 Ute team, BYU had a much tougher schedule and will play 6 fewer games (-5 at this point with PAC Tournament game pending and barring an Miracle for the Almighty the Utes win) and they had fewer home games, plus the 96-97 WAC was far better than this years PAC12 Conference.

In the 96-97' preseason BYU played: Cal St.-Fullerton, Washington, Pacific, Weber St., Utah St, Boise St, Houston, Georgia and Penn State. Of those 9 games, BYU had only 5 home games and they had 4 true away games with no neutral site games.

In this years preseason Utah played: San Diego Christian, Boise St, Montana St, Harvard, Massachusetts, UNC Asheville, Fresno St, CSU Fullerton, BYU, Idaho St, Portland and Weber St. Of those 12 games 7 of them were at home, 2 were on neutral courts and only 3 were true away games.

If the 1996-97' BYU team played against this years Ute schedule they would have won more than 6 games!!!

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

It wouldn't be a Utah article without a flood of byu fans commenting.

I'm not sure what this article has to do with slump comarisons but whatever makes you feel better. As a far as Utah being in a "several year" slump, they were conference champions 3 years ago and won the MWC tournament. The cougs have won 3 NCAA tournament games in 30 years - to me that is a bit more of a "slump". Sure they are better this year but they still may not even make the tournament.

The Utes have had some bad years with a number of coaching changes but even through those times, they had the number 1 pick in the NBA draft - oh yeah that was the same year we had the first pick in the NFL draft too - only college team to do that by the way.

So pile on while you can byu fans

Salt Lake City, Utah

It wouldn't be a Utah basketball article without a flood of Utah fans trying to deflect the topic to anything EXCEPT Utah basketball.

Utah is none and done for the last seven years COMBINED and your lone NCAA appearance resulted in a humiliating loss to a 12th seed.

Keep living in the past if it makes you feel better about that trainwreck on the hill.

Don't Feed the Trolls
Salt Lake City, UT

I like and admire Coach Krystko.

The silly BYU vs Utah fans on here? Not so much.


Along with many others, I have said this before, Krystkowiak has proven he can coach. The question is can he recruit? The downfall of Utah basketball has been the inability to bring guys into the program that fit the system the coaches wanted. Recruiting will save or further plumet this program into the depths of dispair

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Haha. Check out are history in the NCAAs. We our so much better than utah ever will be. When have they ever had a NBA player as good as Jimmer?

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