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Published: Sunday, March 4 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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Layton, UT

No Craig Bills at safety?

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

If Bronco always felt that Nelson was the best guy to start then why did split time with Heaps at the start of 2010?

Alexandria, VA

Broadcast the spring game on BYUTV -

Chris from Rose Park

Another article to help tide me over till fall. I'm excited for the coming year. Go Cougs!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

re: Go Utes!

A reasonable question fairly asked. You might recall that Riley was injured before the start of the season. It was brushed off, but I beleive it was more serious than that, and rather than throw the freshman completely wet-behind-the-ears into a brutal learning experience, Riley toughed it out as long as he could to give Heaps some time to acclimatize.

Rile WAS injured prior to the start of the season. Everything else? Conjecture on my part. But it's what I believe.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Rugby best in the world "Paul Lasike" - Then he will hold on the ball and can see himself pitching balls (lattual) to his other players. Wish him well for RB.

As for Chambers, still having issues with Bronco? Hope not and I heard he may play DB this year.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

Thanks Y Grad / Y Dad,
I am so happy to have football back in the news! even if my Utes don't start spring ball for another few weeks. only six months till kick off!

Otis Spurlock
Ogden, UT

I smell a BCS Bowl this year. Let's start printing the shirts!

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

I love my Cougs, but I'm over Bronco's ambiguity. I said it before last year, and it'll be a drum beat for me this year. I believe Bronco has gotten the football team as far as he'll be able to. I see a team whose "consistent" but not increasing. I donÂt see his as getting the team to the next level, if that next level is important to the AD and Administration like they say it is.

"There are younger players coming on. However, if James Lark is still the best player behind Riley, we'll use him as a backup," Mendenhall said. "If any of the other quarterbacks have a skill set in terms of running the football or maybe doing something else, then we might be able to get them some time on the field in a unique package that would help with some of the experience."

Apparently Coach didn't learn enough about the Heaps-Nelson rotation debacle. "Maybe" & "might"? I'd like a coach more firm and committed.

IÂm tired of his schtick.

Frisco, TX

It should be another exciting season of Cougar football.

There are many names who are not listed in this article that will be in the mix in September. Craig Bills is one of those. But others include Hine, Fua, Stout, and Ryker Mathews.

I'm hopeful we can find another Dennis Pitta, Johnny Harline type TE. The TE is such a critical position for the type of offense we run. This is the position we have missed the most the past two years.

Lark seems like the right choice to back-up Nelson if Nelson sustains an injury. However, since he's a senior, I hope we give "mop up duty" to the 3rd string QB (Munns, Hill or Olsen) to give him experience.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

RE: Otis Spurlock- Ogden, UT: "I smell a BCS Bowl this year. Let's start printing the shirts!"

Ahhhh, college football is back in the news. So nice to hear from him-- said w/ tongue firmly inserted in cheek! :-)

Mars University, Mars

BYU still has a football team?

Salt Lake City, UT

Lesson 1 on morning 1 of practice -

Teach team not to quit.

Seattle, Wa

Article: "I'm not only excited that it's a senior, but I'm excited that it's Riley," Mendenhall said."

Who else outside of USU or Montana would be excited to have Sunshine as their starting QB? I'm afraid Bronco's hyperbole is just another not-so-veiled jab at Heaps and Heaps' departure from the program. For a coach who seems to inject as much religion into the process as Bronco does, I find it odd that rather than leaving the ninety and nine and going after the one, Bronco was happy to say, "Good luck, and good riddance" to the one who lost his way.

Whatever his motivation there, Bronco and company seem happy to have kissed goodbye the potential for greatness in the QB position for a known entity with limited abilities--leaving fans to look forward to an 8-4 season at best with 7-5 a real possibility.

Fresno, CA

So. Cal Reader

I can understand your point of view, but on day #1 of Spring practice, I would be more concerned if he already had his mind made up about everything.

Tempe, AZ

Not completely convinced who will get my vote in November, I am holding out hope that Roscoe will throw his hat into the mix. Although sometimes shaky and unsure in his decision-making, Roscoe does have some distinct advantages. 1) He has a memorable name 2) He has hundreds, if not thousands, of t-shirts that could quickly be modified to include his campaign slogan "Quest For Election."

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

A lot of Utah fan comments now that basketball is finally over. Utah basketball was like a very sick dog this past year. You know you need to put it down but you hope maybe things will get better. It can't get worse can it? But it does. Finally, you realize that its time. Well, now its over and like the owner of that sad dog, you all need to vent. We understand.

Fresno, CA

Just out of curiosity, while I know certain coaches on every team go out and actively recruit new players, what do the other coaches do during the interim between the bowl games and spring practice?

Salt Lake City, UT

NOW it feels like Spring! Go Cougars!

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I'm done with pre-season hype. All we ever hear about is how great BYU is going to be and it never pans out. I love my cougs and I always will and I have faith they can be good. However, they haven't proven to me that they can be great yet. The national championship/BCS talk needs to end, it really does.

Stop talking and start doing. I'm out.

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