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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 28 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Wasn't long ago everyone wanted to draft Jimmer with the Jazz first pick. He was going to save the Jazz from destruction. Jimmmer hasn't been good enough to even play on a cellar dweller. Kanter seems like a much better decision by Kevin.

HOwever until CJ is a starter, the Jazz will continue their losing ways on the road. Hayward will continue to be out of position on defense all night long but those fans with blinders will sing his praises. Hayward is completely lost on off-the-ball defense. He gets burned time and time again.

Chandler, AZ

If you watched any of the "Jimmer's All-Stars" game, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Isaiah Thomas is getting more minutes. Thomas clearly outshone Jimmer and was one of the few bright points of that game.


Dude get over it. C J Has had how many years to prove himself. Hayward is a baby! Picked by the NBA as one of the best "stuck on a bad team". I agree that Jimmer would have been a bad first pick, and Kanter will someday be a monster in the league. I think Burks will also do well in his career. In defense of "ALL of the guards, this system isn't suited for a perimeter game!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

"Jimmer's Kings" The headline makes it sound as if he owns the team. Or is the star of it. He's neither.

Salt Lake City, UT

CJ, the Kings have what the Jazz don't -- a boatload of quality guards. We don't know if Jimmer would've been better in Utah than in Sacramento. What we do know is the Jazz have ZERO idea how to develop a 2 guard, and little idea how to develop any young player. Your namesake is one prime example, Burkes, Kanter and Favors are others.

Add the talent they let go in Mo Williams and Kris Humphries, one a former all-star, the other averaging a double-double for the second year in a row. Oh, lets include Matthews and Brewer, who the Jazz let go.

If you can have a 5'9" point guard, you can have a 6'2" shooting guard (though maybe not at the same time). If the Kings want Jimmer to be productive, use him at both positions.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Ah, the revisionist history of the Deseret News. Jimmer didn't "nearly" beat the Jazz last time they played - he had the ball with the clock winding down....and chucked up an airball.

The word "nearly" implies that it was close. To be close, I'd say you have to at least hit the rim, the backboard, or the bottom part of the net.

Clearfield, Utah

There were several things that were apparent the first time the Jazz played the Kings. The first is that Jimmer looks really small on the court, with even average size guards towering over him. The second is that those fancy escape dribbles he used in college to get himself open don't work in the NBA, with the guys being much faster and much more athletic, and third, there is exactly no one who is scared of Jimmer in the NBA, which is where a lot his success came from in college. Fourth, we don't need to be reminded he's from BYU all the time. And fifth, Jimmer is still a stupid name.

South Jordan, UT

Jimmer was a lot of fun to watch in college but his weaknesses are glaring in the pros. It's ok, he signed a guaranteed 3 year 1st round pick contract that pays him 1.3 million per year.

In college, he had the support of a coach that allowed him to shoot 20-25 times per game and shoot at a 40% rate. He's considered a bad guard on a bad team and doesn't make them better. I do expect he'll work on his shooting and we will see him as a role player at some point on a better team, that is if he starts hitting his jumpers. He was compared to Steve Kerr. The problem is that Kerr was deadly when left alone, Jimmer is frequently left alone because he is not that big of a threat.


I really admire Jimmer as an individual but he is NOT a lasting NBA level player. Not drafting Jimmer was the best decision the Jazz made last off-season. Jimmer homers need to realize that he is not playing because he is being outplayed by other Kings players and not because of some grand conspiracy by the coaching staff. Jimmer will play out his rookin contract and then take his talents, and his brother, to the Israeli league.


I think Jimmer could be a nice ticket draw if he was in a Utah Jazz uniform. I don't think he will ever be more than a role player. He reminds me a lot of a shorter J J Redick. And like I keep saying, none of the guards in the league will do as well in Utah, as they do in a ball motion offense. The high post pick and roll doesn't set up a two guard unless we have a very slick passing power forward. Matthews was let go because he cost way too much! He is loosing minutes to Crawford, and even some starts. Brewer, well that was just plain the ugliest shooting form in the NBA. Remember him being left wide open all season long, and hitting one shot in ten. He is a slasher! This C J guy hates Hayward for sure, but I'd rather gamble on a young kid his age that's proven himself in collage, (and in several NBA games). C J Miles was a high school player. He is no Kobe Bryant, or Kevin Garnet. (both high school to NBA kids) He has yet to do much in the NBA. He is a spot shooter, with flashes of talent, but his heart and basketball IQ keep him on the pine. Mo Williams wanted more money than he was worth also. He has spent ala Bozzer time on the injured list also.

Alpine, UT

re: CJ Miles

Wasn't too long ago we thought CJ might actually be able to be sonsistent but after 6 1/2 seasons he still can't.

Interesting how CJ is passing judgement on Jimmer after only a few months. If the Jazz had done that with CJ (would have been smart) CJ would have been out of the league long ago.

All that said, Jimmer has not done much performance-wise in his limited opportunities. He needs to tell his stupid brother to shut up with his tweets and he needs to buckle down and find a way to contribute when he gets his chance. If he doesn't he will be waiting for a trade or the next coach which may not be that long considering we are talking about Sacramento.


What a bust. Doesn't belong in the NBA.

CO Ute

Great college player. Big concerns about playing defense in the NBA. Not sure his game will work at this level. But way too early to tell. Some rookies exceed expectations and others take a while to adjust their game.

My prediction is he becomes an off the bench scorer for the right team that plays limited minutes but contributes but as indicated above - way too early to tell.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

Jimmer was the best and most entertaining college player in a long time. I loved watching Jimmer in the MWC tournament every year. I was one of his biggest fans. He was amazing to watch as he worked his magic. However, that magic isn't working for him in the NBA where the game is bigger and quicker. But I would never knock him as one of the best ever to put on a college uniform.

CJ has been a good NBA player. Hayward is not as good as you all think he is. Watch the game tonight and watch how he is out of position on defense every time the ball goes inside out. He stands half way between the ball and his man doing nothing. He is lost.

Sturgis, MS

Now is the time to trade for Jimmer. All he needs is a chance to play.

Bountiful, UT

Jimmer was a good college talent...NBA, not so much. All the good to great athletes in the NBA have a rhythm and confidence in their team and the team has confidence in them. Jerry West, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant and most recently, Jeremy Lin. It is very clear that the Kings have limited confidence in Jimmer, and Jimmer has no confidence in the Kings. His game doesn't flow and is far from consistent. Looking like the rapid demise of another NBA player.

highland, utah

terry haimes r u really that clueless Jimmer has no NBA GAME!!

highland, utah

jimmer threw up 35 shots a game i could score 26 points

Layton, Utah

CJ Miles

So how is that Bogut fellow doing? Last I heard he was going to be the next Shaq.

Jimmer is a rookie, a rookie! So he's not playing every minute and scoring 30 points a game. If everyone quit after just one year in the NBA, there wouldn't be an NBA. Name any Ute player that entered the league and boom was an instant Jordan? Jimmer will be fine and ute trolls will eat crow yet again.

Ogden, UT

CJ when you say as good as we all think I'm assuming you are talking about Shaq and Charles too. Barkley is way high on hayward. I will agree with you on one thing, CJ is a scorer and I still believe we need him to be the go-to guy with all the bench players. Sorry but we need to let Hayward get the minutes since he's younger.

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