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Published: Thursday, Feb. 23 2012 10:00 a.m. MST

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Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Is a one and done better than a two for one?

Harrisville, UT

I've wanted to see this matchup for a long time. Glad to see it happen and hope more games are forthcoming.

Layton, Utah

But why can't we play juggernauts like Montana high, CU, Zona, UCLA or Wazzooooo? If only Nebraska had some kind of storied program like those in the mighty Pac 10.2 1/4. Guess this independent thing is really not working out.


Growing up in Omaha and going to school at BYU, this one has been a lifelong dream match-up for me! We'll definitely be at this game wearing blue and red.

Layton, UT

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT
Is a one and done better than a two for one?
You tell us Howard: are you glad that the series with Notre Dame is over or would you rather go back there for them to come to SLC?


i'm sorrry, but this is a joke. i understand the necessity of BYU scheduling 2 for 1's with ND and Texas, and a 1 and done with OleMiss, a schedule had to be thrown together in basically 5 minutes, and BYU had to make a splash with big names right away to draw attention to their new independance...but this game isn't until 2015. thats fine that Nebraska didn't want a return game but why couldn't we get a neutral site game?? cowboys stadium, or maybe even mile high stadium?? Oklahoma allowed that, and Nebraska recently has not had nearly the same success as the sooners. i can't help but be disappointed in this announcement. even Boise State gets neutral site games with the big boys, remember Georgia and VT the last two years?? who is more to blame about this, Tom Holmoe, or ESPN??


Interesting points sir. Congratulations to BYU for scheduling a $$$game with a storied program. It wouldn't be such a big laugher if BYU fans didn't constantly tout their national brand as a factor in assuring at least one return game. Congratulations Cougars, you are now on the same level as USU.

Frisco, TX

I absolutely love this match-up!

I'm betting they'll turn around and announce a home and home with Nebraska for future years, similar to what we did with Texas when we announced the game in Austin first and then turned around and announced a home and home with the Longhorns. Holmoe talks about a "long term relationship" with Nebraska, which isn't a one and done.

Do you think this will be a nationally televised game? Oh Ya! Many AQ teams are playing Div 2 cupcakes in week 1. This game will draw a lot of eyeballs in week 1.

If we can fix the November scheduling (and I think we will), I really like how Independence is working out. I don't even need us to play Top 10 caliber teams in November. If we could permanently move the Hawaii and Boise State games to Nov or 1st week of December and mix in an Air Force, San Diego State, Tulsa, Colorado State, or Houston for November match-ups; I'd be one happy Cougar.


Bless the trolls....and thanks for ever proving...you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't.

Layton, Utah


And that USU team is on that vaunted ute schedule next year among the powerhouses like Northern Colorado. Phew.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Nice to see Nebraska on the schedule and who knows more to come if Tom Holmoe can bring them here at LES. Yes, you know it will be on national TV maybe like NBC, CBS or ABC but more likely ESPN which is fine with me. Like one comment said above a lot of games during 1st week will be cupcake and this one will for sure be on national TV. Yes it would of been better we schedule at neutal sight but I don't think it will happen (hope I am wrong).

Don't worry about Novemeber schedule because WAC is already dead after 2012. Sorry USU which I DO HOPE you will join this Murge MWCCUSA.


Cougar fan

I am very serious when I ask you, Why would any teams that you mentioned want to move out of conference play in November and play BYU? They have their leagues to worry about, BYU is just not that big a deal for teams to play late in the year. The Y is going to have to pay teams out of the WAC, or Big Sky to play in November. Just not going to happen for you buddy, you guys have made your bed and you will have to live with the schedule.


Would have been a great time to comment on how much fun it will be to play Nebraska, but you decide to rip on the PAC-12. It just blows me away each time you comment about 10.2 do you seriously think that the schedule your team plays is something that is really working out. Just might happen that the U might be playing Nebraska that year also now that the PAC and Big-10 are playing each other starting in 2014. Owe and don't bad mouth Montana High, you guys have Weber State High this year, along with Idaho State High last year.

MesoUte stated correctly-You are now at the same level as Utah State

Captain Caveman
Provo, Utah

This should be a fun match-up!

Highland, UT

This will be another great road trip. Can't wait. And there will be more coming out on this with time by the way, this isn't all of this.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you look at future Cougar schedules there are a lot of holes in October and November. I wish that Holmoe would at least let fans know that there is a plan to make the second half of upcoming seasons interesting. Whether the plan works or not is yet to be seen but at least let us know there is a plan. Supporters are getting tired of hearing the following: "scheduling is a long process but things are moving along", "we are working on some intriguing matchups", "we will announce some exciting matchups in the future with our partners". Considering what has happended to the Mountain West and WAC, going independent was absolutely the right thing to do. But make it worth our while to continue renewing our season tickets.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Congratulations! Nebraska in 2015.

As an independent it look like the Y will be able to schedule early games away at a couple very good schools each year. Not certain that is a solution for a competitive schedule of 12 games including top opponents at home. Wait a minute I am wrong. There are a few schools who have agreed to come to Provo on a two away/ one at home basis.

There is possible good news for Y fans. With the PAC-12 scheduling a cross over game on an annual basis with the Big 10, there is the possibility Nebraska could be playing at RES prior to 2015. If not â maybe Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, etc.

Highland, UT

@who am i sir

Well it sounds like you'll maybe get to sit in res for a bunch of ute losses.


No Conference Will Take Us

No home game against the Huskers? Another power team from a BCS conference. And where is my beloved BYU? On the outside looking in trying to assemble schedules each year. It would be easier if we were part of a BCS conference to begin with. Even Nebraska gets a hefty payout from the Big10 network. And we are stuck with a glorified WAC/ESPN contract.
Unfortunately no conference will take us.

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

You remind me of the 12 year old girl who has to try and make every conversation about HER. Cute.

Frisco, TX

Equating BYU's schedule to Utah State's schedule demonstrates either ignorance, hatred or both.

I'm the first one to admint that BYU's 2012 schedule is not quite as rigourous as most AQ schedules. But it's a lot more rigourous than the MWC schedule that BYU and Utah used to play. And I'm betting that by 2013 or 2014, BYU's schedule will be on par with most AQ teams (excluding the SEC of course).

MLH - Give it one more year, when our agreement with the WAC ends, and you will see a big improvement in November schedule.

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