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Published: Monday, Feb. 20 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Bend, OR

"We view immigration as a God event" - God also told you to honor, obey, and sustain the laws of the land.

Cedar City, UT

This is an issue that I struggle with quite a bit. On one hand, I can certainly understand the position of those who oppose Romney's stance on immigration based on Mormon, and, in general, Christian teachings. On the other hand, how do you reconcile this with one of the tenants of Mormonism: "obeying, honoring ans sustaining the law"? I'm not trying to pick a fight with anyone, but genuinely want to understand. It seems that by offering amnesty, we are rewarding those who have broken the law. I will be the first to admit that current immigration laws are horrible and make it very difficult for honest, hard-working people to immigrate to America, but I'm not convinced that full amnesty is the answer. Quite honestly, I believe that this issue has been so politicized that logic, reason and finding a true solution have given way to whatever position will win the next election (on both sides).

West Jordan, UT

I noticed while reading the article that the Latino spokespersons used the terms "immigration" and "illegal immigration" interchangeably, as if there were no difference. They coattail the terms together and then apply a religious objection to Romney's policy position.

Without suggesting I support Romney, I offer that what these folks are doing is fundamentally unfair to Romney. They also mistakenly justify turning a deaf ear and blind eye to the fact that their congregations are made up of significant numbers of illegals by misapplying scripture in an attempt to make it "righteous."

What happened to "honoring, obeying, and sustaining" the law? You can't violate a basic tenet of the Church, while claiming a righteous basis for doing so.

Paul H
West Valley, UT

"The book says no one comes to the Land unless they are brought by God."

Give us a break! You can twist words to mean anything you want them to mean.
Who brought the 911 terrorists here???

I'm disappointed to read that my church hires people to transport missionaries who can't fly because they are in the country illegally. :-(

Pullman, WA

I am sorry for these Latinos, but speaking out against Romney is not the answer. If you have a candidate that supports all of your needs as an illegal, then you should vote for them, I guess. At least you are free to do so. But unless you have a viable alternative... Im just saying, you can't have all that we stand for without paying the price.

Tremonton, UT

What part of "We Believe in Honoring and Sustaining the Law" article of Faith do these people (I guess they're still LDS members, I wasn't clear from the story?) wish to ignore? As active LDS myself, I'm highly irritated by their blatantly biased political theories.

It's the age-old story. Cafeteria-style religion. Pick and choose which teachings to follow...based on personal preferences or cultural issues.

The immigration laws are the Immigration laws, period, and should be enforced. If these people don't like the law, then they should work within the process to change the law. And if they don't get their way, then they need to "deal with it" like adults.

Silver Spring, MD

Antonella Packard says Romney is "against immigrants." That is a misrepresentation, confusing "immigrants" with "illegal immigrants," a common disingenuous tactic used by too many people to divert the debate from the issue of legality.

Professor Garcia said,""The book says no one comes to the Land unless they are brought by God." That is true, but he seems to forget that the Book of Mormon designation of the promised land refers to all of the land of the American continents, not just the land inside the current borders of the United States. A Mexican crossing the border into the United States is simply moving from one part of the promised land to another, not from somewhere else into the promised land.

Charlotte, NC

I love how the word ILLEGAL is always dropped from the discussion of this issue. It is so manipulative and dishonest. Romney is not against immigration. I don't know anybody who is. Certainly, none of the candidates for president are against immigration. It is ILLEGAL immigration that is the problem. People who come here need to follow the law. There is nothing in LDS teachings that supports the breaking of our laws.


I've listened to Romney speak about immigration. He is not opposed to immigration as long as it's done legally. It's the folks that sneak in that ruffle his and mot American's feathers. I have the idea that these people are confused between the two.

Danbury, CT

I cringe when I read that many of these members are in the US illegally. What happened to the principle of "obeying the laws of the land"?

At the same time, I feel these people have the same right to question Romney's adherence to his beliefs that those on the opposite side have who feel that just because Romney is LDS and conservative, he's the right man for the job. We need to look more closely at his proposed policies (kind of complicated to do since they're not clear) and judge whether or not he would really be able to govern effectively for all of us since he has tried so hard to pander to the Far Right.

I would also call out that Mitt has offended many European members of the LDS church including one Stake President who asked me the other day "What does Mitt have against us in Europe?" after hearing him lambast Obama for trying to make the US more like Europe. This man pointed out that there are many good people there who are trying to understand Mitt's point and that they (in his country) still have an AAA rating. We need to be careful in this internet age about what we say since our messages go way beyond our borders.

Manti, UT

Now, is Mitt Romney against immigrants or illegal aliens? People who come to this country illegally are breaking the law of the United States. The Church consistently is preaching to obey the laws of the land. So the Latinos don't want Mitt Romney as president because he supports the laws of the land? Do they expect him to say that he supports people who are breaking the law?

What happened in Book of Mormon times was a long time ago. The laws then were different from what they are today. The analogy that the people in the Book of Mormon came to the Promised Land and the illegal aliens of today are equal is illogical. The situation is completely different.

Latinos should realize that the Obama administration has deported hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and their only hope just might be Romney. Not because he supports illegal aliens but rather because he is smart enough to fix the situation in a fair and equitable manner.

