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Published: Monday, March 5 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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East Salt Lake City, Utah


The 2008 Ute didn't just win just another bowl game, they were the ONLY undefeated team in the nation and had four top 25 wins. For comparisons, BYU has only beat 2 final ranked teams since Edwards retired.

Even if the BCS folds into Plus-One with BYU still out looking in... We still have scoreboard 14 of the last 20 years.

BYU will struggle, opposing defenses will just need to put 8-9 in the box and force Nelson to throw. BYU will be lucky to go 8-4.

Mesa, AZ


You still miss the point...

Why are you trying to convince BYU fans that they are not worthy of whatever you think is worthy?

So what if u won a BCS bowl and were undefeated. You weren't the first and you won't be the last.

What did you do last year? Nothing.

What did you do the year before? Nothing.

"But your NC was 30 years ago." Yep it was, and for 30 years we have been in the discussion of the top programs in the west, if not the country. It is called a legacy. Take a look around articles and proof is everywhere

What u got? 2 BCS wins. Which by the standards of the last two years is starting to look more and more like an anomaly.

We have down years, then we get right back up into the top 25.

For every argument you make BYU can make a better argument, (go see how many conference and NCs BYU has for ALL their sports)

But the real question remains, why do you come to BYU boards and try to convince BYU fans that u are better? what drives that?

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"For every argument you make BYU can make a better argument..."

What about head to head football competition?

Does it matter at all that Utah has won two of the last two games?

Does it matter that Utah has won seven of the last ten games?

Does it matter that Utah has won 12 of the last twenty games?

What is BYU's "better" argument for scoreboard?


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