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Published: Saturday, Feb. 25 2012 6:00 p.m. MST

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Clearfield, UT

Thinkman what entitlements are you referring to. Could you mean medicare. The average retire will spend $500 K on health care. Do you have a million set aside for medical care for your spouse and self. Could you explain how I can find a private company that will provide seniors medical care with affordable premiums. I am 56. I am worried about my future, especially the high cost of medical care. All the tea party wants to do is dismantle everything and anything to do with government and leave everyone to fend for themselves. The American people are looking for leadership and solutions. Romney is our best hope for a better future.


"Do you have a million set aside for medical care for your spouse and self. Could you explain how I can find a private company that will provide seniors medical care with affordable premiums."

Romney's "fix" for Medicare:

Romney has said he would offer seniors a choice between the traditional fee-for-service government health-care program and a new option to purchase private insurance, with the cost partly supported by the government. On Friday, he said that shift would go into effect in 2022 and added that he planned to increase the Medicare eligibility age by one month each year.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Those fools who voted for Lee over Bennett are going to kill this country.


Isn't there someone else that could write negative pieces about the Republican Party other than "Bailout Bob"?

He wasn't representing the interests of Republicans, so he got voted out. Whats wrong with that?

IMO there's an awful lot of liberals that thought "Bailout Bob" was the cats meow, MOSTLY because they can't elect a Demo. and guys like Bob Bennett are as close as they'll ever get to a Demo.

Liberals, maybe you could convince "Bailout Bob" to run for YOUR partys nomination. His voting record and policies will fit nicely!

Rick LT

Bennett was tossed out by the ear for voting to give illegal aliens American jobs (Voting against e-verify), and giving "too big to fail" banks all the bailout money they wanted. His "Y'all Come" attitude toward illegals is at odds with the Utah voting public's atitude, and his spend, spend, spend approach to a weak economy places him more in the Lib-Dem camp, than Republican.

Herriman, UT

Cats-Really? Bennett may have been treated badly. But, had he listened to his constituents and stepped down gracefully, it would not have been necessary to kick him out! Poll after poll showing he was not wanted should have given him a clue, but his pride got in the way. Hatch is now making the same mistake and we will also show him the door!

Salt Lake City, UT

With regards to BYU Professor Woodworth's comment that he teaches his students: "I work to convince them not to work on Wall Street and join Satan's cause. Of course it's futile." what does he mean? While I suspect he is attempting to be humorous, either it is judgemental to suggest that working on wall street is to "join Satan's cause" or it demonstrates irony that the good graduates at BYU choose to do so? I suppose that comment could come from a professor of any conservative university (not just BYU) but it kind of comes accross as being judgemental and condescending. As an active member of the LDS Church, I'm uncomfortable with that kind of a statement. Call me too sensitive if you wish.

Kearns, UT

Bennett excommunicated himself. He is way to the left of Orrin Hatch.

Provo, UT

We need more Mike Lees and fewer Bob Bennett types in the Senate and the House.

Powell, OH

Bennett deserves it. His old eyesore paint building was never cleaned up til he thought it would cost him votes in an election. His nasty comment "I have nothing against Gays, I am a great fan of the Arts" stinks. Many artists those involved in the Arts are not Gay Bob - just as some are politicians and are not thieves and liars. Your comments that you are 'better than those who elected you' speak for you. Your Attitude was not appreciated then nor is it now. Your actions and comments tell us who you really are and no amount of talking now changes that.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

Thats what happens when you support illegal foreign wars and the patriot act Bob. The voters hate these things because it only serves people like you and we have to pay the taxes for this orwellian policing of our citizens and civilians abroad.

Cedar City, Utah

@mcbillay qupte:How come it isn't acceptable (it is found discriminatory) to NOT vote for someone just because they're a Mormon?

Yet, when someone votes for Mitt Romney simply because he IS a Mormon, it's perfectly okay? As if being a Mormon is all you need to know about the candidate. Forget about policy, character, etc...end quote

REALLY? I have been reading and contributing to several blogs for years and have NOT ONCE heard someone say "I am a Mormon and will only vote for a Mormon, regardless of policy or history" Not one time. But there are many who don't like this candidate or the other , and they vote their conscience, and not the religion.

quote:Mitt Romney is the most liberal Republican Presidential Candidate the voters of the state of Utah have ever voted for in recent memory!end quote

Did I miss the primary? I didn't think Utah voted yet....

Spanish Fork, UT

Not "Excommunicated", fired. Its very telling that Bennett never addresses the real reasons he was fired but instead resorts to the typical name calling and shame tactics of those who have no logical argument to make.

Cedar Hills, UT

Bobby boy, the "extreme" element of the republican party excommunicated you because you acted to much like a progressive democrat. You represented the wrong party and should have switched long ago. Which brings up the next discussion...term limits.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

Sen Bennett was a moderate in a party that has no use for moderation. My suggestion for Bennett is that he consider joining a moderate 3rd party. One is certain to develop soon because most of us are tired of politics as usual, and that is what we are getting.

Kaysville, UT

Bob Bennett wasn't excommunicated from the Republican Party, he chose not to be responsive to constituents for many years. He is a good person but needed to be forward with the people that wrote letters and e-mails over the years. He didn't stop writing letter, he just didn't do it very often in the 18 years I have lived in Utah. Senator Hatch has done so many more things that are apparent to Utahns. He has responded to most issues I have addressed in those 18 years. He responds and probably does a better job since Senator Bennett found himself on the outside due to the political movement of the Tea-Party people. It was hard to defend Senator Bennett as one that stood for Utahn's when he didn't respond except in other forums. The quick reaction times of the various social mediums is also a factor his father, Senator Wallace F. Bennett had to deal with. Senator Bennett needs to admit he has some part in his demise and it is not the people who needed someone that would listen and act. Senator Bennett was part of the appropriations process and that is partly where the demise of the government was, in the financial processes of Congress and their influence with Fannie and Freddie.

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