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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 29 2012 10:00 p.m. MST

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I reprimand thee. Thou art now reprimanded.

Springville, UT

The PAC-12 may not be such a happy experience for Utah in the long run. There are reasons for this. Money has been chosen to replace integrity and fairness on the filed of competition.

Syracuse, UT

Yes, as we all know, you can only say that the pac-12 is the conference of champions and that all other schools and area's of the country are far inferior and that anything and anyone who is in the conference is superior to all else. Anyone saying anything to the contrary will be considered a traitor and subject to be banned to the bottom of the conference standings for all other sports.

Chittenango, NY

Greg knew this was coming. It will be interesting to see what the scoring will be like tonight against Oregon State. I'm sure that if Greg had contacted the PAC12 and said something about questionable judging, the PAC12 would have looked right into it. Pause for laughter.

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