Pablo Felix is telling his congregation whom to vote for? That is strictly against Church policy of neutrality. Just who is a Democratic moderate candidate?

fed up
Provo, UT

The outrageous expectations that illegals are entitled to sneak in and stay here is starting to erode the good feelings that I have had toward everyone. I was raised with phillipino, mexican, irish, english, scottish and german cousins. We always got along well. I have family who are black, muslim, plus all of the above. How is it that immigrants sneaking into Mexico from the south are treated so harshly??? Stop pretending that you speak for the LDS church. The only thing I heard was that we should treat others with compassion. Illegal will never be anything but illegal. If we need latino workers, let us deport all of those here illegally and bring in those who have been waiting patiently to come in.

Saint George, UT

It's dishonest to enter a country illegally. It's dishonest to overstay your visa. It's dishonest to steal a social security number to get a job. It's dishonest to work at a job you are not entitled to. So I guess it's ok for Latino Mormon's to be dishonest, right?? Wow, how the primary lesson's have changed since I was a kid.

Iowa City, IA

From the article: "According to the Book of Mormon, the Lamanites lived in the present-day American Southwest, traveled south and face years of hardship, and are prophesized to eventually return to the Promised Land."

Wow - I guess I missed the part where the LDS church began to recognize a specific geographic theory with regards to the Book of Mormon. The sad thing is that this information is not identified as coming from Ignacio Garcia, but rather stated as a fact. This clearly demonstrates journalistic overreach on the part of Russell Contreras.

C'mon Russell. Readers of the Deseret News deserve better.

utah by5
York, PA

If you find yourself sneaking into a country by going through underground tunnels, swimming across a river or sneaking over a fence, you are probably not immigrating the correct way. These people who break the laws of the land open themselves up to being punished accordingly.

Clearfield, UT

The critics of illegal immigration will never discuss the real issues which are poverty, violence, and government corruption which are the driving force behind illegal immigration. I don't support illegal immigration. I also don't support the harsh rhetoric coming from the far right. How does punishing innocent children for the actions of their parents accomplish anything. As long as the far right views immigrants as a burden on society the divide will continue. Listen to the rhetoric. Harsh laws are not the solution. Illegal immigrants are human beings no matter what their immigration status. Stop demonizing people for being poor and wanting to come to a country that offers a better life.

m.g. scott

SSMD made a very important point about this "promised land" doctrine. The Church plants deep roots anywhere it builds Temples. There are about 12 in Mexico alone. Plus many more in Central and South America. It is also why the Church has a "Perpetual Education Fund." The Church wants good strong LDS to help build up their homelands, not to gather at one location. At least not yet.

Hopefully if this issue is gaining momentum in part of the LDS Church, the General Authorities will address it at General Conference. The Church had better nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand, because it could become very devisive if there is much disagreement on the doctrine.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

obama is much better suited for LDS people. no accountability, hand out, religion under attack...yeap he's the guy

Somewhere in Time, UT

First, Romney is NOT opposed to immigrants. He is opposed to ILLEGAL immigrants being allowed to continue to break the law. Second, the Book of Mormon does NOT state that the Lamanites lived in the American southwest. Also, when the BofM states that those who come to this land are brought by God, it doesn't necessarily mean the United States. It could mean North America of which countries south of the border are part. It also could mean all of North and South America.

I realize these arguments are convenient for these people to use in order for them to invoke the Gospel in supporting their arguments, but they don't really hold water. We are also taught to obey and sustain the law. That is a VERY important gospel principle that these Latin members seem to have conveniently forgotten.

Look, we're all conflicted about this issue. But, this is NOT a justifiable reason for Members of the LDS Church to oppose Mitt Romney. And...what his grandfather did is completely irrelevant. These people are using their ethnic loyalty to truly ignore LDS teachings. They're just dead wrong.

Mitt is our one chance to save our country.

goochland, va

Serenity puts it best, Obama has deported hundreds of thousands. For those who support illegal immigrants, Obama has been no friend. He deports and yet provides no mechanism for the deported to return. Families are torn apart, businesses suffer, and deported individuals will try to return and then face lifetime bars to immigrating.

Romney, though he used to espouse legal pathways to those illegally present, represents the best hope for those illegally here. He may force those illegals to self-deport through programs such as e-verify, but he is also smart enough of a business man to realize we need a source of inexpensive labor. He will provide a way for them to get in line and return. It may not be as quick as some illegals want, but it will be quicker than the current law which essentially provides no line. Obama has done nothing to create a way for the deported to return so it is ironic that the illegals are actually supporting him.

Bush and McCain had great proposals to rework the immigration system and make paths for those illegally present to return home and get in a new line. Mitt would most likely do the same.

It was interesting though to see Mitt change course so quickly on the Dream Act for those serving in the military. I would like to see the Dream act expanded to those who attend college, but would also put a limitation so that those who benefit from the Dream Act could not sponsor family members.

I served a mission among the Latinos in Utah. Most are hard-working and good members of society. We need a mechanism to allow those good people to return home and immigrate lawfully in a way that works.

We need to be careful about hypocrisy. How many times did early church members avoid the law?

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