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Published: Thursday, Feb. 23 2012 10:00 a.m. MST

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Gilbert, AZ

I don't attend home games because I live outside of Utah, but not getting a game in LES has got to stop. If we call 99% of fooball teams and say, "In a number of years down the road, we want to play you at your place, and we're ok if you don't come to Provo to play." THEY WILL SAY YES!!!!


Can we please stop using the word "Storied" - I am sick of hearing this word.

Highland, UT

@who am i sir

"Maybe I will get to sit in RES for a bunch of Ute losses; However, the past season only enhanced my joy as a fan. There is no question I would rather see hopefully a competitive game against legenary competition than to take pride in a one-sided victory over a completely mis-matched opponent."

Ahhh...the euphoria of something new. I predict that might last another season or two, at most. The losing will set in and it will wear you down. It will wear all of you down. Kinda like what we are seeing at the hc. Now maybe utah football doesn't plummet to that depth of futility, I'd be surprised if it does, but it will not be all winning seasons and bowl games. Far from it actually. Losing will be common place and frequent, a rose bowl trip will most likely never happen. 6-6, 5-7, 7-5 are going to be the norm with maybe an occasional 8-4 or 9-3 which will also be offset by 4-8 and 3-9 that are sure to come.

We'll see how many of you show up at res in those seasons, I predict very few of you, just like the hc. It is a tenuous "fan"base at best anyway with maybe 30,000 actual fans plus a bunch of bandwagon fair weather types sprinkled in with some Mormon haters that are just there to project their hate. Few of you will stay for the mediocrity to come, so if you are one of those real fans, the one that is willing to watch drubbing after drubbing, year after year, to usc, ou, and whatever big10 team you are unlucky enough to draw any given season then I give you kudos. Enjoy it. I guess.

Corona, CA

Nebraska's tune up game. It doesn't matter if you schedule these big schools if you can't actually win the game. But kudos for the matchup.

Salt Lake City, UT

All assumptions aside tath BYU is somehow less relevant and has now scheduled a $$$ gaem with Nebraska much the way Uth tate has doen over the years, but the logistics for BYU right now are't favorable and Holmoe isn't in a position to talk about a number of things because of all the talk of BYU along with Louisville likely being invited to the Big 12 as the rumor mill heats up again. Holmoe is very limited on what he can contractually do at this point since buying out the optimal indpenednet schedule would be more costly than exiting a conference.

Gilbert, AZ

Remember, the Big 10(12) vs. Pac10 scheduling arrangement was designed to drive TV ratings and $$$...nobody should pretend that Utah's involvement suddenly "inspired" the Big 10(12) to call the Pac10 so that their best teams could have the once in a lifetime opportunity of playing in 40,000 seat stadium at Utah...with no one watching on television.

Here is how this scheduling arrangement is going to work out for the Utes: The top tiered teams will be scheduled to play each other in made for tv, $$$ generating events. Since no one will want to come to RES, the first year the Utes will be sent to play away from home. The second year, either Indiana, Northwestern, Purdue or Minnesota will be exiled to play at RES since there is ZERO national tv interest in a Utah football game. In the eight years for the life of the agreement, these are the four teams that you will see in RES.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsen, Illinois or Iowa to visit RES anytime soon...your brain needs oxygen way too much.

Highland, UT


Excellent points and probably spot on about which big10 teams will most likely be visiting res. Of course the road games for utah will be at the big names so that the big names can pick up a fairly likely home win. The day we see Michigan agree to play at 40,000 seat res instead of 110,000 seat "Big House" is not going to come.


Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


OR...the Pac-12 and the B1G decide to put on a Whittingham vs. Meyer matchup that WOULD draw top television ratings.

That's at least a lot more plausible than the Pac-12 and B1G going out of their way to ensure that Utah plays the worst possible B1G teams.

Just admit it...you're jealous. You're jealous that Utah will soon get annual Home-&-Home matchups with B1G schools, whereas the Y will not. You're also likely upset that if given a choice, Utah, Hill, and Whittingham would prefer playing a B1G opponent over annual matchups vs. our little brother. And it's difficult enough for you guys to schedule quality opponents without having to accept one-offs and 2-for-1 arrangements.

You're jealous, and your tears are delicious. Ducky's too.


Cougs4Life said:

".....I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsen, Illinois or Iowa to visit RES anytime soon...your brain needs oxygen way too much."

LOL!!! Why do you care? Nice to see BYU fans caring more about the Utes schedule than the mighty WAC legacy cougars.

Provo, UT


"Nice to see BYU fans caring more about the Utes schedule than the mighty WAC legacy cougars."

Says the Ute fan who jumps onto a BYU board to comment about the BYU schedule. Oh the irony!


"OR...the Pac-12 and the B1G decide to put on a Whittingham vs. Meyer matchup that WOULD draw top television ratings."

If the PAC 12 put Utah's inaugural PAC 12 match-up with USC on Versus (a.k.a. the Hunting & Fishing Channel a.k.a. MWC Lite) and put COLORADO vs USC on ESPN2 (a.k.a the World Wide Leader in Sports), I'm gonna take a wild guess that the PAC 12 has zero confidence that there's any scenario where Utah would "draw top television ratings".

And delicious tears? That's just weird, man...

How's that high chair treating U?

Go Cougars!

Gilbert, AZ

@naval vet,

I'll agree that a Whittingham vs. Meyer game might possibly happen...but it will be played at the horseshoe, not in RES. Guaranteed! My point was that the Utes may get to play some of the big programs in the Big10(12), it just won't be at home. Kinda like BYU playing Nebraska, just not at home in 2015.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


If a Utah-Ohio State matchup would be played at the Horseshoe, then that just means a Utah-Ohio State matchup at RES will be the following season. These ARE Home-&-Home games you know.

And for what it's worth, I'm not certain that ESPN/FOX care where the game is played. A game at the Horseshoe would draw about the same number of television viewers as a game at RES.

Gilbert, AZ

Sorry Vet...these aren't home and home arrangements...here's a quote from the announcement:

"Many of the details need to be worked out. But in football, which has driven this decision just as it has with expansion in general, Delany and Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott envisioned matchups in which top Big Ten teams would face top Pac-12 schools in a format similar to the Big Ten-ACC challenge in basketball."

The announcement goes on to say that the gaol is for each school in the pac10 to play A school in the big10(12) during the preseason. I'm sure that Larry Scott probably wasn't thinking of Utah as one of those "top PAC-12" schools he envisioned...remember, even Colorado was invited to join before U were, and has already been pointed out, the Utes were completely ignored when tier 1 television games were handed out last year.

Utah vs. Minnesota? Sounds about right...

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT


"Sorry Vet...these aren't home and home arrangements...here's a quote from the announcement..."

The announcement references a format similar to the the Big Ten-ACC challenge in basketball... which is a home and home format.

But, if you're "sure" about what Larry Scott was thinking, then that certainly trumps the statements of the announcement.

Before Utah joined the major leagues they were relegated to accepting one and done scheduling arrangements... you know... like BYU and Nebraska.

Danbury, CT

While I appreciate Holmoe's drive in getting big name teams, we are essentially LOWER than where we were 2 years ago in the MWC. Back then we could also schedule great non-conference games in September but at least we had decent competition the rest of the way. BYU needs to play well enough to go to and WIN a BCS bowl like Utah, BSU, TCU and then get in a BCS conference.

So far, all we do is TALK about how deserving we are of something better...

bountiful, ut

Ute fans you are dillusional if you think you have any kind of national following and depending on the success Ohio State is having they don't have much of one either. I'm sorry but there is not a chance in the current landscape that the Utes v Buckeyes game would be anything but something else on the television in the shadow of the true leaders of college football in the S E C ! ! ! ! More BCS championship than any other conference by a landslide.

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